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The JetGroovy plugin is now bundled with IDEA and split into two parts. The Groovy language support comes with free open-source IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, and the Grails/Griffon support comes with Ultimate edition. No separate JetGroovy releases will be made.

Groovy plugin summary

Groovy Features

Groovy Language Features

Highlighting -  colors, formats and folds your code to improve readability and make it easier to locate various code elements. You can also use the built-in templates to quickly modify arbitrary parts of the code


Dynamic Methods and Properties - mark dynamic methods and properties as supplied at runtime to eliminate syntax warnings and gain code completion

Scripting IDE for DSL awareness


Execution, Surround with, File structure, Import optimization , Builders

Grails Features

Grails Application Features

[GSP support, Creating grails application, Creating domain classes, controllers, views, taglibs, services, scripts, jobs, Providing GORM domain classes ER diagram]


Groovy application
Grails application


Source repository
How to build JetGroovy plugin


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