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This tutorial explains how to install Xdebug extension to your web server and prepare it to be used for debugging with PhpStorm IDE.

Using HomeBrew

HomeBrew is a package manage for OS X that helps you to easily install commonly used packages. HomeBrew can be used to install and upgrade your version of PHP, and can also be used to easily install Xdebug:

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brew install homebrew/php/php<version number>-xdebug

Where <version number> is the version number (without the .) that you are using. For example, for PHP 5.6 use:

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brew install homebrew/php/php56-xdebug

This will install and enable Xdebug in your php.ini file. You can check that Xdebug has been install by using the command

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php -v

You should see a line similar to




Downloading, Installing and Configuring the Xdebug Extension