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  • What's new in MPS 2.0 M5

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2.0 M5

TypeSystem trace improvements

  • TypeSystem trace became a MPS Tool
  • Shortcuts for navigation actions (F3, F4)
  • Tooltips show information about type variables
  • Go to next error in trace action added

Run configuration for starting MPS from MPS

Now MPS could be started from MPS. To do so, create an instance of run configuration MPS.

Configuration "MPS" starts a new instance of MPS with different configuration and caches directory (by default located in $HOME$/.MPSDebug1x/). It could be started under debugger.

Power Save Mode editor option

We are constantly working on MPS performance but still sometimes MPS editor works too slow especially with some large model elements. By using Power Save Mode editor option you can manually switch off/on automatic background error highlighting in editor. In Power Save Mode F5 key can be pressed to update error highlighting in active editor.

Ant library updated

Bundled ant library was updated to version 1.8.2.