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  • Omea Grenache Release Notes

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  • Sorting by the last article in the News thread (build 1106)
    In order to use this feature you need to "refresh" the list of available columns for a view or a newsgroup/folder by choosing "Configure Columns" in the context menu for a list header. The column for sorting is "Thread Update"
  • Possibility to ignore thread (aka "Stop Updating the Thread" with simultaneous marking it as read).
  • Newsgroups which have new unread articles in the watched threads are highlighted with the '!' sign in the "Newsgroups" pane.
  • Charset names are now displayed correctly in WinVista, both in Options and message editor.


  • Property checkbox for a feed: "Download enclosures automatically" - you do not need to construct rules anymore (1106)
  • Ability to assign categories to a feed - these categories will be automatically assigned to every feed post.
  • Ability to add an annotation for a feed in the Properties dialog.
  • Automatic backup for RSS subscription list.