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Primary Scenarios

  • (tick) Log in to GitHub
    • Support api token
    • (tick) Corresponding github configuration settings pane
  • (tick) "Share on GitHub" action to publish a project I have open as a GitHub repo (choice of public or private)
    • (tick) support user pricing plan
  • (tick) Action to open GitHub Web UI
  • (tick) Checkout project from GitHub via welcome screen (CheckoutProvider)
    • (tick) View list of my and watched repositories
    • (tick) Click on a repository to open it as a project
  • (tick) Option to enable tasks integration automatically if enabled on GitHub

Secondary Scenarios

  • UI for working with pull requests
    • view list of pull requests
    • send pull request for commit/branch
    • add pull-requested code to my local copy without checkin
  • (tick) Support for third party github installations
  • (tick) Fork support (rebase from fork source)
  • Publish selected file or code fragment as gist? (looks like API is not ready yet?)
  • (tick) Open source file in browser. Create a http: link from a given source file would be great
  • Fork project on GitHub if I've opened someone else's repository