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Changes from 6.0 to 6.5

  • Classes j.b.serverSide.TestBlockBean, j.b.serverSide.TestInProject, j.b.serverSide.FailedTestBean, j.b.TestNameBean are removed from the Open API. Interfaces j.b.serverSide.STest, j.b.serverSide.STestRun should be used instead.
  • Classes j.b.tests.TestName and j.b.tests.SuiteTestName are combined together into j.b.tests.TestName.

Changes from 5.1.2 to 6.0

  • j.b.vcs.TriggerRules class was removed from Open API as part of API cleanup. Please let us know if your plugin is affected by the change.

New responsibility event methods added:

  • j.b.serverSide.BuildServerListener.responsibleChanged(SProject, Collection<SuiteTestName>, ResponsibilityEntry, boolean).
  • j.b.notification.Notificator.notifyResponsibleChanged(Collection<SuiteTestName>, ResponsibilityEntry, SProject, Set<SUser>), j.b.notification.Notificator.notifyResponsibleAssigned(Collection<SuiteTestName>, ResponsibilityEntry, SProject, Set<SUser>).
  • j.b.notification.NotificationEventListener.responsibleChanged(SProject, Collection<SuiteTestName>, ResponsibilityEntry, boolean).
  • j.b.messages.ServiceMessageTranslator is reworked to allow binding to arbitrary message type by name instead of only known types

Most methods in j.b.agent.AgentLifeCycleListener interface were extended to receive j.b.agent.BuildRunnerContext.


j.b.agent.duplicates.DuplicatesReporter and j.b.duplicator.DuplicateInfo are added for reporting code duplicates on agent side.

Build Agent changes:

  • j.b.agent.AgentRunningBuild does not extend j.b.agent.AgentBuildInfo, j.b.agent.ResolvedParameters. All methods from those interfaces were inlined into AgentRunningBuild interface.

Most methods from j.b.agent.AgentRunningBuild were splitted into j.b.agent.BuildRunnerContext and j.b.agent.BuildContext. We have added


Changes from 5.0 to 5.1

Web extensions:

  • deprecated method removed:
    j.b.web.openapi.WebControllerManager.addPageExtension(final WebPlace addTo, final WebExtension extension, Anchor<WebExtension> anchor)
  • deprecated class removed: j.b.serverSide.Anchor
  • deprecated class removed: j.b.notification.TemplatePatternProcessor; j.b.notification.TemplateProcessor added instead, see Extending Notification Templates Model
  • method removed: j.b.notification.TemplateMessageBuilder.setPatternProcessor()
  • several methods in j.b.serverSide.SBuildType now return boolean instead of void. You will probably need to recompile your plugins that use the interface.

Changes from 4.5.5 to 5.0