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How to build


JetGroovy sources from command line

  • Add some Java 1.4 JDK for rt module
  • Add groovy.jar from Groovy distribution as a library to rt module
  • Select IntelliJ IDEA SDK as Project JDK
  • Make sure Ant is installed. This is tested with 1.7.1
  • Make sure java and javac for 1.6 are in your path
  • From the project root, copy the file to
  • In the properties file, specify your Groovy Home, IDEA install home, and JDK Home
  • From the command line, run: ant -f packagePlugin.xml* Your project directory should have a file after the build is done

How to set-up JetGroovy sources environment

  • Check out the Groovy project from
  • Update to a new EAP of IntelliJ IDEA
  • Open the Groovy.ipr file with IDEA
  • You'll receive a warning about undefined GROOVY_SDK_PATH path variable. Make it point to your Groovy distribution directory.
  • Open the Project Structure settings (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S):
    • You will need to configure 2 JDKs:
      • "JetGroovy Runtime JDK": A JDK of version 1.3
      • "JetGroovy IDEA SDK": New IntelliJ IDEA SDK pointing to the last IDEA EAP with some 1.5 JDK as internal Java platform
        • Add IDEA_HOME/lib/idea.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/
        • plugins/
        • JavaScriptLanguage/lib/
        • JavascriptLanguage.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/
        • CSS/lib/
        • css.jar and css-openapi.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/
        • peroperties/lib/
        • properties.jar and css-openapi.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/JavaEE/lib/javaee-impl.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/Spring/lib/spring.jar to SDK classpath
        • Add tools.jar (for Windows) or classes.jar (for Mac) from your internal Java SDK directory to the current IntelliJ IDEA SDK classpath
  • Run build.lexer task of ant buildfile build.xml placed in src directory of projectRun the make project command from IDEA's Build menuRun the 'Prepare All Plugin Modules for Deployment' command from IDEA's Build menu
  • Now you can run/debug the plugin using 'JetGroovy' run configuration

How to deploy the plugin

  • Update as described in How to build JetGroovy sources from the command line
  • Use Ant to run the default target in the build file packagePlugin.xml  or from IDEA (Ant toolwindow, Build menu)
  • A zip file will be generated in the project directory. Exit IDEA and unzip it to the IDEA_HOME/plugins directory
  • Restart IDEA