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TeamCity Rake runner supports Test::Unit, Test-Spec, Shoulda, RSpec, Cucumber test frameworks. It is compatible with Ruby interpreters installed using Ruby Version Manager (MRI Ruby, JRuby, IronRuby, REE, MacRuby, etc.) with rake 0.7.3 gem or higher.


Make sure to have Ruby interpreter (MRI Ruby, JRuby, IronRuby, REE, MacRuby, or etc) with rake 0.7.3 gem or higher (mandatory) and all necessary gems for your Ruby (or ROR) projects and testing frameworks installed on at least one build agent.
You can install several Ruby interpreters in different folders. On Linux/MacOS it is easier to configure using RVM. It is possible to install Ruby interpreter and necessary Ruby gems using Command Line build runner step. If you want to automatically configure agent requirements for this interpreters you need to register its paths in build agent configuration properties and then refer to such property name in Rake build runner configuration.
To install a gem execute: