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  • Default Authentication (cross-platform): A database of users is maintained by TeamCity. New users are added by the TeamCity administrator (in the administration area section) or they can register themselves if the <free-registration allowed="true" /> tag is specified.
  • NT Authentication (cross platform): All NT domain users that can log on to the machine running the TeamCity server, can also log in to TeamCity using the same credentials. i.e. to log in to TeamCity users should provide domain and user name (DOMAIN\username) and their domain password.
  • LDAP Authentication (cross-platform): Authentication is performed by directly logging into LDAP with credentials entered into the login form. Note

    NT and LDAP authentication are only available in TeamCity Enterprise Edition. If the Professional Edition is configured to use NT or LDAP authentication builds will not run.

Please refer to Configuring Authentication Settings for specific authentication scheme configuration.


The TeamCity server supports basic HTTP authentication allowing to access certain web server pages and perform actions from various scripts. Please refer to the Accessing Server by HTTP page for details.

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