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PY-3228 (Bug)

Extract method from static method or class method should extract a staticmethod or classmethod



PY-3206 (Bug)

Code Compatibility false positive

Code Insight


PY-3246 (Bug)

Autocompletion: (Very) private attributes not available in autocompletion



PY-2910 (Usability Problem)

Do not scroll console editor history if there is no focus

PY-2113 (Bug)

Console: commands output is messed up

PY-3005 (Bug)

Python Console: unindent on entering backspace

PY-3204 (Exception)

Run console: IAE at com.jetbrains.django.util.DjangoUtil.getManageFile



PY-3265 (Bug)

Unicode issue: Dictionary containing unicode keys unable to be expanded while debugging