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No subsystem


IDEA-57063 (Feature)

Allow Editor window (current tab) to "Float" like tool windows

IDEA-60452 (Feature)

no JSF settings available when creating a project from scratch or add framework support

IDEA-60259 (Feature)

Context menu action to mark directory as source or test source root

WI-3505 (Feature)

Structure window (PHP tab): highlight inherited constants/fields the same way how inherited methods are highlighted

IDEA-58958 (Usability Problem)

Specify Inspection Scope dialog conflicting Keyboard shortcuts

IDEA-61054 (Usability Problem)

Create help button in the Add Archetype Dialog and map it to the specified id

IDEA-57250 (Usability Problem)

Opening class/file/symbol name popup should be prepopulated with text highlighted in current editor

IDEA-37905 (Usability Problem)

Run / debug log views: on switching between log views focus is put to custom filter field

IDEA-52423 (Usability Problem)

Bring back option for Run/Debug to pop up configurations

IDEA-46232 (Usability Problem)

'Evaluate expression' should automatically suggest the expression under cursor

IDEA-50373 (Usability Problem)

Spell checker: do not report (optionally?) misspelling in non-internationalized context

IDEA-60678 (Usability Problem)

GitHub integration: it would be nice to make Check Out from GitHub dialog fields have the same names as Check Out From Git has

IDEA-60686 (Cosmetics)

GitHub integration: Login / CheckOut from GitHub: dialog is partially visible on opening

IDEA-49455 (Cosmetics)

Settings / Color and fonts: misspelled word category is named in upper case

IDEA-60958 (Cosmetics)

Button "Configure...." in Library Selection Dialog should be disabled if there is not libraries to configuration.

IDEA-61081 (Cosmetics)

Copy dialog: Selection in "New name" field shout not include file extension

IDEA-60232 (Cosmetics)

Error reporter text field looks like disabled on GTK+ L&F

IDEA-57347 (Bug)

Error "'(' or '[' expected" is not highlighted

IDEA-61153 (Bug)

Cannot undo

IDEA-60901 (Bug)

IDEA introduces invalid references into .classpath files

IDEA-61181 (Bug)

very slow XML editing

IDEA-61026 (Bug)

CTRL-SHIFT-N is broken in 98.311

WI-3641 (Bug)

Generated PHPDoc does not include parameter type if parameter type explicitly declared as array (array $param1)

IDEA-61258 (Bug)

Modal dialog appears under popup (thus not visible)

IDEA-26580 (Bug)

Last symbol in a line can be not displayed in diff view

IDEA-48810 (Bug)

Spelling: duplicate highlighting in JS

IDEA-61052 (Bug)

"for(int i" becomes "for(int i" of autocomplete popup is active

IDEA-53966 (Bug)

error popup covers source code with error in editor (OS X)

IDEA-53086 (Bug)

"Generate Constructor" for abstract Enums shouldn't create protected constructor

IDEA-24306 (Bug)

CCE in Maja Jam code generator

IDEA-60683 (Bug)

GitHub integration: Share project on GitHub: multiline comment is not supported

IDEA-60523 (Bug)

ContextMenus (right mouse click) stays visible after Command+TAB on Mac

IDEA-60956 (Bug)

Text in Select Library Dialog does not fit in bound

IDEA-60951 (Bug)

hang with 100% cpu

IDEA-51522 (Bug)

Empty element in completion list

IDEA-57556 (Bug)

Error "')' expected" is not highlighted

IDEA-61097 (Bug)

invisible popup

IDEA-60519 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't detect stack trace on clipboard

IDEA-60822 (Bug)

[IdeaX] code completion for "for(fin" automatically chooses "for(finalize()" instead of "for(final"

IDEA-57986 (Bug)

PyCharm removes BOM from UTF-8 encoded files

IDEA-50629 (Bug)

Lookup start position changes when typing more prefix characters

IDEA-61101 (Bug)

be be be

IDEA-61094 (Bug)

GUI issue - Annotate

IDEA-60933 (Bug)

No connecting arrows are shown between the conflicting dependencies in the Maven dependency diagram

IDEA-61200 (Bug)

CDI: Inspection for managed bean declaring a passivating scope

IDEA-61155 (Bug)

Go to file ceased to work with the path prefix

IDEA-53428 (Bug)

Extract Method Object creates not fresh name for new variable

IDEA-60591 (Bug)

Idea X EAP Fails on Linux 64bit (ships with 32bit by default)

IDEA-59882 (Bug)

Binding without @Inject annotation inspection is unaware of Guice 2.0 @Provides

IDEA-57674 (Bug)

False error 'Expression expected'

IDEA-57619 (Bug)

Error is not detected, when there is not an interface in implements clause

IDEA-60842 (Bug)

Overly aggressive autocomplete enabled by default

IDEA-50253 (Bug)

Grails: project tree is not updated on removing dependency to module with plugin files located not in project directory

IDEA-55262 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.psi.impl.light.LightClassReference.<init>

IDEA-59154 (Exception)

IAE at java.awt.image.DirectColorModel.createCompatibleWritableRaster

WI-3956 (Exception)

IntelliLang: AssertionError: java injector not found at InjectorUtils.findInjectionSupport()

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-11197 (Usability Problem)

Document CompilerConfiguration

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-61219 (Feature)

"'assertEquals()' called on array" inspection

IDEA-61241 (Feature)

new "Overly broad 'throws' clause" inspection

IDEA-61117 (Feature)

new "Non-atomic operation on volatile field" inspection

IDEA-59499 (Usability Problem)


IDEA-19522 (Usability Problem)

Default intention should be changed to something else

IDEA-61121 (Cosmetics)

Inspections configuration: change "New in 9" to "New in 10" in the filter dropdown

IDEA-56041 (Bug)

Guice inspection claims injected constructors should be public, which contradicts Guice's best practices

IDEA-60705 (Bug)

Infer Nullity bug: assert

IDEA-59856 (Bug)

Highlighting indicator shows irrelevant information with "Checking red files" message

IDEA-60693 (Bug)

Infer Nullity bug

IDEA-54767 (Bug)

Wrong "while statement cannot complete without throwing an exception"

IDEA-60970 (Bug)

quick fix for 'field may be final' inspection should remove 'volatile' modifiers

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-60781 (Bug)

After formatting cursor jumps from indented position to beginning of the line.

Code Navigation


IDEA-59915 (Bug)

Class file stub is opened in the editor instead of java source, if it was opened before attaching the sources



WI-3736 (Bug)

"color: transparent;" in CSS is highlighted as an error

IntelliJ Platform


WI-3862 (Cosmetics)

Query results table cells should be scaled with the font size

WI-3860 (Bug)

New file type for JSON



IDEA-60826 (Feature)

Json: More useful collapsed text

IDEA-60776 (Bug)

IntelliJ doesn't support JSDoc non-nullable types

IDEA-61169 (Exception)

Exception when reformatting HTML file with JavaScript

Flex Support


IDEA-61268 (Bug)

Red code in MXML: declaredComponent.newInstance()

IDEA-60028 (Bug)

ActionScript: Pull Up a function with implicit internal modifier makes the function 'protected' if it has usages in current class

IDEA-60788 (Bug)

Bad code green: get missing in override

IDEA-61069 (Bug)

Incorrect MXML error highlighting inside <fx:Component>

IDEA-61195 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no variants offered for nested constructor expression

IDEA-61078 (Bug)

-static-link-runtime-shared-libraries option does not work with 'Built-in compiler shell'

IDEA-60660 (Bug)

ActionScript: Change Signature quick fix applied to a function with an optional parameter results with uncompilable code

IDEA-60442 (Bug)

respect modules and css files to compile when importing Flash Builder project

IDEA-61149 (Bug)

[Flex] IdeaX Autocompolete completes "co" for "color" to <xsl:copy-of select=""/>

IDEA-61215 (Bug)

good code red: fx:Component in MXML from library sources

IDEA-61218 (Bug)

green code red: unresolved variable if declared as inner component.

IDEA-60063 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no useful variants offered after "is" and "as"

IDEA-60891 (Bug)

flex: (automatic) code completion should not suggest language keywords inside comments

IDEA-61159 (Bug)

incorrect function name on generate "event handler" action

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-59345 (Feature)

Option to run Mercurial via 'bash -c'

IDEA-60288 (Bug)

Project update info after update with merge shows list of files that were merged, not files that were received from server.

IDEA-58731 (Bug)

Mercurial executable configuration is not applied until relaunch of IDEA

IDEA-59344 (Bug)

VCS settings cannot be saved.

Project Configuration


IDEA-50795 (Usability Problem)

Artifacts: when a facet resources are included into the single artifact, it anyway could be shown in facet properties

IDEA-38198 (Usability Problem)

Facet configuration: Apply should not switch focus from current configuration page

IDEA-50607 (Usability Problem)

Artifacts: with disabled Java EE and WebLogic plugins specific artefacts could be preserved

IDEA-60940 (Cosmetics)

Import settings dialog: don't gray out deselected items

IDEA-50937 (Bug)

Artifact: jar: build on make option is not converted from old project

IDEA-23712 (Bug)

Cant add many libraries to be packaged in a web app.

Version Control. Git


IDEA-51185 (Feature)

Missing GIT Repository browser

IDEA-50604 (Cosmetics)

Git: change the text in Locally Modified Files Are Detected dialog

IDEA-51182 (Bug)

no popup when revertig files using GIT

IDEA-60949 (Bug)

Temporary shelves created during update from remote Git repository don't ever get deleted

GUI Designer


IDEA-37757 (Usability Problem)

GUI Designer: closing model editor (of JList, JComboBox) does not set focus back to the component

IDEA-48149 (Performance Problem)

Properties.isPropertyDeprecated() should be cached

IDEA-51510 (Cosmetics)

GUI designer: each run of form preview leaves empty directory in temporary directory

IDEA-46372 (Bug)

Client property selection does not work

IDEA-59654 (Bug)

Cannot set percentage growth for JGoodies in the GUI builder

IDEA-46172 (Bug)

Quick fix for 'Types of GUI component and bound field' works incorrectly for inner classes

IDEA-54637 (Bug)

With disabled GUI designer plugin snapshooter property is written into run configuration file

IDEA-55269 (Bug)

Combobox Model loses entries when editing it visually

IDEA-34653 (Bug)

Collapse javadoc command is not applied to GUI Designer's autogenerated methods

IDEA-37742 (Bug)

GUI Designer: fields are generated for button groups ignoring code generation settings

IDEA-32484 (Bug)

GUI Designer: Component Tree tooltip doesn't update correctly

IDEA-60815 (Bug)

UI Designer does not behave smoothly

IDEA-33204 (Bug)

Tooltip over warning in UI designer shows "Click or press Alt+Enter -Escape"

IDEA-45827 (Bug)

Problem with morph component

IDEA-42436 (Bug)

GUI Designer: NPE from InplaceEditingLayer.startInplaceEditing() on changing list model in specific case

IDEA-33746 (Bug)

GUI Designer: search in component icon file choosers does not work

IDEA-57596 (Bug)

"Change GUI component type" quickfix should handle generics correctly

IDEA-33160 (Bug)

Unckecking group bind to field doesn't remove field

Ant Integration


IDEA-12721 (Bug)

import file marked as red if default target is specified



IDEA-60309 (Bug)

UML: not-saved package/class diagram appears empty after project reopening

IDEA-61281 (Bug)

UML: multiline notes appear as single-line ones after project reopening

IDEA-61254 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.uml.Utils.getNodeName

IDEA-61199 (Exception)

CCE at



IDEA-53703 (Feature)

Warn when attempting to debug on device if android:debuggable="true" is not present

IDEA-25623 (Feature)

Android: IDEA doesn't detect missing mandatory attributes in the layout definition

IDEA-60471 (Usability Problem)

Please remove platform chooser from logcat or provide some description/documentation

IDEA-60997 (Task)

support for "include" and "merge" tags in Android layout files

IDEA-61126 (Bug)

Can't run Android Tests because they're not deployed

IDEA-60380 (Bug)

Running an Android configuration sometimes chooses the wrong device

IDEA-57730 (Bug)

Ruby Plugin prevents Android debugging



IDEA-38934 (Bug)

Error deploying EAR into Websphere 6

Plugin: Spellchecker


WI-3367 (Bug)

Spellchecker should be enabled for .sql files too

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-48067 (Bug)

Predefined log file is not adapted after run configuration change - part 2

PHP lang


WI-3702 (Usability Problem)

PHP: show file path in Ctrl+Mouse tooltip over .php file in include directory

WI-3684 (Bug)

Abstract methods are no candidates for implementation

WI-3825 (Bug)

Don't mark reserved variables as unused (eg $_SESSION)

WI-3969 (Bug)

Structure view should NOT show methods inherited from object class

WI-3961 (Bug)

entire content in doc for non-btaced namespace see pic

WI-1709 (Bug)

use clause imported vars do not resolve to context vars (unused, not renamed, etc.)

WI-3685 (Bug)

Structure window (PHP tab): missing class fields (in child classes)

WI-3944 (Bug)

Broken resolve of imported variables inside file scope

WI-3738 (Bug)

Constants are not visible when implementing interface with defined constants

WI-2731 (Bug)

Bogus unused local variable when used in use list of closure

WI-3772 (Bug)

weird getters/setters generation for array-variables

WI-3850 (Bug)

Incorrect unused variable for referenced vars

WI-3918 (Bug)

'Unused Parameter' reported for parameter used with decrement/increment operators

WI-3996 (Exception)

PHP: NPE at PhpUndefinedFieldInspection.insertField() on "Add field" quick fix applied to unresolved variable accessed through "parent::"



WI-3900 (Feature)

HTML5 dom-dataset

WI-3734 (Bug)

PhpStorm tries show automplete window inside string in javascript file -> exception and editor became frozen for ~10 seconds

WI-3836 (Bug)

IE XMLDOM function nodeFromID and the field xml are unresolved

WI-3935 (Bug)

Invalid Warning - Unresolved method - JavaScript - setData()

WI-3856 (Bug)

JavaScript - Invalid Unresolved Method -



IDEA-60999 (Bug)

Tomcat "Redeploy" button is disabled

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-60642 (Bug)

Instantiating tests is 3x slower in IDEA X than in IDEA 9



IDEA-60457 (Bug)

Bogus entries in auto-completion of Seam name



WI-3763 (Bug)

Zen coding: single tags expand w/o closing slash if starts with not alpha symbol



IDEA-21682 (Bug)

Trying to debug with idea9684 with javascript and iis7 (vista)



IDEA-31139 (Feature)

Resource/properties editor: allow renaming of keys from Resource(F4) view

IDEA-61172 (Usability Problem)

New inline Introduce-Variable should not reset explicitly typed name

IDEA-60729 (Bug)

Bug in pull members up refactoring

IDEA-61173 (Bug)

New inline Introduce-Variable should honor Code-Style -> Code Generation -> Final Modifier -> Make generated local variables final

IDEA-56484 (Exception)

NPE during method renaming

Web Services


IDEA-61232 (Exception)

NPE at MasterDetailsComponent.addNode() on adding WebServices client facet

Compiling Project


IDEA-13682 (Usability Problem)

During compilation Compile tool window pops up (if you choose to compile in background) even if there are no errors.

IDEA-25128 (Bug)

Module dependency not honoured when compiling dependent web modules

PHP debug


WI-3968 (Bug)

PHP debug: Zend: IAE at PhpDebugExternalSessionHandler.resolveInitial() on loading an URL

XML editing


IDEA-50455 (Feature)

Make tag completion in xml more smarter in case of xs:sequence

IDEA-45342 (Bug)

Breadcrumbs are not shown for XML file

Maven Integration


IDEA-61237 (Usability Problem)

When Running Flex Mojos with Maven and showing an error it highlights it as a link - this link should be clickable and take you to the line with the error

IDEA-25896 (Usability Problem)

Multimodule maven: redundant reimport

IDEA-60302 (Cosmetics)

'Document for null' title in the documentation popup for some elements in pom.xml

IDEA-17589 (Bug)

Maven offline setting not honoured when refreshing project

IDEA-60517 (Bug)

Idea hangs if RemoteMavenServer cannot be reached

IDEA-58439 (Bug)

Getting connectionTimedOut exception during maven project sync

IDEA-60518 (Bug)

Idea caches address for RemoteMavenServer

IDEA-61208 (Bug)

Maven: dependencies are not resolved for some managed dependencies

IDEA-60211 (Exception)

RE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.facade.RemoteObjectWrapper.perform



IDEA-60768 (Usability Problem)

Data Source Properties dialog: JDBC Driver Files: open file chooser with current file(s) location preselected

IDEA-60762 (Usability Problem)

Data Source Properties: on autosetting Driver Class after chosen jar scan "Test Connection" and "Refresh Tables" buttons are still disabled

IDEA-60365 (Cosmetics)

Data Source Properties > Schemas & Tables: make table rows selectable



IDEA-54699 (Meta Issue)

Update Maven-related documentation



IDEA-50824 (Bug)

Artifact: references to resources in different directories inside archives are not resolved



IDEA-21882 (Feature)

[Guice]IDEA ignoring @Provides method results in wrong inspection result for "uninstantiable" class.

IDEA-24443 (Usability Problem)

Can't debug using JBoss with build 10666

IDEA-51281 (Bug)

Web Beans: check that non-serializable bean is not injected into bean that has passivating scope

IDEA-51276 (Bug)

Web Beans: check that producers of passivating scope return serializable class

IDEA-51319 (Bug)

Web Beans: check that non-serializable beans returned by producer are not injected to beans of passivating scope



IDEA-22758 (Usability Problem)

console windows needs a lock to end button

IDEA-23939 (Bug)

Spelling inspection: bad location in JS

IDEA-23829 (Bug)


IDEA-60744 (Bug)

SpinAllocator has exhausted! Too many threads or you're going to get StackOverflow

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-60614 (Usability Problem)

xml code completion: cursor is placed in inconvenient location

IDEA-60764 (Usability Problem)

New Autocompletion Annoyances

IDEA-48622 (Usability Problem)

Duplicated static fields in smart completion list

IDEA-60847 (Usability Problem)

Auto Completion too eager: changes what I type to something else

IDEA-39448 (Usability Problem)

Code completion does not suggest package names in attribute or method declaration

IDEA-60080 (Performance Problem)

Auto code completion too slow

IDEA-61050 (Bug)

Correct closing curly brace insertion point in case of expression within single-line 'if'

IDEA-60539 (Bug)

Web Services: RESTful webservices: the MIME media type selected by keyboard in completion list is not applied

IDEA-54779 (Bug)

Don't complete @Nullable when not in classpath

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-60703 (Bug)

Highlight for parser error in injected fragment is shown in host document

IDEA-49005 (Bug)

Spellchecker: variable names

IDEA-33405 (Bug)

Change 'X' type to 'y.X' intention messes up imports.

IDEA-56188 (Bug)

IDEA incorrectly reports trailing comma in annotations array as error

IDEA-60164 (Bug)

Typing in injected fragments produces blinking

IDEA-53601 (Exception)

Throwable through HighlightSuppressedWarningsHandler.computeUsages() on putting the caret into @SuppressWarning annotation

IDE Configuration


IDEA-53261 (Feature)

Add option to add additional package patterns for stacktrace folding

IDEA-59233 (Usability Problem)

Change the default encoding from System Default to UTF-8

IDEA-58852 (Bug)

Debugging options in the settings window don't take effect

IDEA-60332 (Bug)

Check box in General page of the Settings dialog always retuens to the checked state

GWT Support


IDEA-57739 (Feature)

GWT support should include more brains around programmatic access to styles

IDEA-57422 (Bug)

GWT ui:style field="foo" in ui.xml not related to @UiField "foo" in java class

IDEA-58438 (Bug)

Support inner classes in UiBinder ui:with@type values

IDEA-60303 (Bug)

Reformat Code produces invalid code in GWT compiled style sheets

IDEA-55764 (Bug)

GWT 2.0 UIBinder and custom component (good code is red)



IDEA-60793 (Feature)

Language Injection on annotation parameter

IDEA-59753 (Usability Problem)

"Un-inject language" and "Language injection settings" intentions should not be shown for non-configurable injections

IDEA-55575 (Bug)

@Language("XML") doesn't understand escaped double-quotes



IDEA-56428 (Bug)

Text diff is incorrect

IDEA-56554 (Bug)

Unified Diff Tool toolbar items are all disabled for no reason when the tool loses focus.

IDEA-58505 (Bug)

diff doens't notice inserted close-brace



IDEA-60590 (Bug)

Struts2 action names do now show up in the list of symbols

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-56243 (Feature)

Provide "delete to line end" editor action

IDEA-56385 (Feature)

"Duplicate Line or Block" keyboard shortcut separated into two shortcuts "Duplicate Line" and "Duplicate Block"

IDEA-35453 (Bug)

Resource bundle editor: Assertion failed on grouping keys by delimiter, which is the first char in key

IDEA-52375 (Bug)

Smart quote doesn't work in SQL string, adds two extra quotes instead of none.

IDEA-60568 (Bug)

Flex: Annotation with a name= atrribute in it errors in red



IDEA-40068 (Feature)

Add support for running managed servers in WebLogic 9

IDEA-18793 (Bug)

WebLogic plugin cannot properly start/shutdown managed server in WL 10.0.1

IDEA-40936 (Bug)

Weblogic run (deploy) configuration requires Web Logic descriptor for not deployed facets

IDEA-51847 (Bug)

Cannot deploy to WebLogic cluster



IDEA-60961 (Feature)

Spring MVC: Resolve/Completion in JSPs for ModelMap from Controller like ModelAndView

IDEA-58110 (Feature)

spring: standard elements "mvc:resources" and "mvc:default-servlet-handler" not recognized

IDEA-60441 (Bug)

Spring-MVC view resolver does not auto-complete or highlight errors

User Interface


IDEA-61048 (Usability Problem)

build artifacts: implement HOME/END keys

IDEA-60448 (Usability Problem)

New scrollbar does not react to mouse over and mouse clicked

IDEA-61070 (Usability Problem)

Status message "File has been packaged": Skip date, add seconds

IDEA-60698 (Cosmetics)

GTK: Choose Message dialog: items have grey background

IDEA-60844 (Bug)

Grails plugin selector does not select correct plugin in list using spacebar



IDEA-60858 (Feature)

Grails: Support of 'g:fieldValue' tag

IDEA-48844 (Feature)

IntelliJ IDEA (JetGroovy) Need refactoring feature 'introduce constant'

IDEA-60853 (Usability Problem)

Grails quick navigation buttons: should detect name scheme *{UnitTests,IntegrationTests}.groovy

IDEA-56169 (Usability Problem)

Don't show "Rename to Java" action in tab context menu of Gant files

IDEA-60948 (Cosmetics)

namedQueries/criteria methods types can be inferred more precisely

IDEA-61031 (Bug)

Cannot collapse comments anymore

IDEA-60621 (Bug)

idea does not resolve the transitive dependency management of in-place plugins (grails)

IDEA-60877 (Bug)

Grails run configuration should not include "--classpath ."

IDEA-52304 (Bug)

duplicate modules from transitive grails plugins

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-37076 (Feature)

Create servlet entry intention

IDEA-60794 (Usability Problem)

instant introduce variable should give an option for the return type

IDEA-55505 (Bug)

Type parameter missing in "create method from usage" result

IDEA-61141 (Bug)

Redundant array creation quick fix eats comments

IDEA-60979 (Bug)

Convert to atomic/ThreadLocal intention does not handle references qualified with this correctly

IDEA-19205 (Bug)

Intention "Create Enum Constant" seems to be unaware of Enum constructors

IDEA-53678 (Bug)

Create Constant Field quick fix pollutes imports

IDEA-56135 (Bug)

"Convert implements to extends" quickfix loses qualifier of inner class name

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-48161 (Feature)

add exclude filter in js debugger