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  • Eluru 6.5 EAP (build 17132) Release Notes

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Audit log finally is able to track changes in the project and build configuration settings. In the project or build configuration administration pages you can now see the name of the user who modified project or build configuration, as well as a link to the changes themselves. Since project and build configuration settings are stored on disk in plain xml, the link will just open the usual TeamCity diff window showing changes in these xml files.

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Build steps administration


  • responsibility for build configuration can now be assigned from the overview page
  • agent thread dump can be dumped into the agent logs from the agent details page
  • artifact dependency resolver was rewritten, we do not use Ivy for this task anymore, but we maintain compatibility with Ivy
  • scheduling trigger can trigger builds on all compatible and enabled agents at once
  • agent upgrade procedure improved, may result for slightly slower agents upgrade for the first time
  • resolved issues