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Jira Changelog

Agra, 3654 -> 3776

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Agra, 3602 -> 3654

  • Visual Studio plugin: support for remote run for Team Foundation Server
  • Popups for failed tests artifacts everywhere
  • Initial work on IDEA plugin redesign
  • Better calculation for build estimates (
  • Improved UI for build agent page
  • View code duplicates on the Web

Agra, 3414 -> 3602

  • VCS: ClearCase support
  • VCS: Team Foundation Server support
  • Preliminary Eclipse plugin with Remote Run feature (subclipse ver. 1.1+ is required), project status
  • Generic command/shell script runner
  • Search for Code Duplicates runner for IDEA project + view duplicates results in IDEA (Selena only, doesn't work for 6.0.x)
  • Support Ant 1.7 by default + JUnit4 tests
  • Improved agents screens, possibility to enable/disable agents from Web
  • Show agent status (busy, not busy) on the compatible agents page
  • Build Configuration screen improvements (separate page for runner parameters, tabs on triggers page)
  • Several WebDiff improvements

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