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  • TeamCity 5.1.4 Release Notes

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  • TW-12697 - Transparent support of maven-failsafe-plugin reports


  • TW-13187 - Backup from web UI does not include build logs
  • TW-13163 - New file on CVS branch not caught
  • TW-13155 - Emma coverage suites are not loaded in IDEA plugin
  • TW-13147 - "Unexpected Error" when user click on myChanges
  • TW-13138 - Error page for changes page of a build unde MS SQL: Argument 1 for @NotNull parameter of MapParametersProviderImpl.put must not be null
  • TW-13134 - DotNet Coverage uses .NET v2.0 x86 inspite of coverage options
  • TW-13131 - Plugin-added environment variables are not passed into process run by command line runnner
  • TW-13085 - NumberFormatException: For input string during build starting
  • TW-13030 - Erroneous Configuration problem found (view details) displayed for all ClearCase build specs
  • TW-13014 - RVM support shouldn't override rvm specific env variables if they are overridden in build configuration settings
  • TW-13009 - Exception on git submodule update on windows
  • TW-12971 - When surefire reports are not found it adds 3 seconds per a test
  • TW-12902 - Linux agent disconnect after exception
  • TW-12836 - Rails 3 + RSpec 2 + RVM fails
  • TW-12808 - Invalid HTML for graphs
  • TW-12795 - Build "Failure" after upgrading to 5.1.2 (build 13430) from 4.0.2
  • TW-12623 - Spelling Error on TFS Settings page
  • TW-12601 - On server restart, cloud agents can be terminated due to idle timeout while they are running builds
  • TW-12563 - Create Cloud Profile location is saved as 'EU West' when selecting 'US West'
  • TW-12489 - EC2 profile can switch to error state and never recover by itself after intermittent database connection failure
  • TW-12454 - NUnit tests not always run
  • TW-12398 - Opening Duplicates tab can invoke SVN externals collections in several threads
  • TW-12390 - Using "-recurse" parameter for "lshistory" ClearCase command can fail
  • TW-12305 - MSBuild 2.0 projects not building after upgrade to TC 5.1.2 from 4.5.4
  • TW-12269 - NUnit test runner fails with exit code 1 in .net 4.0
  • TW-12242 - Git submodules fail (permission + recursive submodules case)
  • TW-12240 - System.ArgumentNullException in JetBrains.TeamCity.Utils.EnumerableEx.EnumerableEqualsT
  • TW-12216 - Perforce labeling fails if client mapping contains space: "Wrong number of words for field 'View'"
  • TW-12136 - Agent does not connect with DBDuplicatedRowException (several environment variables with diffs in name case only)
  • TW-11808 - TeamCity fails to start NCover x64
  • TW-11602 - Launched EC2 instance can be not recognized by the server
  • TW-11538 - MSBuild build runner/ mono xbuild not finding .net 3.5 assemblies
  • TW-10856 - Collecting mercurial changes can fail for non-english system locale
  • TW-10553 - Artifact dependency not downloading files without file extension if the files reside inside directory with dot (".") in the name
  • TW-4732 - When connection for SVN server hangs, the build is running forever in "Checking for changes" state


  • TW-13068 - An exception has occurred in JetBrains.TeamCity.RemoteRun.Options.Networking.NetworkingOptionsHolder.BeforeSolutionClosed Value cannot be null. Parame
  • TW-13008 - Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'VSSolutionImpl'.
  • TW-12969 - An exception has occurred in JetBrains.TeamCity.RemoteRun.DelayedCommit.Impl.DelayedCommitTrackerNewImpl.BeforeSolutionClosed Value cannot be null.
  • TW-12963 - Hidden exception in logs: svn: Skipping argument: 'D:\Work\TeamCity\vs-addin-trunk\Platform\src\TextControl\Test\.svn' ends in a reserved name
  • TW-12961 - Hidden exception in logs: Could not get the component SvnConfigManager. The component has already been revoked from the component container.
  • TW-12959 - Hidden exception in logs: Cannot access a disposed object.
  • TW-12912 - Error executing dispatcher action FileSystemChangesCollector::FlushAccumulatedChanges on <NULL>:1. There is no Application Shell running.
  • TW-12889 - Error during collecting TFS changes. Caused by: Value cannot be null.
  • TW-12862 - Access to the path 'C:\TeamCity.RemoteRun.LocalChanges.LocalChangesSettings.xml' is denied.
  • TW-12772 - TeamCity Eclipse plugin crashes with perforce repository
  • TW-12760 - Error executing dispatcher action PersonalBuildManager::ConfigurePersonalBuild on <NULL>:1. There is no Application Shell running.
  • TW-12743 - NullPointerException when running personal builds from VS plugin
  • TW-9601 - VcsUserFriendlyException : Error during input checking