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Using VCS triggering rules you can now prevent builds from being triggered after changes are made by a particular user or checked into a specific VCS root. This can be used, for example, to prevent build from being triggered when the process itself checks changes in.
The syntax is a bit tricky, but quite powerful.

Statistics improvements

  • New filters for date range and build status
  • Code coverage statistics graph (displays 4 series for class, method, block and line coverages)
  • Clean build duration (a build without checkout time) graph
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RSS feeds for finished builds of a build configuration

If you use an RSS reader, you can now be notified about finished builds via a usual RSS feed (just make sure your RSS reader can access the server, and the status widget is enabled for the build configuration). Feed item text is generated using the FreeMarker template engine, and if you are not afraid looking under the bonnet, you can customize the feed to better suit your needs (adefault template sample is located in .BuildServer\config\default-feed-item-template.ftl).


  • Ability to view web diff for personal build changes
  • External server URL (used in notifications) can now be edited via the web UI on the Server Configuration page
  • Numerous performance improvements
  • Multiple bug fixes for IPR build runner
  • Simplified VCS roots attaching/detaching: now you can attach and detach VCS roots to/from the build configurations right from the Edit Project page