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No subsystem


IDEA-62193 (Cosmetics)

Wrong background in File colors panel under GTK+L&F

IDEA-62174 (Bug)

Tools -> Generate Java Code from XML Schema using JAXB reports an error

IDEA-61386 (Bug)

Problems with 1.6.0_22 on OS X

IDEA-62335 (Bug)

No default look and feel startup failure

IDEA-61143 (Bug)

Idea locked 2

IDEA-62274 (Exception)


Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-59193 (Bug)

Bad auto formatting in JSF2/XHTML

IDEA-49942 (Bug)

Autocomplete when formating with space between class name and parens internal class parens on autocomplete flip

Flex Support


IDEA-62178 (Bug)

If there are > 1 classes with the same name in different packages, IDEA can take you to a wrong class when going to 'Type declaration' on a class member. (Flex support)

IDEA-62309 (Bug)

"protected override" instead of "override protected"

IDEA-62320 (Bug)

Add type to declaration fix is not available in injected context

IDEA-55826 (Bug)

Dont suggest keywords when completing variable name

IDEA-61402 (Bug)

Red code when referencing dynamic types

IDEA-56824 (Bug)

Bad code green: public field in a class is treated like an implementation of getter/setter declared in the interface of the class

IDEA-62314 (Bug)

good code red: cast: object to class (case instance.constructor)

IDEA-62090 (Bug)

Reformat code dialog: 'Optimize imports' checkbox is ignored when invoked for selection and scope changed to file

IDEA-62294 (Bug)




IDEA-62111 (Bug)

JS: Introduce variable should not extract lvalue

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-57924 (Bug)

Horisontal scrollbar not shown for one-line files.

IDEA-62265 (Exception)

Exception from soft wrap

OSGi Support


IDEA-61503 (Feature)

Project level specification for location of bundle/jar creation

Maven Integration


IDEA-53297 (Usability Problem)

Can't expand nodes in Artifact Search without using the mouse

IDEA-51367 (Usability Problem)

Maven: add a progress indicator to the Search artifact dialog

IDEA-55655 (Bug)

Libraries downloading from Maven repositories: if maven i set to offline mode, no artifacts are found

IDEA-25548 (Bug)

Maven settings has 'offline' set, but Download Sources & JavaDocs is misleading

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-62308 (Cosmetics)

Introduce variable: name suggestion list should not be faded but regular black

IDEA-54362 (Bug)

When "Insert pair bracket" on Editor->Smart keys page is off, IDEA still inserts both parentheses on autocomplete lookup, but overtype doesn't work for functions with at least one argument

Version Control. Git


IDEA-62278 (Bug)

Tried to view diff in git log

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-56563 (Bug)

Freemarker: IDEA hangs after "Define Implicit Variable"