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  • Darjeeling 5.1 EAP (build 13130) Release Notes

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It is easier now to remove multiple builds from the queue. Also if you need to stop build on agent but do not want to loose a build, there is an option in stop build dialog, to re-add build to the queue.


  • Installed TeamCity plugins list is available on Server Configuration > Plugins. The list provides only basic details and lists only actually loaded plugins.
  • New Server Configuration > Diagnostic tab allows to enable debug in TeamCity logs, take thread dumps and dump memory snapshots (JDK 1.6 required) - all these right form the web UI.

.NET Support

In this EAP we added support for .NET 4.0 and not yet released Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010.

  • sln2005 and sln2008 runners are now merged into new Visual Studio (sln) runner.
  • Visual Studio 2010 RC is now supported by Visual Studio (sln) runner.
  • MSBuild runner supports MSBuild from .NET 4.0
  • Test frameworks improvements
    • Support for .NET 4.0 for tests runners
    • Ability to select .NET Framework version for NUnit runner
    • NUnit tests UI now available in MSBuild runner
  • Added support for TFS 2010 RC version control (requires .NET 2.0 installed)

IDE integration

IDEA plugin

  • New feature: take responsibility for a test from the IDEA plugin

Eclipse plugin

  • Eclipse 3.6 support added
  • P4WSAD 2009.2 support added

Visual Studio add-in

  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RC
  • Improvements in TFS-related part of Remote run dialog


Added coverage support for Maven runner (based on IDEA coverage engine). See Code Coverage section on Maven runner. Once configured, you should be getting Coverage report tab for the build and Coverage statistics chart for the build configuration. For the feature to work please ensure your tests are run in fork=true mode.