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To install and configure License Server bundled with Apache Tomcat

  1. Install JDK:
    1. Download and install JDK or JRE 6 or later.
    2. Create an environment variable JAVA_HOME and assign it to JDK installation home (for example, c:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_03 or /usr/local/java/jdk):
      • To define JAVA_HOME environment variable in Windows XP:
        1. Select Start | Settings | Control Panel | System | Advanced | Environment Variables.
        2. In User environment variables for <user name> area, click Create.
        3. In the Variable name field in the New System Variable dialog box, enter JAVA_HOME.
        4. In the Variable value field, enter the path to JDK installation home. Make sure to use forward slashes / when specifying the path!
        5. Click OK.
      • To define JAVA_HOME environment variable in UNIX/Linux, execute env JAVA_HOME=path command where path should reference JDK installation home.

Note: if JRE is used instead of JDK, the environment variable should be named JRE_HOME

  1. Start bundled Apache Tomcat.
    To start Apache Tomcat distribution bundled with License Server and deploy licenseServer.war package, execute one of the following scripts:
    • <Tomcat root>\bin\startup.bat (Windows).
    • <Tomcat root>/bin/ (UNIX/Linux/MacOS).
      License Server will start listening on port 8080 with licenseServer path prefix.
  2. Start License Server by typing http://<host-name>:8080/licenseServer in the address bar of your web browser.

Installing JetBrains License Server as Windows service.

The easiest way to install Apache Tomcat as windows service will be downloading and installing "32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer" distribution from Apache website and then deploying in installed Tomcat instance standalone WAR distribution of JetBrains License Server application.


To deploy License Server standalone WAR file in Apache Tomcat

  1. Сopy licenseServer.war from <delivery package>/apache-tomcat-<version>/webapps/ into <Tomcat root>/webapps subdirectory.
  2. Restart Apache Tomcat.
  3. Start License Server by typing http://<host-name>:<port-number>/licenseServer in the address bar of your web browser.
  4. Proceed with setting up your License Server.

    For either License Server distribution, you can optionally do any of the following: