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No subsystem


WI-2785 (Bug)

apply patch treats all patches as empty

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-58079 (Bug)

"Manual array copy" false positive

IDEA-57805 (Bug)

Changing particular inspection severity is not reflected in editor analysis highlighting

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-58795 (Bug)

Format Code Action Deletes source code on GSP page

PHP lang


WI-3084 (Bug)

PHP&Javascript mix: Ctrl+/ works wrong

WI-2790 (Bug)

PHP: comment block and uncomment block currupts code when selection contains opening or closing PHP tag and no PHP code

WI-3450 (Exception)

PHP: AE at PhpCommenter.buildCommenterData() on attempt to comment PHP expression block



IDEA-55450 (Bug)

Debugger type renderer problem with DateFormat

IDEA-59944 (Bug)

string concatenation in expression evaluation window is wrong

Flex Support


IDEA-58516 (Feature)

Flex: add support for Spring ActionScript metadata

IDEA-57879 (Bug)

Extract Method creates bad code when there is a return point in extracted code.

IDEA-58468 (Bug)

flex: introduce constant: does not allow to introduce some expressions

IDEA-59491 (Bug)

[Flex] Support the [Mixin] Metadata tag

IDEA-55864 (Bug)

Add support to import "linked resources" variables from Eclipse/FlexBuilder when importing flex projects

IDEA-58281 (Bug)

Flex compiled resource bundles don't seem to work on SWF projects when compiled by IDEA with flexmojos

IDEA-58975 (Bug)

flex: copy reference copies variable name instead of type

IDEA-58778 (Bug)

Wildcards "*" should be valid types for setters (good code red)

IDEA-59488 (Bug)

Can't run FlexUnit tests if using FlexUnit 4.1 "AS3 Only" distribution

IDEA-58358 (Bug)

Flex 4.5 Compiler Problem

IDEA-58555 (Bug)

Flex conditional compiler variables are not resolved if set using '+='

IDEA-59785 (Bug)

In Flex Module if variable name starts with dollar($) character, its name is resolved as "this" while debugging (in "variables preview" window)

IDEA-56735 (Bug)

[flex] [as3] Extract Function of loop block containing 'continue' statments produces bad code

Project View


IDEA-60084 (Bug)

Copy/Paste in Project pane does not duplicate a file



IDEA-58543 (Bug)

Support Quartz-plugin

IDEA-56016 (Bug)

import short-cut (ALT + ENTER) deletes formatting code

IDEA-59069 (Bug)

adding redundant webroots when opening project

IDEA-54666 (Bug)

Tolerate explicit "g" taglib import in GSP

IDEA-58699 (Bug)

compile errors with app-info plugin located in project

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-58242 (Bug)

[AS3] AutoComplete function as a parameter generates also "()"



IDEA-58785 (Usability Problem)

Return key does't work at Android "Choose target device manually" dialog.

IDEA-59794 (Task)

Optimize Android compilation in IDEA 9.0.x

IDEA-58376 (Bug)

Android unit test works, but Idea UI fails

IDEA-56047 (Bug)

Logcat skipping some lines

IDEA-55307 (Bug)

Build | Make still makes project and builds Android package even when everything is up to date

PHP debug


WI-3191 (Bug)

PHP breakpoint is not set in file when user specified debug mappings for this specific file