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PL/SQL Debugger **

Dialect sensitive editor for SQL and for Procedural-SQL script files (.sql, .plsql) providing advanced editing capabilities.

  • Language highlighting configurable in the "Colors & Fonts" IDE settings section

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Fully fledged debugger for PL/SQL programs (procedures, functions, packages) based on the Oracle DBMS_DEBUG functionality.

  • Ensure debugging prerequisites (check for privileges, compile programs and dependencies in debug modus)
  • Add and remove breakpoints before and during debug process
  • Break/resume execution: step over, step into, step out, run to breakpoint, run to cursor
  • View and change variable values on suspended execution
  • Display cascading execution frames
  • Support watchers and expression evaluations (within the limitations of DBMS_DEBUG framework)
  • Store run parameters in method execution history

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** Oracle specific feature