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  • TeamCity 3.1 EAP (build 6658) Release Notes

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Now you can tweak what data should be deleted. The available option are:

  • Artifacts only. Build artifacts are removed from disk, but build is still listed in the history table and build results are available.
  • Remove build from history. (Default) After this cleaning the build will only be visible in the statistics charts.
  • Full build clean-up. The build is removed at all.

Filter by Agent

Now you can search builds ran on specific agent using "@<agent_name>" syntax. This works in the quick search field by the right side of the header.

In addition, you can filter history of builds of particular build configuration by part of the agent name.


  • Basic support for accurate tests reporting running in parallel (builds using parallel Ant task or TestNG parallel running mode should correctly report failed tests and their output)
  • In Enterprise edition, "View Agent Details" permission is added (by default the permission is included in the Project Developer, Project Administrator, Agent manager and System administrator roles), in Professional edition all users except Guest can now view the Agent details.

Since this release you also can:

  • review Duplicates and Inspections results filtered by directories (work on UI is still in progress, feedback is welcome);
  • specify notification rules for all the projects. Rules to specific project or build configurations will override this "All Projects" rule;
  • use TLS (SSL) connections to send e-mail notifications;
  • schedule builds with CRON-like expressions;
  • review "Time to fix tests" statistics chart;
  • enjoy syntax highlighting in Duplicate Code fragments viewer (Duplicates Finder runner build results);
  • in Enterprise TeamCity version, use Windows domain authentication on Linux computers.

Known Issues with this Build

  • If there are build configurations with lots of tests (millions) and there are lots of builds in the history, you can experience long loading times of the Statistics page after the server start.