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titleCompatibility Warning

If you have third-party Maven or TestNG plugins installed, you need to uninstall them before installing this build

Dependency Structure Matrix.

See separate page for more info.

Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down navigates to the prev/next stacktrace element in console

Significant project saving optimizations

Generalized UI for project import


Dedicated button on a Welcome screen:


Dedicated submenu in File menu:

Extension point for project import providers will be included in Open API.

Bundled Maven Integration plugin

A plugin is based on popular plugins for Demetra (,
New features:


  • On-the-fly import. Instead of one-time import you can link you .ipr to ask IDEA to import one or several pom.xml files and IDEA will import them on every project opening. More over, In this case IDEA will create temporary modules which are not persisted (no to .iml , no mention files and not mentioned in .ipr), so you can . This allows you to share/version .ipr which only mentions pom.xml files. Here is how Maven sources look in IntelliJ IDEA:*
  • "Maven projects" and "Maven build output" toolwindow:

Current limitations:

  • No support for war/ejb/ear packaging
  • No support for generated sources directories (currently modello plugin output paths hardcoded)
  • Changes in module settings are not reflected in corresponding pom.xml (maven-synchronized modules will have special property page for dependency management)
  • No filtering for pom.xml files listed in Maven Projects toolwindow


  • Favorite goals for projects
  • Maven repository browser
  • Dependency viewer
  • Excluded dependencies

Spring AOP

  • Gutter icons for navigation between advices and advised methods

Bundled TestNG plugin

Notification shown when editing outdated versions of files

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Possibility to view Update Project results grouped by changelist

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