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To upgrade agent from agentd service to java service wrapper:

  • Uninstall agent
    • use uninstaller/add remove programs
    • ensure agent service is stoped
  • Install new agent using any distribution you like (zip, java web start, windows installer

Windows Only:

  • Make sure agent service is working under right user account. Using SYSTEM tend may affect MSBuild/Sln2005 configurations to fail.

Agent process will have a name TeamCityAgentService-windows-x86-32.exe


Eclipse plugin with remote run (Subversion) and changes view

link here

TeamCity plugin works with Eclipse 3.2+ and requires plugin Subclipse 1.2.0.

Eclipse plugin for TeamCity features:

  • Watched Projects View
    • Displays TeamCity projects user is watching for and their properties.
  • Changes View
    • Displays builds triggered by user VCS changes, remote run builds and their properties.

Both watched projects and changes views display TeamCity builds and build configuration statuses, allow to open build log of selected build in Eclipse. Cumulative watched projects and remote run builds statuses are displayed in Eclipse status bar.

  • Remote Run View.
    • Displays locally modified files that could be committed to TeamCity as 'remote run' build. This view is dynamically updated in the same manner as standard Eclipse 'Synchronize' view.
  • Navigation
    • Navigation from build logs opened within Eclipse to files referenced in log and from the web client to the Eclipse is supported.
  • "Open in Web" actions opens selected objects in web browser.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin

  • Option to remember password
  • Continuously refresh status of running builds
  • Memory leak fixes


Visual Studio plugin: Changes view + Delayed Commit for TFS

link here

Look at some screenshots: