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  • Omea Grenache Release Notes

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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0


  • Outlook mails attachment are shown graphically in the same real estate as the mail content itself. Special attention is paid to graphical attachments which support collapsing/expansion over the page. From the designer point of view there are seveal arguable decisions which should be decided over during the development. [in progress]
  • Non-default encodings supported for mail message text fields, such as Subject. Previously, only subjects in the current system ANSI codepage were displayed correctly. [in progress]
  • Fixed broken Outlook integration over PST storage files that were moved to another location after creation. [in progress]


  • Contact information view contains a collapseable section with latest correspondence links.
  • Contact edit dialog is now split into three parts each of which contains a semantically structured set of fields to be entered (TODO: redesign telephone and email address blocks).
  • Block for editing person's full name is redesigned - now just a plain string is entered, and it is parsed into first, middle and last name automatically (though they can be manully reedited if necessary).
  • Contact can be associated with an Avatar picture. User can even submit a large picture which will be transformed into the smaller standard-sized thumbnail. Avatar is shown in the Links Pane when the correspondence from that contact is displayed.


  • Development tools: switch to .NET 3.5 / VS 2008.
  • Required runtime: switch to .NET 3.0.
  • Switch to TeamCity for build process.
  • Build scripts: switch to MSBuild as the main build script language, project files reused for source code compilation.
  • Source code control: switch to SVN (from Perforce).
  • Completely redesigned project structure
  • An installer based on the Windows Installer technology.
  • A new scheme for discovering and loading plugins.
  • Enabled the use of LINQ in code by including the Mono implementation (GPLv2) rather than requiring the .NET Framework 3.5.
  • Migrated from MC++ to C++/CLI (some components only).
  • Outlook integration sandboxed in separate address space [in progress].

Other Fixes

  • Critical: some resources were missed in the Text Index. It is recommended to rebuild the index completely (build 1106)
  • Proper visualization of Excel and Word file previews (build 1106)
  • Fixed "error when parsing Cookies header" bug when subscribing to some feeds.
  • Removed duplicated indexing of email's text.
  • Ctrl-U works properly when the next item is inside the collapsed thread.