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Which Maven settings is used by TeamCity when reading POM data and resolving artifacts in artifact trigger.


Maven Settings Resolution on the Server Side

There are global-level and user-level Maven settings . When reading POM TeamCity tries to use both of them. TeamCity looks for the global stored in separate XML files.

For the global-level settings in the following location:
${env.M2_HOME}/conf/settings.xml (or ${system.maven.home}/conf/settings.xml)


1. ~/.BuildServer/system/pluginData/maven/settings.xml
2. ~/.m2/settings.xml

where ~ denotes the user home directory.To resolve artifacts, Maven artifact trigger should know repositories to look at.
If Maven artifact trigger is configured for a non-Maven build configuration, then it reads repository from locally stored settings obtained the way described earlier for POM reading.
Otherwise, the trigger takes repository list from the corresponding POMhome directory of the user under which the TeamCity server is running and valid for both MS Windows and Unix-based systems.

For understanding the logic of Maven settings see the Maven product documentation.

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