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h2. [Jira Benares RoadMap|]

Already implemented issues are denoted by "(/)".

h3. VCS-related enhancements

* (/) Support VCS roots per build configuration (several branches in a single project) {jiraissue:key=TW-792}
** (/) Support cloaking {jiraissue:key=TW-1738}
* (/) Reuse VCS roots between projects {jiraissue:key=TW-792}
* (/) Starteam support {jiraissue:key=TW-280}
* (/) After-the-build VCS labeling for CVS, Perforce, Subversion

h3. Build runners improvements

* (/) Remote run/pre-tested commit for SVN in Visual Studio {jiraissue:key=TW-2538}
* (/) Enable code inspection for Maven runner {jiraissue:key=TW-1190}

h3. Notification enhancements

* (/) RSS notifier {jiraissue:key=TW-81}
* Notification on new build failure only {jiraissue:key=TW-2113}
* New notification: first success after failure {jiraissue:key=TW-764}

h3. Security and permissions

* (/) Per-project permissions {jiraissue:key=TW-372}

h3. Server-side code analisys

* Inspections - scope-based, UI for viewing per-package inspections {jiraissue:key=TW-1452}

h3. Statistics {jiraissue:key=TW-94}

* (/) Coverage {jiraissue:key=TW-934}
* (/) Inspections {jiraissue:key=TW-903}
* (/) Build timings (consider extract checkout time, VCS update timings) {jiraissue:key=TW-935}
* (/) Test timings, per-test per-agent history 

h3. Open API and Plugins support

* Substantial improvements in the open API, more pluggable UI, etc.

h3. Unclassified

* (/) Migration to Tomcat 6.0 {jiraissue:key=TW-2248}
* (/) Customized build rollup status {jiraissue:key=TW-1756}
* (/) Limited functionality of the quick search field  {jiraissue:key=TW-943} - search by the build number
* (/) Allow to take thread dump from agent on Web interface {jiraissue:key=TW-2631}
* (/) Build labeling(tags) with ability to group builds in history by labels. {jiraissue:key=TW-2526}, {jiraissue:key=TW-920} - related, declared builds, see above)