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  • Eluru 6.0 RC (build 15673) Release Notes

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.NET coverage improvements

  • coverage for dotCover no longer contains line coverage, statement coverage is reported instead
  • dotCover based coverage is also supported coverage support added for MSTest build runner
  • TeamCity own assemblies are filtered out of coverage results automatically


  • Swabra settings are moved from build step settings to separate section called "Build Features" which is available on "Build Steps" page
  • option to cleanup files after the build finish came back

Maven build information tab

For each build with Maven runner TeamCity agent gathers Maven specific details about the build. After the build finish, details are available on the separate tab called "Maven Build Info":

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Visual Studio add-in

  • performance of TFS integration was improved
  • timeout error, while sending personal build via slow connection was fixed
  • ability to view pending build in MyChanges toolwindow was added

Other changes

  • IntelliJ IDEA plugin supports opening the patch from the change details web page (you need latest IDEA X EAP for this feature to work)
  • ability to pin/unpin finished build added to the REST API
  • critical bug was fixed in the Gradle runner which in fact prevented it's usage
  • several bugfixes on My changes page
  • Eclipse plugin supports P4Eclipse 2010.1 & Eclipse EGit 0.9.3