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2.  Alt-F7, Shift-F6 and EL everywhere


3. Inspections

4.  Conversations, Observers and many others
5. Pageflow Designer: inplace editing, DnD, Alt-F7, Shift-F6, F4 in graph

6. Pages Navigation Graph (DnD of web pages from ProjectStructure)


Parsing of .ftl files
Reference completion
Rename support
Implicit variables support:
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JavaScript Debugging

Run configuration to debug local html files:



Show value in tooltip on mouse over:

SQL Support

to be filled by Gregory Shrago

Flex Support

to be filled by Maxim Mossienko

Per-file SQL Dialect Settings (See Per-file Encoding Support screenshot below).
SQL92 DDL and query and MySQL DDL dialects support.

DDL DataSource
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JDBC API & iBatis XML SQL language injection
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Reference navigation and highlighting.

Flex Support

1. New module type for Flex development:
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 2. Flex SDK is added for Flex modules:

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 3. Flex run configuration

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4. Flex debugging:

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 5. Package name and class name is checked to be the same as directory or file name respectively:

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Per-file Encoding Support


The code before removing the first else branch:

The code after removing:

Struts 2

The Struts 2 plugin by Yann Cebron is now bundled. See here for more information on the plugin.

Other Improvements

"Revert Changes" action


Highlighting of implicit parameters for anonymous classes

anything else?

New Show Applied Styles window

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Tag name completion in XML & JSP

Start a new tag and press Ctrl-Alt-Space:

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Choose an item:

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Namespace auto-import in XML & JSP

Type a tag with not bound namespace prefix:

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Press Alt-Ins and choose a namespace:

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Namespace declaration is inserted:

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