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Only available since TeamCity 5.1.1.
The git plugin contains experimental support for agent side checkout. The agent checkout does not support SSH yet. This support is implemented using C git, so you need to have git installed on all the agents that you plan to use agent-side git checkout on. The git executable is searched on the agent in the following paths:


If the git is located in non-standard location or if you have serveral git distributions installed and want select a specific one, you can either specify full path to git executable, or use TEAMCITY_GIT_PATH environment variable (can be set in build configuration settings or on the agent itslef).

Agent checkout has limited support for SSH. Currently you can use only "Default Private Key" authentication method.

Known Issues

  • Tagging is not supported over HTTP protocol (JGit limitation)
  • For SSH to work you should have correctly configured $HOME\.ssh-* Specify references to the keys in appropriate host sections (keys with passphrases do not work yet)
    • You will need to specify "StrictHostKeyChecking" to "no" if you do not want for ssh to fail when connecting new hosts.
    • The file could be used to specify host aliases
  • Plugin creates temporary bare repositories in ~/.BuildServer/system/caches/git this repositories are not cleaned up automatically. This directory are shared for different VCS roots with the same URL. See teamcity.remote configuration property to see URL for which directory is used.
  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError while fetch repository. Usually happens when there are big files in repository. Currently jgit library loads file contents into the memory. To run fetch in separate process use property teamcity.git.fetch.separate.process.