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This release introduces further improvements to the per-project roles first available in the previous EAP release.
Most notable changes include:

  • Elimination of "All Projects Developer", "All Projects Viewer" and "All Projects Administrator" roles. These are superseded with ability to assign any role to "All Projects".
  • Ability to assign a role in multiple projects with single "Assign roles" action;
  • Ability to assign roles in multiple projects to multiple users;
  • Ability to unassign multiple roles with single action
  • Ability for a user with "Project Administrator" role to assign roles within administered projects
  • Ability to set permissions for "Guest" user and newly created users (including self-registered): available via corresponding actions on User Accounts page
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Custom Statistics

Builds can now publish values through teamcity-info.xml file and charts for the values can then be displayed on the Statistics tab of the build configuration.
Basically, what is needed is to generate teamcity-info.xml file during the build, like this one: