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{note}Work in progress. The EAP itself should be open soon, really soon...

  • Faster indexing speed
  • UI/UX Improvements
    • New scrollbars
    • Improvements for Mac OS X (native-like status bar, IDE restart, etc.)
    • Soft wrap in the editor (work in progress, use at your own risk)


  • Spring
    • Spring Web Services support
    • Spring testing support
    • Spring integration with JSRs and languages: JSR-330(CDI), Groovy, etc.
    • extended placeholders support
    • new live templates (patterns and frameworks)
    • intelligent resources support (smart completion and warnings for resource types)


  • Flex Support:
    • Flex and FlexUnit run configuration: select browser or Flash Player to launch your application with (IDEA-49795)
    • Flex and FlexUnit run configuration: option to place your SWF file to the local-trusted sandbox (IDEA-51966)
    • Settings | Compiler | Flex Compiler: option whether to include debugging info into compiled SWF/SWC (IDEA-52692)
    • Compile CSS to SWF (IDEA-54169)
    • Extract interface, Extract superclass actions
    • Reworked 'New ActionScript Class' / 'New Flex Component' actions that support file templates
    • 'Go to symbol' feature now works in MXML components


  • Grails
    • GSP: completion for attributes "action", "controller", "template", "contextPath", "plugin"
    • GSP: resolving variables defined in tags like g:each, g:set, etc.
    • GSP: support javascript in tags like "onSuccess", "onFailture", etc.
    • Preliminary debugging of GSP pages.
    • Completion for value of action/controller parameters in built-in methods redirect(), render(), forward(), chain().
    • Source and javadoc jars detection for Ivy dependencies if they exist in the local Ivy cache.
    • Renaming related artifacts together (e.g. renaming matching .gsp together with a controller action, renaming matching test classes together with production ones, etc.)
  • Language Injection
  • Database & Persistence Frameworks Support
  • Android Support
    • Navigation to original resource from its usage in Java code