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  • Omea Grenache Release Notes

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  • API for adding so called "Search Providers". They have unified UI for:
    • Visualizing themselves in the standard Search combobox - by name in the context menu, by icon in the menu and combobox;
    • Getting the query string;
    • Vizualize the results of the provider's action.
      Standard Ctrl-E shortcut enumerates standard and custom providers.
  • It should be noted that we decided not to keep obsolete or simply inadequate APIs, since there will be a huge amount of drastical changes anyway towards the Omea 3.


  • Switch to .Net 3.5/VS 2008
  • Switch to TeamCity for build process
  • Switch to SVN (from Perforce)
  • Completely redesigned project structure
  • Completely new installer (Serge, please write a couple of lines?)