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Spell Checker plugin is new integration of Jazzy spell checker into IntelliJ IDEA. This implementation used inspections for spelling error highlighting.


  • Spell check in values of properties files
  • Spell check in XML text and attribute values
  • Spell check in Java code (strings, naming, comments)
  • Spell check in simple text mode
  • Word completion from dictionary (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S)
  • Popup for spelling correction (alternative to Alt+Enter)


Spell Checker plugin is simple engine with no dictionaries on board by default. To install dictionaries you need to install depended plugin:

You also can create dictionary from any of Aspell dictionaries. Please read development guide of Spell Checker dictionaries.


  • Highlighting of misspelled words:
  • Alt+Enter look:
  • Popup look:
  • Completion word from dictionaries:
  • Installing dictionary:
  • Available inspections:
  • Configuration: