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  • Omea Grenache Release Notes

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  • Toolbar buttons: Up/Down in the list (useful for Tablet PC owners) (1106)
  • Toolbar button: Assign Category (1106)
  • Unified place for entering search queries, press Ctrl-E for switching between search sources! (1106)
  • More usable "Assign Category" dialog: when navigating to the category by typing its prefix, now this snall search window is hidden whenever the category is selected, thus making it easier to select several categories.
  • Option for short resource Date/Time format - only Date is shown.
  • Modified splash screen - show plugin errors when they are registered and started up.
  • "Assign Category" dialog has now new button and list - "Check as previous". This couple lets user to check the listed set of categories. This proved to be extremely handy while categorizing a large set of resources with the repeating set of categories. Please note however that UI is not polished and we ready for suggestions.
  • Autocomplete for Search combobox
  • Omea does not ask user for database and log files paths on startup since this information is useless for 99% of users. Others have a possibility to explicitely change datapath in the options dialog (as before).
  • Switch to .Net 2.0-styled menus (with icons on the left strip).

Rules and Views

  • Rule and View which caused errors during their execution are shown greyed in the Rules Manager and Views Manager dialogs.
  • Every resource now remembers when it was deleted (non-destroying deletion). New condition now alows to construct vews using deletion timestamp.