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  • Language highlighting configurable in the "Colors & Fonts" IDE settings section
  • Code formatting, folding and bracket matching
  • Qualified code completion suggesting only suitable variants for the invoking position (it suggests only keywords and objects which are allowed to occur at the given position)
  • Two configurable levels for code completion (to narrow down the suggested variants to the desired extent)
  • Sortable code completion variant-lists
  • Error highlighting for incomplete statements or invalid references to database entities
  • Basic structure projection in the "Structure" tool window
  • Statement execution triggers on editor gutter
  • Editor intentions (statement execution and selection of connection/schema for the current editor)
  • Navigation from resolved identifiers to the respective object in browser
  • Navigation within editor for aliases / variables (e.g. alias reference to alias definition)

   Only language highlighting is supported by the PL/SQL editor for now.
   MySql Procedural-SQL is highlighted with the Oracle highlighter
   Identifier resolver still experiences issues and may report invalid references even though they are valid. A major redesign of the identifier-resolver is planned already.