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  • Eluru 6.5 EAP (build 17521) Release Notes

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  • Ability to configure dependencies artifacts cleanup option in default cleanup rule
  • Thread dumps for .NET 4.0 processes are supported
  • Ability to hide configurations right from the Projects overview page (without need to open "Configure visible build configurations" dialog)
  • Build step name is now displayed in build log
  • TeamCity should not update timestamps of downloaded artifacts if artifacts were not changed since the previous build in the same directory
  • IntelliJ IDEA project runner now supports tests reordering (for JUnit and TestNG test frameworks)
  • Amazon EC2 profile configuration pages reworked
  • .NET Process Runner added to run any .Net Assembly under selected .NET Framework version and platform, optionally with .NET code coverage
  • Ability to publish parameters from the build to be seen on UI or used in other builds via dep. references. Available via ##teamcity[setParameter name='' value='my dearest value'] service message
  • Sending test investigation notifications grouped instead of one per message
  • resolved issues