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To Try A Sample Project

If you don't want to bother with setting up a project and just want to explore the plugin features, you may download and open a sample HelloWorld project. (To be able to view the result in a browser, unpack the project under coldfusion root). To open go to File->Open Project and choose the directory where you've unpacked the project.

In all files under project you'll have a huge lot of useful features, such as auto completion for attributes, functions, components, etc; structure view for functions, parameters info, braces and tags matching and many other. You can find the complete list here

The paragraph below will be dedicated to your ColdFusion server configuration and IDEA run configuration creation, to make this sample project to greet the world.

As you might see, the HelloWorld.cfml uses StringCollection class, which is located at the same directory.
So we need to few more steps:

  1. make the project (Ctrl+F9) (IDEA will create *.class files)
  2. add path to StringCollection.class to ColdFusion class path list
  3. restart server
  4. create run configuration in IDEA
    • choose to edit configurations
    • add ColdFusion run configuration
    • specify the path to the page
  5. now you can open your page in a browser by running your configuration (Shift+F10)
  6. and here you are

To Start New A Project

Go to File->New Project. Choose Create project from scratch if you want to start a new project or choose Create Java project with existing sources if you want to import an existing project.

Typically if you don't make any setting up, your project should be placed under cold fusion root (by default that is .\ColdFusion*\wwwroot). There is no special coldfusion module, you need to select java module for your project. Now, your project has been created, any file with extension *.cfml, *.cfm or *.cfc is associated with ColdFusion and you'll have ColdFusion + HTML + CSS + JavaScript + ... + SQL editing features. (To change file associations, go to File->Settings->File Types->ColdFusion)