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How to build JetGroovy sources from command line

  • Check out the Groovy project from
  • Update to a new EAP of IntelliJ IDEA
  • Make sure Ant is installed. This is tested with 1.7.1
  • Make sure java and javac for 1.6 are in your path
  • From the project root, copy the file to
  • In the properties file, specify your Groovy Home, IDEA install home, and JDK Home
  • From the command line, run: ant -f packagePlugin.xml* Your project directory should have a file after the build is done

How to set-up JetGroovy sources environment

  • Check out the Groovy project from
  • Update to a new EAP of IntelliJ IDEA
  • Open the Groovy.ipr file with IDEA
  • You'll receive a warning about undefined GROOVY_SDK_PATH path variable. Make it point to your Groovy distribution directory.
  • Open the Project Structure settings (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S):
    • You will need to configure 2 JDKs:
      • "JetGroovy Runtime JDK": A JDK of version 1.3
      • "JetGroovy IDEA SDK": New IntelliJ IDEA SDK pointing to the last IDEA EAP with some 1.5 JDK as internal Java platform
        • Add IDEA_HOME/lib/idea.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/JavaScriptLanguage/lib/JavascriptLanguage.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/CSS/lib/css.jar and css-openapi.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/peroperties/lib/properties.jar and css-openapi.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/JavaEE/lib/javaee-impl.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/Spring/lib/spring.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add tools.jar (for Windows) or classes.jar (for Mac) from your internal Java SDK directory to the current IntelliJ IDEA SDK classpath
  • Run the make project command from IDEA's Build menu
  • Now you can run/debug the plugin using 'JetGroovy' run configuration

How to deploy the plugin

  • Update as described in How to build JetGroovy sources from the command line
  • Use Ant to run the default target in the build file packagePlugin.xml  or from IDEA (Ant toolwindow, Build menu)
  • A zip file will be generated in the project directory. Exit IDEA and unzip it to the IDEA_HOME/plugins directory
  • Restart IDEA