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  • Debugging native file system watcher for Linux

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Due to tons of variations of Linux environment, the recently introduced native file system watcher for Linux may refuse to function properly. Here are some simple steps which may help to track down a problem.


Warning: fsnotifier will try to setup set up a watch for directory tree starting from current the current directory – if hierarchy a hierarchy is deep, there will be lots of output.


Watcher utilizes "user" facility of syslog(3) – messages usually can be found in /var/log/user.log. Verbosity is regulated via FSNOTIFIER_LOG_LEVEL environment variable, possible values are: debug, info, warning, error, off.

By default, logging is switched off. To activate it, set FSNOTIFIER_LOG_LEVEL to appropriate an appropriate value before starting IDEA, e.g.:


Warning: "debug" verbosity level may produce really a really huge amount of messages – use with care.

If you see something suspicious in logs please feel free to post it here as comment a comment (or via attachment if your log is long enoughas an attachment).