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Starting with this EAP, TeamCity handles these builds more carefully. In case such error occurs, TeamCity:

  • doesn't send build failed notification (unless you have subscribed to "the build fails to start" notification)
  • doesn't associate pending changes with this build, i.e. the changes will remain pending, because they were not actually tested
  • doesn't show such build as the last finished build on the overview page
  • such builds will not affect build configuration status and status of developer changes
  • shows "configuration error" stripe for build configuration with such a build

In brief, "failed to start build" is treated as a Cancelled build. However, they are shown slightly differently in the web UI:


If you are looking for commits which modified specific files, you can use new feature of the Change log filter (available for both project and build configuration change logs). You can specify path or a part of the path in the filter and find all of the commits affecting files with these paths.


  • Administration -> Server Configuration -> Server Logs page slightly improved
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