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No subsystem


IDEA-27047 (Bug)

DEL button pressing on UML diagram's object removes Maven Project

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-34452 (Feature)

If Ctrl-B to a string literal like "/a/b/c" is not supposed to find a resource - make inspection + add 'no suggestions" tooltip

IDEA-52901 (Bug)

field can be local regression

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-52890 (Bug)

Can't debug Junit 4.4 tests



IDEA-52842 (Bug)

Unknonw HTML tag should not trigger for XML namespace mappings

Web Services


IDEA-52782 (Bug)

Erroneous wsdd.dtd

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-12595 (Usability Problem)

"Method cannot be applied to "....." tooltip is unreadable for long signatures

IDEA-52872 (Bug)

Don't draw vertical guide over a collapsed region

IDEA-52559 (Bug)

JavaDoc error message "The documentation for this element is not found. Please add all the needed paths to API docs in Project Settings."

Tapestry Support


IDEA-52910 (Bug)

Autoinsert pairing brace when typing ${ in tml file

Flex Support


IDEA-52904 (Bug)

[Flex] declaring local variables in switch statement

IDEA-52862 (Bug)

Wrong highlighting property hostComponent as incorrect in SparkSkin subclass

IDEA-52865 (Bug)

[actionscript] good code red - 'is' operator with expression which resolves to datatype is flagged as "Type reference required"

IDEA-52866 (Bug)

[actionscript] good code red - "Missing return statement" even though code always returns before end of function

IDEA-52827 (Bug)

Flex: No error when comparing String to other type

IDEA-27149 (Bug)

wrong namespace added when editin mxml flex 4 component ( spark component )

IDEA-52856 (Bug)

[actionscript] Good code is red - "Duplicate declaration" for implemented methods of IEventDispatcher

IDEA-52857 (Bug)

[actionscript] good code red - "Variable type Object is not assingable to type String" when using Object typed var in for-in loop to iterate over an array

IDEA-52869 (Bug)

[actionscript] good code marked red - actionscript declaration of public/private/protected static and member variables inside static initializer

IDEA-51925 (Bug)

mx namespace is not correct for Flex 4 components

IDEA-52883 (Bug)

[mxml] good code red - private member variable declared in script is unresolved reference

Project View


IDEA-19975 (Bug)

Unable to create new Java objects (classes, interfaces, packages, etc) in Favorites view

Project Configuration


IDEA-52243 (Bug)

Copy global library to project level not working



IDEA-52832 (Cosmetics)

Pull Members Up dialog keyboard shortcut conflict

IDEA-52898 (Bug)

Refactoring/Type Migration results with error when changing List of bounded wildcard type to array of incompatible type

IDEA-52903 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException at ListArrayConversionRule.evaluateCollectionsType() on converting raw List to array

IDEA-52841 (Exception)

Throwable at MigrationRootsTreeCellRenderer.customizeCellRenderer() on editing code with Migration Panel opened

User Interface


IDEA-20943 (Usability Problem)

Run/Debug Dialog is too big on 15" MacBook Pro

Task Management


IDEA-52001 (Feature)

YouTrack integration: add "Mark issue as 'in progress'" option

Maven Integration


IDEA-52813 (Cosmetics)

Maven: ${} highlighted as red

IDEA-52825 (Bug)

Maven settings.xml is shown in "Go To File"

IDEA-52681 (Bug)

Maven: inspection of <configuration> element is overly eager



IDEA-52908 (Bug)

Database console "result set is closed" error

IDEA-52879 (Bug)

Running a DB statement brings up the run console

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-36812 (Usability Problem)

Add grouping by test/production classes in Find view



IDEA-52843 (Bug)

Cannot resolve Groovy boolean property in reading context

CSS Editing


IDEA-52930 (Cosmetics)

doubled hash sign for colours in css gutter



IDEA-52853 (Bug)

Debugger sometimes gets hung "Waiting for VM detach"