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No subsystemBug IDEA-299842 Kotlin plugin 1.7.20 does not recognized gradle build errors
Performance IDEA-300372 UI freezes (36 sec) because of font initialization
Bug IDEA-301073 java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:
Bug IDEA-299973 Deadlock in "replace all"
Performance IDEA-298148 PackageChecker triggers HttpClient initialization from irrelevant files
Performance IDEA-300904 UI Freeze for ~ 5 min on getContentEntriesList call
Bug IDEA-301052 EquivalenceChecker: False negative of "Conditional expression with identical branches" inspection with record patterns
Task IDEA-299406 Bundle all WS default plugins to IJ IDEA U
Task IDEA-300221 Productivity: create tests for tips and features integration
Task IDEA-299994 highlighting: reduce UnresolvedReferenceQuickFixProvider calls
Task IDEA-294924 ApiUsageUastVisitor: check `isClassReferenceInConstructorInvocation` in `visitQualifiedReferenceExpression` as it's done in `visitSimpleNameReferenceExpression`
Bug IDEA-286600 java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/jetbrains/kotlin/android/synthetic/idea/AndroidExtensionsGradleModel has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 55.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 52.0
Bug IDEA-298594 freezes on com.intellij.codeInspection.InspectionApplicationBase.waitAllStartupActivitiesPassed
Usability IDEA-296025 Append "Preview tab" for preview tab text tooltip
Bug IDEA-298799 Explicit type can be replaced with '<>' does not get visualize in editor
Feature IDEA-295355 Notify users of missing libraries that cause startup failure
Configuration Problem IDEA-297974 Compilation of community project is broken
AndroidPerformance IDEA-298969 Android: Android Lint global inspections all eagerly instantiated because groupName is not specified in plugin.xml
Bug IDEA-299113 Android: DataBindingExprReferenceContributor must be registered with language
Bug IDEA-300608 Missing descriptions in inspections PreviewFontScaleMustBeGreaterThanZero, PreviewPickerAnnotation, PreviewNotSupportedInUnitTestFiles and PreviewApiLevelMustBeValid
Bug IDEA-290734 Create Android Project - Activity selection window is stretching, then resetting repeatedly.
Bug IDEA-287774 Links appearing in Event Log cannot be clicked
Bug IDEA-300954 Android: decrease performance effect of Android Lint inspections
Bug IDEA-247946 JPS build process for Android includes module which depends on modules available in IDE only
Task IDEA-296142 Delete redundant `ModuleRootListener` in Android-Gradle and Android-Java Facets
Bug IDEA-299045 IDEA 2022.2: AVD Manager is only available in Android projects (and not available in Java projects, Flutter projects, etc)
Task IDEA-296144 Delete deprecated ``
Bug IDEA-275522 Merge Android Plugin 2020.3.1 Final
BuildBug IDEA-295362 Creation of setting file during project model loading causes unexpected `Load Changes` notification
Exception IDEA-300644 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT on initialization of ExternalSystemTaskLocation when opening a Gradle tool window
Bug IDEA-301387 Can not send std from out of process external system plugin
Build. AntBug IDEA-104054 ANT Integration: Cannot resolve symbol 'matches'
Usability IDEA-286649 Update bundled Ant to 1.10.12
Build. Built-in (JPS)Performance IDEA-301667 JPS: indexes access on EDT from CompileStepBeforeRun may lead to freezes
Bug IDEA-298022 Save latest build commit during rebuild
Bug IDEA-298593 git switch causes resource files to be ignored by the compiler
Bug IDEA-297717 Migrate BuildManager's ModuleRootListener to new workspace api
Feature IDEA-299734 Update "Error Prone" compiler to 2.15.0
Build. GradleFeature IDEA-146200 Gradle: resolve and complete properties from file
Feature IDEA-298295 Add inspections encouraging configuration avoidance for Gradle Groovy buildscripts
Task IDEA-292681 Gradle test infrastructure for code highlighting tests
Feature IDEA-298320 Add inspection detecting incorrect buildscript structure with Plugins DSL
Bug IDEA-300043 Gradle import is broken for Gradle versions <= 7.2
Bug IDEA-298926 Add highlighting for deprecated configuration methods in Gradle buildscripts
Build. MavenCosmetics IDEA-291603 Dependency Analyzer: correct the editor tab tooltip
Bug IDEA-202286 Refreshing Maven always resets Java Compiler to "Javac"
Bug IDEA-284902 Unable to sync with Maven 2.2.1 after update
Bug IDEA-175682 Maven: modules defined in files with custom names get incorrect content roots
Feature IDEA-85478 Maven compiler plugin testSource and testTarget support
Bug IDEA-291644 Attempt to open Dependency Analyzer in the splitted tab or new window causes exception and empty editor
Build. Package SearchFeature IDEA-278394 Hide "Kotlin multiplatform" checkbox when Kotlin is disabled
Cosmetics IDEA-298099 Add link to build system guidance in empty state
Bug IDEA-297592 Module selection lost when syncing project
Bug IDEA-301407 Allow to interrupt computation by user
Bug IDEA-296210 Package Search: incorrect results after undo upgrade
Task IDEA-297500 Remove PKGS REST service code
Bug IDEA-298241 Field may prevent intention preview from working properly
Bug IDEA-296201 Package Search: upgrade may remove the scope of the managed dependency
Bug IDEA-297962 package search: "Directory index can only be queried after project initialization"
Task IDEA-300826 Package Search must handle Power Save mode properly
Bug IDEA-297628 PKGS toolwindow doesn't show nested modules
Code Analysis. DependenciesBug IDEA-222840 Dependency Viewer update problems when selecting a package
Bug IDEA-200110 "Analyze dependencies" tree sometimes displays no dependencies
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-295261 Same return value false positive for kotlin
Feature IDEA-297134 Provide an option to hide highlighting but keep a fix
Bug IDEA-295201 Callable kotlin parameters are treated as unused
Performance IDEA-152512 Local inspection: allow to "opt-out" completely of processing injected context
Bug IDEA-299153 Custom severity highlighting can't be used with other severities
Usability IDEA-217810 Code Inspections are not working with scratch files
Bug IDEA-299383 link from inspection description to another configurable doesn't work when configurable id contains space
Feature IDEA-284338 Request: for each inspection and its results, show which plugin is responsible of it
Feature IDEA-300554 new inspection: empty todo comment without details
Performance IDEA-296919 Inspection tools should not be instantiated on opening of unrelated file types
Bug IDEA-295435 "Unused declaration" false positives with Kotlin operator overload
Bug IDEA-207902 Missing quickfix in inspections on group of files
Bug IDEA-288190 Unused Declaration inspection: presentation for Kotlin is broken
Performance IDEA-299848 Memory leak: WholeFileLocalInspectionsPassFactory instances leak through Disposer
Bug IDEA-297427 Highlighting in editor: custom severities are not rendered
Cosmetics IDEA-297075 Inspections settings: Severity by Scope table is shrinked
Bug IDEA-296980 Highlighting in editor: "INFORMATIONATTRIBUTES" is set in the comobobox when selecting "No highlighting" Severity
Bug IDEA-296982 Hightlighting in editor: Highlighting for custom severities are not added to the list
Code Analysis. Language InjectionException IDEA-299085 IntelliLang broken in master
Bug IDEA-297076 IDE silently changes .idea/templateLanguages.xml config file
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-295911 SSR: Structural search and replace mangles format if long qualified names are used
Bug IDEA-296087 SSR doesn't work after undo/redo when replacing try statement
Bug IDEA-289341 In SSR when template is selected, one of modifiers disapears
Bug IDEA-300128 Support properties file language in structural search
Bug IDEA-297048 Freeze in Structural Search
Bug IDEA-299025 SSR dialog remembers named scope but uses project scope anyway
Bug IDEA-297991 Count modifier is replaced with line break when matching nothing in structural replace
Bug IDEA-298753 Unmatched type parameters disappear when replacing method
Feature IDEA-292608 Improved structural search for annotation array value
Bug IDEA-299544 Unexpected Java new expression matches
Bug IDEA-300785 Structural Search dialog does't preserve state of expanded templates
Bug IDEA-286090 SSR replacement with script appears empty while the preview is correct
Code Analysis. Syntax (PSI)Performance IDEA-261038 ShowAutoImportPass.showImports
CorePerformance IDEA-300523 SqlCodeStyleProviderRegistrar triggers early initialization of LanguageCodeStyleProvider extensions
Exception IDEA-299247 intellij-community throws exception on launch
Performance IDEA-299244 Intentions should not be instantiated on opening of unrelated file types
Bug IDEA-302245 Clicking Exit without accepting EUA leads to critical startup error
Bug IDEA-290273 Error executing Delay: -2ms; org.jetbrains.idea.maven.server.MavenServerConnectorImpl
Performance IDEA-300062 DirectoryInfoWithExcludePatterns triggers unnecessary String concatenation from assert message
Bug IDEA-299818 Deadlock on starting intellij
Exception IDEA-299155 java.lang.NullPointerException on PhpStorm 2022.3 Nightly
Bug IDEA-301431 Modal commit: cannot click in the yes/no/cancel dialog because of another modal dialog
Task IDEA-295740 Get rid of reflection in `org.jetbrains.xxh3.StringHash`
Exception IDEA-298016 Delayed StackOverflowError due to ReservedStackAccess annotated method
Performance IDEA-301266 Slow operations assert on EncodingProjectManager init from EncodingProjectManagerStartUpActivity
Task IDEA-297143 Report deadly freezes to FUS
Bug IDEA-300439 IDEA Nightly 223 Fails on Start on Windows
Bug IDEA-299444 TemplateContextType should be a bean extension point to not load implementation class eagerly
Bug IDEA-299203 Cancellation during component initialization might leave the compoment in uninitialized state forever
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-300522 Tab is leaked after debugger restart in new UI
Usability IDEA-299530 Remove force step into from the debugger toolbar
Cosmetics IDEA-278083 Missing & for Threads & Variables in Layout Settings
Core. DiagramsException IDEA-295934 NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.ext.uml.MavenElement.getNavigatable
Performance IDEA-297484 Diagrams: do not load diagram classes until Show Diagram action called
Core. File SystemPerformance IDEA-286622 Freezes due to eager directory case sensitivity detection
Core. File/Code TemplatesBug IDEA-298139 "Copy Template" button doesn't work properly for "Child Templates" in Preferences - File and Code Template - Files.
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-295239 Advanced settings show nothing when called from Find Action
Bug IDEA-291769 Inlay hints settings: add hints to preview for Other | SQL
Cosmetics IDEA-297827 Description part in Intentions setting window is too far from Before/After examples
Bug IDEA-295723 No artifacts / facets are imported during Maven project import
Core. IndexingPerformance IDEA-298021 Indexing: JsonToHtmlConverter declares too many classes on indexing
Performance IDEA-300868 Indexing requires loading of all stub element type classes
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-302267 Windows "open file with" context menu shows `\$\{MUI_PRODUCT}` instead of product name
Bug IDEA-292572 contains executables where the excutable-flag is not set
Bug IDEA-294700 patch update from 2021.3.3 to 2022.1.1 fails because of exclamation mark in user name
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-297494 Quick Definition popup looks for implementations and freezes unnecessary
Core. Platform APITask IDEA-299733 Provide a dummy implementation of JavaFileCodeStyleFacade service in the 'core' part of java plugin
Task IDEA-298163 Wanted: "true" frame activation/deactivation events
Bug IDEA-301295 Race condition in com.intellij.psi.stubs.IStubElementType
Bug IDEA-299881 Some tests replace System.out or System.err without restoring the previous values
Bug IDEA-300688 Remove error-prone scalar API from TextRange
Core. Plugin ManagementTask IDEA-297228 Unbundle Haml plugin from IntelliJ Ultimate
Task IDEA-297382 Unbundle ZKM Unscramble plugin
Task IDEA-297383 Unbundle Stylus plugin
Bug IDEA-301325 IDE's startup gets stuck when try to migrate a plugin which is not available on the current version
Bug IDEA-290529 Don't log stacktrace during plugin download if blockmap file is not available
Performance IDEA-295978 Make sure PSI element type classes of languages are not loaded until the corresponding file really used in a project
Bug IDEA-299473 UpdateChecker must correctly handle UnknownHostException
Core. ProfilerBug IDEA-296997 Flame Graph nodes text content rework
Bug IDEA-300745 Profiler: Memory Allocation tab in Methods lists incorrectly name columns
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-298677 Trusted dialog always appears when running IDEA on some application configs
Bug IDEA-296108 Workspace Model external properties contain casts to implementation
Bug IDEA-297059 The default impl of `OrderRootsEnumerator.classes()` does not return values from `OrderEnumerationHandler` extensions
Bug IDEA-297343 Mutable Lists at builder
Bug IDEA-297344 Reuse `Obj.extensions()` Deft implementation for extension fields
Bug IDEA-297345 Computed/Default properties
Bug IDEA-295627 IDE doesn't react on changes in project configuration files if there is a broken startup activity in some plugin
Bug IDEA-295640 Workspace model: bridge objects may be not initialized inside of a workspace model listener
Core. Project StructureBug IDEA-298660 Show the cache file path in in the exception
Bug IDEA-297970 Exception at event handler can ruin overall storage applying
Bug IDEA-298231 Add support of Set collection
Bug IDEA-299339 Freeze on project creation in #DB-223.2370
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-298874 Quick Documentation popup doesn't go away with ESC when using the Emacs keymap
Bug IDEA-299736 Documenting Java record fields in the record constructor @param does not
Usability IDEA-218658 Missing enum constructor arguments in quick documentation and ctrl-hover popup
Core. RefactoringsPerformance IDEA-299518 BaseRefactoringAction initializes refactoring supports for all languages
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-299948 BeforeRunTaskProvider.isSingleton is not respected
Core. Settings SyncBug IDEA-300251 New Settings Sync: jdk.table.xml tries to be synchronised
Bug IDEA-301150 Last sync time actually shows time of last local change
Bug IDEA-299803 Login to New Settings Sync doesn't work
Bug IDEA-301426 Plugins stopped syncing at all
Bug IDEA-299840 New Settings Sync: plugin is installed again after it has been removed from one of the computers
Bug IDEA-300962 New Settings Sync: unable to disable / enable more than 1 plugin per sync iteration
Core. StatisticsPerformance IDEA-298087 Statistics: EventFields generates enum transform default for each call site
Task IDEA-300732 Items from Mac menu not logged in actions collector
Task IDEA-300206 Fix TC RC FUS integration tests for run test on different OS
Task IDEA-295972 Cover with functional tests “file.types.usage” collector
Task IDEA-296994 Rewrite addFile and deleteFile commands
Task IDEA-297818 Rewrite old FUS integration tests to new version of framework
Task IDEA-300239 Rewrite findRequiredEvent with trow of softAssert to tests
Task IDEA-301292 Add information about a project to StartupPerformanceCollector
Core. Task ManagementPerformance IDEA-299816 IDEA stuck on branch checkout
Performance IDEA-297952 Tasks: do not initialize TaskRepositoryType EPs eagerly if we have no settings for any of them
EditorUsability IDEA-296079 Misleading verbiage on Non-Project Protected File open modal
Bug IDEA-298636 Project leak via FocusChangeListener in FileEditorManagerImpl
Bug IDEA-281840 Gutter, breakpoints: Don't show the breakpoint icon preview on lines where a breakpoint cannot be set
Bug IDEA-292208 editorFloatingToolbarProvider is not fully dynamic extension point
Task IDEA-291906 Gutter, breakpoints: context menu for breakpoint icon preview
Bug IDEA-295153 Deleted lines from not active change lists are not visible on the gutter
Cosmetics IDEA-296393 Gutter: Folding icon is too small and hard to click
Bug IDEA-285455 Light Edit opens in background if a project is already open
Bug IDEA-292913 Breakpoint preview on gutter: remove in tool window code preview and diff
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-279770 Clicking "Quick Definition" in the completion popup under the three dot button closes the completion popup
Performance IDEA-295998 Freeze 82 seconds on completion
Bug IDEA-298451 ConcurrentModificationException during completion
Editor. Color SchemesBug IDEA-245152 Can't apply custom color to tab character
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-261733 Open blank diff window from command line
Task IDEA-275866 All-in-one diff: comments in GitHub Pull Request's Combined diff are not displayed
Bug IDEA-294551 External diff tools: internal diff is opened on invocation View assertEquals Difference action from Run tool window
Usability IDEA-275637 All-in-one diff: files in combined diff are sorted differently than in changes browser
Bug IDEA-299761 Diff: Textconv doesn't work for pandoc
Bug IDEA-294650 External diff tools: internal diff viewer opens when invoking the Show Diff action in the Changes tool window with no file selected
Feature IDEA-295888 Support Unified diff in Blank diff window
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-133854 Single-line copy/cut/paste similar to Visual Studio and Sublime Text
Bug IDEA-300020 Broken "All editors" in "Change font size with mouse wheel" when pinch-to-zoom gesture is used on Mac
Bug IDEA-301357 IndexOutOfBoundsException on backspace inside virtual tab on first line
Bug IDEA-294772 In Presentation mode 'Reset to' restores font to the default Editor font size
Feature IDEA-74325 Add option to enable/disable the automatic selection of the line after "Copy Line" action
Bug IDEA-300234 Assert triggers while pattern parsing
Bug IDEA-294768 Zoom indicator is displayed on enter/exit Presentation Mode
Usability IDEA-294630 'Reset' label does not show whether font is reset for active editor or for all
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-297534 IDEA does not show syntax error for illegal unicode escape in Java comments
Editor. Intention ActionsUsability IDEA-296191 'Flip' intention action has a wrong preview
Exception IDEA-300141 There are exceptions on invocation the intention: 'Convert path to absolute' on a copy of the file
Feature IDEA-297099 Make intention preview on by default
Bug IDEA-297610 Inspection is duplicating "&" (ampersand) in some cases
Exception IDEA-300133 IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.analysis.RemoveTagAndPromoteChildrenIntentionAction.invoke
Editor. TextMate BundlesUsability IDEA-212814 Make Textmate section in Settings | File types read-only
FrameworksFeature IDEA-297591 Liquibase: improve code insight for XML change sets
Feature IDEA-297617 Liquibase: provide property placeholder navigation, completion and foldings
Feature IDEA-298450 Consider Jackson annotations while generating OpenAPI schema
Performance IDEA-297094 SemContributor extensions eagerly load framework-related classes
Feature IDEA-301326 JAX-RS: add an inlay action to generate OpenAPI specification for a controller or a mapping
Feature IDEA-297547 Liquibase: provide completion for keys
Feature IDEA-277126 Liquibase: provide resolving for include/@file
Feature IDEA-266085 Liquibase changelog autocomplete/validation for YAML
Feature IDEA-297140 Generate OpenAPI specification by JAX-RS annotations
Frameworks. GrpcBug IDEA-297866 GRPC: Navigate to Protocol Buffer declaration with gutter show wrong declarations
Frameworks. HibernateFeature IDEA-297734 Hibernate 6.1 Support subquery selects
Bug IDEA-248185 HQL language injection shows various invalid errors
Feature IDEA-297217 JPA/Hibernate @MapKeyColumn navigate to referenced column
Bug IDEA-297204 Hibernate 6. Support JPQL language injections for Session#createSelectionQuery , Session#createMutationQuery etc methods
Bug IDEA-299266 Hibernate6: unqualified Java class names using in cast() function is not supported
Bug IDEA-297958 Hibernate6. Function support: Types and typecasts
Feature IDEA-299521 Hibernate 6: support 'filter'
Bug IDEA-287821 expression <> expected got ')'
Frameworks. MicronautBug IDEA-251990 Micronaut Data: query methods: '<find, query, get,...>OrderBy' format is not supported
Feature IDEA-290350 Micronaut Data: MongoDB: inject JSON into the query annotations
Bug IDEA-298263 Micronaut MongoDB: fields completion in JSON: suggest the @MappedProperty#value instead of field name
Bug IDEA-277095 Micronaut Data: the query method names for queries with empty WHERE clause are reported as errors
Feature IDEA-298255 Micronaut Data MongoDB: provide parameters completion in JSON queries
Feature IDEA-297649 Micronaut Data: MongoDB: provide fields completion
Feature IDEA-290354 Micronaut Data: MongoDB: support @MongoSort, @MongoProjection, @MongoCollation, @MongoFilter annotations
Feature IDEA-297647 Micronaut Data: MongoDB: provide operators completion
Feature IDEA-297949 Micronaut Data: MongoDB: show gutter icons for entity fields
Exception IDEA-298019 PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.micronaut plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.micronaut]
Bug IDEA-300650 Gradle import is broken when micronaut.jar is added to Gradle
Bug IDEA-299965 Micronaut repo inspection does not understand multiple order-by clauses
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Exception IDEA-296650 PluginException: Incorrect CachedValue use on Undo HTTP Request creating
Performance IDEA-297691 SwReferenceContributor must be split to 2 contributors for YAML and JSON languages
Frameworks. QuarkusFeature IDEA-299483 Qute: provide live templates for common template structures
Frameworks. SeleniumBug IDEA-294745 Selenium: New Selenium Page Object in some cases suggest class name no in camel case
Bug IDEA-300294 POE: Common field name "element" generation for Seledide/Kotlin
Bug IDEA-296735 POE: search inside HTML source does not show finding value
Frameworks. SpringUsability IDEA-283885 Spring: do not show Spring tool window automatically on stripe
Feature IDEA-293281 Spring Shell: show command groups in completion
Bug IDEA-282361 Spring: GraphQL SchemaMapping methods is shown as unused
Bug IDEA-298332 Spring: MongoDB: incorrect icon is shown for id field in case of present @Field annotation
Bug IDEA-297202 Spring OAS: generate inner schema of objects for request body, parameters and responses
Exception IDEA-296525 PluginException: Non-idempotent computation on typing the redirect: statement
Bug IDEA-296480 Spring MVC: resolving the "redirect:"-prefixes references shows unrelated targets
Bug IDEA-297638 SpEL: Safe Navigation operator does not work with list Selection or Projection
Feature IDEA-175511 Spring Boot: Services | Actuator view: action to add actuator dependency
Bug IDEA-295984 Spring Webflux: ignore server.servlet.context-path for webflux projects, support spring.webflux.base-path instead
Task IDEA-297231 Unbundle Spring WebSocket plugin
Feature IDEA-297946 Spring Data: MongoDB: show field type in completion
Cosmetics IDEA-298335 Spring: Simplify merged line marker icon
Feature IDEA-297144 Add an inlay action to generate OpenAPI specification for a controller or a mapping
Cosmetics IDEA-301380 Spring Boot: correct the presentation of the error messages that are shown in the Actuator tab
Task IDEA-297239 Unbundle Spring Shell plugin
Bug IDEA-298326 Spring Data: MongoDB: consider @Field value in JSON query completion
Feature IDEA-116391 Spring: support matrix variables in @RequestMapping annotations
Bug IDEA-200396 SpringResourceTemplateResolver doesn't navigate to `classpath:`-prefixed references
Feature IDEA-298254 Spring Data MongoDB: provide parameters completion in JSON queries
Performance IDEA-291871 Spring: SpringJavaClassInfo greatly slows down editor highlighting
Feature IDEA-298349 Spring Data: MongoDB: it would be nice to provide the gutter icons for document class fields in case of missing @Document and @Field annotations
Feature IDEA-283588 Spring: springdoc-openapi support: no endpoints are shown for the routes configured using org.springdoc.webflux.core.fn.SpringdocRouteBuilder.route
Bug IDEA-195423 Spring Integration: gutter icon for @IntegrationComponentScan annotation displays 'no beans found'; scanned @MessagingGateway interfaces are not recognized as beans
Feature IDEA-167762 Spring Security: support custom SecurityExpressionHandler
Feature IDEA-283436 springdoc-openapi: support @io.swagger.v3.oas.annotations.Hidden annotation on OpenAPI generating for endpoints
GroovyBug IDEA-297198 i18n: Texts in 'Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | Groovy' are hardcoded
Bug IDEA-296418 Overloaded methods are marked as deprecated in groovy files
Bug IDEA-297602 Type inference failure with io.vavr.control.Try's andThenTry while using Groovy
Bug IDEA-296127 Groovy3 operators not handled (syntax highlight/formatting)
Bug IDEA-138667 Save Groovy-Eclipse jar path setting as a system-independent name using path variables
Feature IDEA-293109 Groovy null-safe chaining
Bug IDEA-296632 Groovy: Generated Object.equals() violates contract, throws NullPointerException for null argument
Bug IDEA-295069 Incorrect Groovy syntax error highlighting for statically imported symbols used in DELEGATE_ONLY closure
Performance IDEA-294633 UI freezes on 2022.2 EAP
Groovy. InspectionsBug IDEA-299403 Mistake in description of "Double-checked locking"
InfrastructureTask IDEA-299791 Migrate modules used in external build process to Java 11
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsBug IDEA-296578 Incorrect CFBundleShortVersionString in EAP 223
Task IDEA-299870 Add class file verification option to test runs
Task IDEA-296415 Improving configurability of launchers
JavaBug IDEA-300440 IconLineMarkerProvider does not work in Kotlin code
Feature IDEA-298723 Provide javadoc for destructured components in Java 19
Task IDEA-295149 JavaFileManagerImpl migrate to new workspace api
Bug IDEA-300284 Resolve for decustruction pattern works incorrectly with negation
Task IDEA-298825 Return `null` from `PsiInstanceOfExpressionImpl#getCheckType` when instanceOf is pattern
Cosmetics IDEA-298427 Java code style: rules priority are hard to read
Feature IDEA-296138 Join lines: join case 1:/case 2: into case 1,2:
Bug IDEA-299558 JavaUParameter.sourcePsi always null in intention preview
Bug IDEA-300699 javadoc: error - invalid flag: --source-path when using JDK 1.8
Task IDEA-295111 Migrate ExternalAnnotationsManager to new workspace api
Task IDEA-295148 PackagePrefixIndex migrate to new workspace api
Bug IDEA-299817 Record pattern find usages bug
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-296940 "Complete current statement" doesn't put colon for multiple case labels
Feature IDEA-300061 Java 19: add completion for deconstruction patterns
Usability IDEA-300278 'new' postfix doesn't work well for nested classes
Java. Code CoverageFeature IDEA-288560 Exclude Lombok generated code from code coverage
Bug IDEA-294717 Incorrect code coverage when switch with enum is involved
Bug IDEA-292409 Coverage reports double the amount for packages.
Usability IDEA-219595 Code coverage is including synthetic $deserializeLambda$ methods
Feature IDEA-292401 Exclude specific methods from coverage
Bug IDEA-292007 Inline function call not fully covered
Bug IDEA-299645 JaCoCo code coverage fails with Java 18
Bug IDEA-299956 Uncovered lines are not processed when class has an inline function
Java. Code FormattingFeature IDEA-298712 Formatter support for record patterns in java 19
Java. DebuggerBug IDEA-298281 Read only attach does not work with jdk 19
Bug IDEA-300139 Auto attach of debugger may hit multiple times
Bug IDEA-299753 ResetFrameAction in Kotlin test doesn't update current location
Bug IDEA-283443 Removing debug port in run configurations makes a mess with VM options
Bug IDEA-295515 "Critical error in IDEA Async Stacktraces instrumenting agent" with `debugger.capture.points.agent.debug` turned on
Feature IDEA-296575 Enhance DFA assist to gray out parts of code which won't be executed, according to DFA
Java. Debugger. Memory ViewTask IDEA-246093 Ship memory agent binary for arm64 macOS platform
Java. Error HighlightingFeature IDEA-229521 Java 13 switch exspression - "Return outside of enclosing switch statement" should have a quick-fix to replace 'return' with 'yield'
Bug IDEA-160446 Java. "Array type has too many dimensions" error is not highlighted
Bug IDEA-300124 Missing error highlighting: raw deconstruction patterns are not allowed
Bug IDEA-301036 com.intellij.util.IncorrectOperationException for unresolved record pattern
Bug IDEA-296766 Method parameters names are sometimes wrong
Bug IDEA-301356 Missing error highlighting: local variables referenced from a guard must be final or effectively final
Bug IDEA-301355 Missing error highlighting: case label has a guard that is a constant expression with value 'false'
Java. InspectionsFeature IDEA-300159 Redundant close(): Search closing statements in if statements
Bug IDEA-165333 Add constructor parameter fix may create recursive constructor invocation
Bug IDEA-301229 Replace with enhanced switch doesn't detect the switch when case contains single `if` statement
Bug IDEA-301228 Replace with enhanced switch: remove unnecessary breaks not on top-level
Bug IDEA-298520 'InlineParameterValueFix' doesn't have a preview
Bug IDEA-298527 "Remove pattern variable" fix is available on deconstruction pattern component but produces wrong code
Feature IDEA-298135 Convert `JavaTestCaseWithConstructorInspection` to UAST
Feature IDEA-299573 Handle Optional.isEmpty() in "Non functional style Optional.isPresent() usage" inspection
Feature IDEA-223120 "Local variable or parameter can be final" inspection does not find lambda arguments with types
Bug IDEA-300620 Replacing an indented concatenation with a text block adds a trailing newline character when there wasn't one beforehand
Feature IDEA-138120 Inspections "Field may be 'final'" and "Declaration can have final modifier" should ignore configurable annotations.
Bug IDEA-299215 'Reflective invocation argument mismatch' inspection false positive
Bug IDEA-298787 `ConvertFieldToLocalQuickFix` doesn't have preview
Feature IDEA-301285 Pattern variable can be used: support record patterns
Bug IDEA-300049 "Stream API call chain can be simplified" false positive for 'Set.of().stream()'
Usability IDEA-298466 'Unnecessary unboxing' highlights too big expression
Feature IDEA-299239 Data flow analysis support for Java 19
Feature IDEA-300909 Redundant Stream.parallel() is not reported for Collection.parallelStream()
Bug IDEA-299794 False-positive NPE warning in map before Stream.toList()
Bug IDEA-299693 'Infer Nullity' . Should not infer Nullable for null->fail parameters
Feature IDEA-299009 Add new external annotations for dates
Bug IDEA-299062 `AnnotateMethodFix` has no preview
Bug IDEA-299793 toList() conversion breaks formatting
Bug IDEA-299792 toList() can be used false-positive when list type and stream type don't match
Bug IDEA-298846 `ChangeNullableDefaultsFix` doesn't have preview
Bug IDEA-298847 `NavigateToNullLiteralArguments` doesn't have a preview
Bug IDEA-299142 `StaticMethodOnlyUsedInOneClassFix` does not have preview
Feature IDEA-295819 Convert 'SuperTearDownInFinallyInspection' to UAST
Feature IDEA-300927 "Pattern variable can be used" inspection don't work on record patterns
Feature IDEA-298718 Simplify array/list/string creation and immediate access
Bug IDEA-299067 `AddToSpecialAnnotationsList` intention and quick-fix don't have previews
Bug IDEA-295885 Don't suggest adding @FunctionalInterface on sealed classes
Bug IDEA-298390 UnqualifiedInnerClassAccessInspection fix preview looks strange
Performance IDEA-297687 DefaultFileTemplateUsageInspection triggers loading of all file templates
Feature IDEA-296052 Inspection to report mismatches between JavaDoc and code
Bug IDEA-298902 `PropagateFix` does not have a preview
Feature IDEA-295460 "Conditional breaks inside loop" inspection can be extended (else and not infinite)
Bug IDEA-298824 'RenameReferenceFix' has no intention preview
Bug IDEA-300459 Quick fix for "Manual array copy" inspection produces uncompilable code
Bug IDEA-296655 No support for AssertJ hasSize() in nullability analysis
Usability IDEA-299707 Move inspections not related to code migration out "Java language level migration aids" group
Bug IDEA-298984 JFR classes are incorrectly highlighted as errors with JDK 8
Bug IDEA-294953 Incorrect inspection ''while' loop replaceable with enhanced 'for''
Feature IDEA-298068 'Suspicious date format pattern' should check count of d/m/y/s
Bug IDEA-297272 Handle cleanup conflict: System.out.println("a" + "b");
Bug IDEA-298539 'Parameter can be local" inspection quick-fix has strange undo
Bug IDEA-296799 'Constant conditions & exceptions' false positive when incrementing an array value
Feature IDEA-301423 Report redundant escapes in regex replacement strings
Usability IDEA-58235 Split "Constant conditions & exceptions" into different inspections
Bug IDEA-297182 False-positive "Usage of API documented as @since XYZ" when super-method existed in previous version
Bug IDEA-301231 Replace with enhanced switch: throw after switch may become unreachable
Bug IDEA-296046 Inadequate warning when overriding Stream's method
Bug IDEA-298142 Type parameter is not omitted in the quick-fix preview
Bug IDEA-298388 "Java | Code style issues | Non-terminal use of '\s' escape sequence" false positive
Feature IDEA-291810 Tail recursion is not detected in case of short-circuit operators
Bug IDEA-300018 The "Unwrap 'if' statement" quick-fix produces red code
Feature IDEA-298121 Report negative int hexadecimal constant in long context
Feature IDEA-296557 Convert "Test in production code" inspections to UAST and merge them together
Feature IDEA-288086 Tail recursion inspection doesn't work with void methods
Bug IDEA-296617 wrong code suggestion String.startsWith() in Java code
Bug IDEA-296630 Capitalization inspection should correctly handle underscores used as mnemonics in message bundles
Feature IDEA-297407 Report uses of "\s" in string literals except at the end of the line in text blocks
Bug IDEA-300032 IfCanBeSwitchInspection: support Java 19
Bug IDEA-299115 `ChangeSuperClassFix` has no preview
Bug IDEA-296900 False negative "Constant conditions & exceptions"
Bug IDEA-296622 False positive inspection "Redundant type cast"
Feature IDEA-288824 Add option to ignore API declared in the same project in "Usage of API marked for removal" inspection
Bug IDEA-295245 intention 'Replace with bulk 'Files.readAttributes' call'' changed after parenthesizing
Bug IDEA-297387 `Remove unreachable branches` fix produce red code
Bug IDEA-299157 `AddStopWordQuickfix` has no preview
Bug IDEA-291071 Is it really a good idea to warn "duplicate switch cases" for empty cases?
Feature IDEA-295970 Convert 'AssertEqualsMayBeAssertSameInspection' to UAST
Bug IDEA-277745 Wrong 'value is always null' warning inside 'describedAs' parameter after 'assertThat'
Feature IDEA-297284 Convert `MigrateAssertToMatcherAssert` inspection to UAST
Bug IDEA-298838 'AddUnknownTagToCustoms' quick-fix doesn't have a preview
Feature IDEA-260291 IntelliJ could help suggest to use forEachOrdered() when the 2nd to last operation in a lambda is sorted() and the last is forEach().
Feature IDEA-297743 Convert `TestMethodWithoutAssertionInspection` to UAST
Feature IDEA-295952 Convert 'AssertEqualsCalledOnArrayInspection' to UAST
Bug IDEA-298602 'ConvertParameterToLocalQuickFix' doesn't have preview
Feature IDEA-297699 Convert `IgnoredJUnitTestInspection` to UAST
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-197744 Create subclass intention not available within Java scratch files
Bug IDEA-299327 'Merge filter chain' quick-fix produces uncompilable code when lambda contains return
Feature IDEA-224760 Add quick fix: remove redundant arguments to call constructor
Feature IDEA-300298 "Show example date time output" for Java/Kotlin
Bug IDEA-297166 "Move 'return' closer to computation of the value" quick-fix breaks code on switch statement
Usability IDEA-299972 Intentions Preview: Preview for 'suppress unused warning if annotated...' looks bad
Bug IDEA-301083 "Replace lambda with method reference" doesn't work for constructor calls in nested Enum
Bug IDEA-300031 Replace 'switch' with 'if': support record patterns
Feature IDEA-295294 Intention 'Make inferred annotations explicit' can have options to toggle on/off separate annotations
Feature IDEA-220239 Enable Reuse local variable inspection by default
Bug IDEA-300726 "Replace with collect" fix produces wrong code for record patterns
Feature IDEA-301288 Suggest to make variable effectively final moving assignment to the branch without assignment
Bug IDEA-301137 Duplicate branches in 'switch': don't suggest the "Merge duplicate branches in 'switch'" quick-fix for record patterns
Feature IDEA-299879 Anonymous class cannot be sealed: add a quick-fix to convert to inner class
Bug IDEA-296911 "Remove unreachable branches" quick-fix breaks code on switch expression
Bug IDEA-299895 Add class to permits list creates more errors if the list did not exist before
Bug IDEA-297884 Java | Annotations | MakeInferredAnnotationsImplicit intention description is not fully visible in preview
Usability IDEA-211485 Missing create class/interface/enum actions in scratch files
Bug IDEA-300120 Replace 'switch' with 'if': switch statements and expressions throw NullPointerException if the selector expression evaluates to null
Bug IDEA-301317 Import class: throws an exception instead of opening an intention preview
Bug IDEA-300059 JavaErrorQuickFixProvider is operating in a non-Java source file
Java. JavaFXCosmetics IDEA-296051 "Failed to open the file in the Scene Builder" warning looks not nice
Bug IDEA-301440 JavaFX: incorrect module name is used for the ValidatorFX dependency added in new project wizard
Java. Profiler. CPUFeature IDEA-298363 Change the timer after starting on the profile tab
Feature IDEA-261388 Allow to hide/show native threads
Bug IDEA-298599 Can't compare two snapshots if one has extension ".jfr 2" instead of just .jfr
Bug IDEA-275220 Profiler cannot jump to source of lambda ("declaration not found"
Java. Properties FilesBug IDEA-299786 Properties are shown unused inside injected fragment editor
Bug IDEA-276421 Slow operations are prohibited in Resource Bundle
Java. RefactoringsFeature IDEA-297161 prefer CamelCase when extracting variable or field with an underscore
Bug IDEA-296778 Drag and dropping packages does not pop up the move confirmation 2022.1.3
Bug IDEA-297364 Inline Method changes semantic for a method throwing exception
Bug IDEA-298724 Change record signature should update patterns
Usability IDEA-298831 'Infer Nullity...' doesn't show popup/message about results when it finishes
Bug IDEA-296305 Memory leak in java change signature processor in undo stack
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-297739 Inner classes should not be suggested as runnables
Bug IDEA-294488 JUnit 5.9+ support: Remove warning when `@MethodSource` factory method declares parameters
Bug IDEA-295272 JUnit: unused properties in config
Bug IDEA-300174 Intellij warns about @BeforeEach annotated method with a parameter despite a ParameterResolver in an parent class
Feature IDEA-297629 JUnit: provide properties completion in file
JavaX. JPA QLBug IDEA-299830 JPA QL: false-positive errors on some parameter-less functions using in queries passed via entityManager.createQuery() method
Bug IDEA-299832 JPA QL: extract() function is not parsed when used in entityManager.createQuery() method
Bug IDEA-299833 JPA QL: cast() function is not parsed when used inside entityManager.createQuery() method
Feature IDEA-297230 Hibernate 6: support set aggregations (listagg, e.g.)
Bug IDEA-297234 Hibernate6. Support ILIKE operator
Feature IDEA-297225 Hibernate 6. JPQL. Support new operation keys: union, intersect, except
JavaX. JavaEETask IDEA-299414 JavaEE: get rid of obsolete downloadable JAR library types
Performance IDEA-299021 JavaEE: JavaeeRunDashboardDefaultTypesProvider triggers early init of RunConfiguration types
Task IDEA-297235 Unbundle Jakarta EE WebSockets plugin
JavaX. Web ServicesBug IDEA-298186 NPE Cannot invoke "com.intellij.javaee.appServers.openapi.ex.AppServerIntegrationsManager.getAllIntegrations() after adding Web Facet if Jakarta EE: Application Servers plugin is disabled
Lang. FreeMarkerBug IDEA-297199 i18n: Texts in 'Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | FreeMarker' are hardcoded
Lang. HCLBug IDEA-267783 Terraform plugin: Interpolation of item attribute in 'for' expression marked as error "Unknown resource type"
Bug IDEA-239598 Terraform: for each not recognized
Bug IDEA-286083 Terraform flatten/nested for marks values as "Unresolved reference resources"
Bug IDEA-273721 Terraform 1.0 support
Bug IDEA-255860 HCL: Support for loop that produces objects
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-292981 Markdown: Cannot rename files with extensions .MD, .markdown, .MARKDOWN
Feature IDEA-289893 Add support for customized code fence info string
Bug IDEA-300286 Markdown tables should not be formatted automatically when formatting is disabled for Markdown files
Bug IDEA-213107 Markdown decrease/increase heading level shown as undefined in Undo
Exception IDEA-299802 Throwable: org.intellij.plugins.markdown.lang.psi.impl.MarkdownFile is provided on EDT
Bug IDEA-300276 Toolbars are not fully expaned on show
Bug IDEA-273928 markdown formatting wraps on *
Feature IDEA-295537 MarkdownLinkLabel PSI element does not support PsiReferenceContributor.
Bug IDEA-252889 Markdown formatting forces a break on long lines before a period ("full stop")
Bug IDEA-272694 Lists in markdown miss the "current line" highlighting
Usability IDEA-297858 MArkdown toolbar is not shown fully when more than 1 word is selected
Bug IDEA-236257 Unable to use Keyboard Shortcuts for preview mode once in "preview only" mode to switch back to a mode with editor
Bug IDEA-213085 Internal navigation doesn't work in Markdown preview
Bug IDEA-283641 Formatting markdown pages should not touch TOML frontmatter
Bug IDEA-281067 markdown: false error 'cannot resolve anchor' when anchor has uppercase letters in it
Bug IDEA-296032 'Go to Declaration' does not work for Markdown links in angle brackets
Exception IDEA-301118 java.lang.Throwable: Read access is allowed from inside read-action (or EDT) only (see com.intellij.openapi.application.Application.runReadAction(
Feature IDEA-298216 Support pasting files as links
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-260027 Do not use "Run context configuration" action in Python files with shebang to execute files in the terminal as shell scripts
Bug IDEA-279283 Bash syntax parser seems to fail when you use "expr" with an unquoted colon parameter
Lang. XMLPerformance IDEA-297945 RelaxNG: html5charref.rb file got indexed and initializes JRuby SASS parser
Bug IDEA-298526 Quick documentation on inspection profile shows unrelated HTML help
Lang. YAMLPerformance IDEA-292182 Language Injection causes large slowdowns
LocalizationBug IDEA-295599 The colon : is not escaped with backslash \ (e.g. console.enter.substring.dont.fold:=输入不想折叠的控制台行的子字符串:)
Plugin Development (DevKit)Performance IDEA-296176 'Update IDE from sources' shouldn't compile tests
Exception IDEA-296924 'Generate Workspace Model Implementation' action fails to process entities which refer to entities from another module
Feature IDEA-286255 Highlight <notificationGroup> extensions with no 'key' attribute specified as i18n warnings
Feature IDEA-301398 Support Collection/Map/Ref with PsiElement in StatefulEpInspection
Feature IDEA-155514 Support anonymous/inner class fields captured from context in StatefulEpInspection
Feature IDEA-253235 Automatically set idea.system.path and idea.config.path when running tests in IntelliJ project
Exception IDEA-300499 Opening an workspace entity interface in plugin project causes exception
Bug IDEA-300410 Devkit: set converter for EP Tags
SpaceUsability IDEA-299117 Space timeline and comments don't load
Bug IDEA-300119 No way to select `.sln` path for Rider projects from Gateway
Bug IDEA-301524 Space reviews: clicking Start thread icon does nothing
Bug IDEA-301523 Space review: can't add emoji
Bug IDEA-299866 Avatars are randomly displayed in the Review List
Usability IDEA-300335 Show errors from server when creating dev env
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-301065 Docker. File .dockerignore: exceptions with "!" don't work if we point first to exclude all
Bug IDEA-301066 Docker. File .dockerignore: Dockerfile is not excluded if not pointed directly
Bug IDEA-300152 Docker. wrong auto-created the second connection in case of Pull Docker image
Bug IDEA-301399 Docker. Dockerignore file: exception files are absent in the container in case if the containing folder is excluded before
Feature IDEA-288927 Docker: warn on docker-compose version field if it is not a string
Feature IDEA-300668 Remove deprecated docker-machine from the supported connections
Bug IDEA-297575 Plugin "PHP Docker" with "PHP Remote Interpreter" does not parse docker compose yaml files that contain `profiles` keys, with docker for mac
Bug IDEA-297513 Docker COmpose file invalid inspection of endpoint_mode
Usability IDEA-274745 Docker: Show some comment for Docker images created 41 years ago
Bug IDEA-300690 Dockerfile run configuration: set focus on "Run options" field by its adding
Exception IDEA-294110 Docker: NotFoundException is thrown on delete of still used network
Bug IDEA-301290 Docker. Dockerignore file. Case with ignoring all the content of subfolders is wrong processed: it ignores foo* instead of foo/**
Bug IDEA-300416 Docker. PHP interpreter. Don't apply hidden compose path if the option "Use compose V2" is turned on
Bug IDEA-299525 Docker. WSL: docker is connected, but it is impossible to expand the tree
Bug IDEA-293362 Two "delete" items in the context menu of Docker compose run configuration
Bug IDEA-300475 docker plugin doesn't enable 'disconnect' button
Feature IDEA-234201 IDEA seems does not support .dockerignore file type
Bug IDEA-282099 Dockerfile run configuration: set focus on "Build options"/"Run options" field by its adding
Bug IDEA-252301 Environment variable values are not resolved in docker build args
Bug IDEA-298531 Idea freezes after creating terminal in TCP connection and pressing disconnect from Docker desktop
Exception IDEA-296732 NPE: Cannot invoke "java.util.Map.values()" because "this.myContainers" is null
Feature IDEA-301011 Docker: Add action “import from contexts” as an alternative to Add Docker connection action
Exception IDEA-300679 Cannot find image at running a Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-298530 Docker. Connect by SSH. Terminal doesn't work
Exception IDEA-300165 Docker. java.lang.Throwable at recreating a container
Bug IDEA-300164 Docker on SSH. Show image layers: empty grey tab instead of content
Bug IDEA-296558 Autoconnection doesn't work if connected via double-click
Bug IDEA-301683 Docker. Dockerignore file. The exception folder is present in the result without content
Exception IDEA-300757 Docker. java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError at entering unix:///var/run/docker.soc as a connection url
Bug IDEA-266072 Docker for windows unable mount volume from docker vm error
Feature IDEA-294538 Docker: ability to run docker pull from Docker image reference in code
Bug IDEA-300162 Docker on WSL. Successful connection to any tcp/ssh wrong address
Bug IDEA-301483 Docker. Dockerignore file: in case of one exception file presence the all files are wrong excepted if folder is pointed as ignored
Bug IDEA-292891 Docker. Transfer Docker Image: InternalServerErrorException by choosing a digest image identifier
Usability IDEA-292890 Docker. Transfer Docker Image: no changes in UI after transferring action
Bug IDEA-287744 dockerfile: No error for single quotes in JSON form of commands
Bug IDEA-285379 Docker-compose v3 extends support
Bug IDEA-295974 Docker. Impossible to add a mount to wsl folder via Add dialog on the Dashboard
Bug IDEA-299624 Docker on WSL. Container Terminal doesn't work at once or after some times calling
Bug IDEA-299626 Docker on WSL. Analyze image for more information: analyzing never ends or continues a very long time
Usability IDEA-278426 Docker. Image Layers. Provide possibility to copy any text in the details section of the Layer and add Copy into the context menu by clicking on any part of teh section
Bug IDEA-299384 Docker-compose : Array is required
Cosmetics IDEA-298334 Docker. After the second Inspect/Show Processes appears some border in the tab
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-239285 Support formatting for script handler
Bug IDEA-298269 Activate tool window for HTTP Request run configuration doesn't work
Performance IDEA-298393 HTTP Client: .http examples are indexed for every user
Bug IDEA-299223 HttpClient: get exception on send request with SSL certificate
Usability IDEA-288913 HTTP Client: Investigate ways to make parameters editing and viewing more comfortable
Feature IDEA-238952 HTTP Client: Add "wrap always" code style option to long queries
Bug IDEA-298204 HttpClient: can't find request with Run Anything with "_-" in the name
Feature IDEA-286952 HTTP Client: make @no-cookie-jar more visible
Bug IDEA-297881 HTTP Client: Enter in URL should split URL on lines correctly
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-270689 Synchronize VFS with terminal without switching the focus
Exception IDEA-301276 Terminal tab closing causes IllegalStateException
UI DSLBug IDEA-295359 Port DuplicatesConfigurable to Kotlin UI DSL 2
Bug IDEA-295761 Port ReactiveStreamsConfigurable to Kotlin UI DSL 2
Bug IDEA-295380 Port Docker Configurables to Kotlin UI DSL 2
Bug IDEA-298908 Internal error happens when there are resizable Column/Row and some components are hidden
User InterfaceTask IDEA-296062 Main menu: no way to show full menu on Linux
Bug IDEA-300158 Artefacts in Java Scratch run configuration icon
Bug IDEA-301771 Icons of java files in Project View are changed on selection
Usability IDEA-300500 Tip of the Day: It is not clear how to close the dialog
Cosmetics IDEA-296646 Welcome Screen: notification is displayed on improper location
Bug IDEA-298133 No visible progress when opening a project from the welcome screen
Bug IDEA-298264 Project list is empty on first welcome screen opening
Bug IDEA-298138 [Add action] Shift + Enter does not open 'Browse' popup when cursor is set using mouse
Cosmetics IDEA-293359 New UI: Selected Repository and Changes tool windows icons look hardly recognizable in Light Theme
Cosmetics IDEA-299237 Alt+Enter popup: Left selection inset is large if there are no items with icons
Cosmetics IDEA-300828 Conditional breakpoints go off screen when line numbers are hidden (New UI)
Task IDEA-300314 [macOS Ventura] Rename Preferences to Settings in main menu
Bug IDEA-298036 New UI: 'Edit run configuration' button missing from the Run tool window
Task IDEA-198442 Rework "Add toolbar action" dialog
Bug IDEA-254392 Image preview from project view does not work
Bug IDEA-297438 'More tool windows' and some main toolbar icons are not enlarged when font is increased
Bug IDEA-297439 Enlarged tool window icons has wrong color on selection
Bug IDEA-295390 Wrong icon and selection in Messages tool window
Exception IDEA-298961 java.lang.Throwable: Template presentations must not be used directly at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.zoomIndicator.ZoomIndicatorView$settingsBtn$1.<init>(ZoomIndica torView.kt:37) when first changing font size for all editors
Bug IDEA-298194 'Copy' button in color picker for data sources
Bug IDEA-294133 [Copy popup] Wrong background color and selection
Cosmetics IDEA-292848 Rewrite Move to Another Changelist dialog to Kotlin DSL 2.0
Feature IDEA-55195 Provide support to freely group tool windows and editor tab groups into auto-layout containers
Cosmetics IDEA-297588 Project icons are not scaled if UI font is increased
Cosmetics IDEA-298807 Empty Hierarchy toolwindow has double border if placed at right edge of the screen
Bug IDEA-294265 Incorrect UI scaling with HiDPI
Bug IDEA-287419 Editor's Preview tab becomes a regular tab after project is reloaded
Cosmetics IDEA-298826 Editor Color Scheme: VCS item is marked as changed when selected
Bug IDEA-298610 Gutter: Breakpoint via context menu is set to wrong line if there are collapsed code fragments
Bug IDEA-300530 TODO Active Ticket Changelist Hide Button does not work
Bug IDEA-296000 Project leak via TipDialog.ourInstance
Task IDEA-298769 Ability to change icon colors on run widgets
Performance IDEA-300739 Tip of the day dialog loads lessons eagerly on startup
Bug IDEA-295843 Font increases on apply changing theme Dark -> Light and vice versa
Usability IDEA-284222 Add mnemonics for Terminate/Disconnect buttons in process termination dialog
Bug IDEA-299191 Main toolbar widget popups: right arrow doesn't open submenu
Usability IDEA-298143 [Add action] Custom icon hint is difficult to read
Usability IDEA-296009 Database test connection tooltip: White text on white background
Bug IDEA-297236 Font options are broken
Bug IDEA-287492 Tool window icons and Run widget are not scaled on changing UI font size
Bug IDEA-252365 Fix Size of 'Create Branch' Field in 'Open Task' Window
Bug IDEA-301341 The current opened projects have excessive names in Windows Jump List
Bug IDEA-298431 IJ shows expanded path for "recent project"
Bug IDEA-299226 Search in "View as text" popup doesn't work if opened from editor
Bug IDEA-299522 Welcome screen: projects get opened on mouse click event instead of mouse click release event
Bug IDEA-263828 Opening a file with double-click doesn't replace preview tab with newly opened tab
Bug IDEA-297469 Icons are not scaled in Presentation mode
Task IDEA-298259 Rounded corners for heavyweight popups
Exception IDEA-294229 NPE when choosing Theme in Preferences using keyboard
Usability IDEA-298613 Gutter: Hovered breakpoint icon does not stay while context menu is opened
Bug IDEA-297979 Unable to see the "Required type" info in IDEA new UI's Light theme
Bug IDEA-295154 Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Code Quality Tools | JSHint: too bright highlighting in dark theme
Bug IDEA-297975 Toolwindow stripe button has wrong size after changing the font
Cosmetics IDEA-300680 Welcome Screen: align notification balloon with notification icon and onboarding tour widget
Cosmetics IDEA-294766 Git line changes dialog unreadable
Bug IDEA-299814 Context menu in welcome window changes target if other project is hovered on
Bug IDEA-298010 Undocking ToolWindow removes top border in 'non-active' mode
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-301374 Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+X not working and Editor caret disappears when code completion panel is visible with "Support screen readers" enabled
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-301522 Clipboard RW deadlock
Bug IDEA-298377 UI Inspector action is not available in console editors
Bug IDEA-300397 Cmd+Cmd with hold still works after disabling double shortcuts
Bug IDEA-300772 Right-click context menu and main menu not showing occasionally
Exception IDEA-299869 Throwable: com.intellij.psi.impl.file.PsiBinaryFileImpl is provided on EDT on opening .jpg file in Editor
Bug IDEA-301004 SimpleActionGroup, ActionUpdater: ConcurrentModificationException
Bug IDEA-301598 GlobalMenuLinux accesses Registry too early due to ActionManagerImpl preloaded service
User Interface. Alerts, NotificationsBug IDEA-300055 Notifications tool window gets blue dot on stripe button when actually empty: observed with Gradle import
Cosmetics IDEA-300753 Wrong icon for 'Some of ignored directories...' banner
Bug IDEA-296598 When notification has many actions, collapse the last ones instead the first ones
User Interface. ControlsCosmetics IDEA-297482 Menu list: rounded selection is cut for some menu items
Cosmetics IDEA-293643 'More tool windows' popup: row height should be 24px
Cosmetics IDEA-291275 Progress popup: use Popup.background
Cosmetics IDEA-293920 Submenu icon does not ignore Popup.selectionInnerInset
Cosmetics IDEA-291908 New File popup cosmetics
Cosmetics IDEA-291491 Code lens: remove glare effect in dark themes
Cosmetics IDEA-291500 Editor tooltip: add border color key
Cosmetics IDEA-298609 Find in files: Popup.Selection.innerInsets has wrong value
Cosmetics IDEA-299208 Recent search popup is shrinked
Task IDEA-293237 Find in Files: Search Everywhere: use new filter's green badge
Cosmetics IDEA-290929 New UI: add background under inline icons on hover
Cosmetics IDEA-294029 Cut scratch overlay icon from the base icon
User Interface. Favorites/BookmarksUsability IDEA-297342 Bookmarks: There is no ability to set a mnemonic with a mouse
Feature IDEA-296927 Bookmarks: show bookmark description on hover
Usability IDEA-286196 set Bookmark title to selected text
User Interface. Find UsagesBug IDEA-301002 Two duplicating usages in 'Similar Usages' report
Cosmetics IDEA-300046 Patterns should have separate category in find usages
Bug IDEA-301761 Find Usages Similarity: Endless list is rendered in groups window
Cosmetics IDEA-298942 Show usages: Wrong header inset
User Interface. Find, ReplaceBug IDEA-217542 Scopes list empty
Bug IDEA-299556 Add a proper keyboard shortcut for a single replacement in the "Replace in Files" dialog
Bug IDEA-295345 "Find in Files..." is added to the Quick List, but it is not displayed in PyCharm
Usability IDEA-299377 Find in files: 'Search' hint is missing
Feature IDEA-210456 Enable copying paths of found files in Find in Path dialog
User Interface. FocusUsability IDEA-163643 After closing last editor tab, main menu shortcuts stop working
Feature IDEA-300155 Focus IDE window when "already running"
Bug IDEA-299479 Toggling distraction-free mode loses cursor focus
Bug IDEA-218843 If I have one project open, but the window is minimized I can't retrieve it or open another project.
Bug IDEA-294509 Debugger does not close with Alt + 5 shortcut if the NodeJS process is finished
Bug IDEA-301570 Unnecessary task icon blinking after project opening
User Interface. Keymap, ShortcutsFeature IDEA-294977 Show shortcut in the setting window when using "find by shortcut"
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-294930 Theme is set to old themes after enabling new UI if "Sync with OS" setting was switched on
Bug IDEA-294981 Theme is reset to old UI theme on checking "Sync with OS option" in new UI
User Interface. Main toolbarCosmetics IDEA-301308 Toolbar customization: Separator looks too bright in Light theme
Bug IDEA-291273 Main toolbar: incorrect width of frame buttons on Windows for a narrow main window
Cosmetics IDEA-294779 Main toolbar, Windows: Minimize / Maximize / Close buttons don't match standard sizing
Feature IDEA-299900 Main toolbar. Customization: API for customization in plugins/IDE
Bug IDEA-294571 Main toolbar: hide widget's popups on the second click
User Interface. MenusCosmetics IDEA-293919 Main Menu, Windows: popup should look like a context menu
Cosmetics IDEA-276868 Double borders in context menus oppose to separators
Bug IDEA-281254 Scratch File icon is not visible in main menu
Bug IDEA-300143 File | Close Project mnemonic "J" no longer available in 2022.3
Task IDEA-293929 Main menu on Linux: add Alt+\ shortcut for opening the popup
User Interface. NavbarBug IDEA-288968 Navbar: popups cover the floating and top navigation bar
Exception IDEA-298670 "java.lang.Throwable: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT" on jumping to Navigation bar
Bug IDEA-295396 "New" command invoked from navbar does not work for the first time
Bug IDEA-293286 Floating navigation bar does not appear if Status bar is switched off
Bug IDEA-299893 Navigation bar popup is closed on arrow-down press after search
Usability IDEA-282781 Jump to Navigation Bar focuses method instead of file if navigation bar is hidden
Bug IDEA-298929 Navigation bar: Navbar popup is not stick to navbar after enabling speed search
Bug IDEA-299884 Floating navigation bar popups are shown above navbar
Bug IDEA-295081 Wrong NavBar selection rendering
Bug IDEA-280950 Refactor > Rename doesn't work if invoked from floating navigation bar
Cosmetics IDEA-299876 Navigation bar: Selection in popups is not rounded
Bug IDEA-298912 Floating navigation bar: Navbar popup is opened at the top of the window when hitting Enter
Cosmetics IDEA-293501 Unneeded scroll in navbar popup
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-298229 "Next TODO button" in TODO tool is greyed out
Feature IDEA-261073 Use Preview Tab when using "Go to Declaration"
User Interface. New Project WizardBug IDEA-294915 NPW: module builder ID and generator field in FUS should be independent and readable identifiers.
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-300567 "Choose Plugins to Install or Enable" dialog comically large
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-298734 Project View: "Always select opened file" option is enabled by default for old projects
Bug IDEA-230357 ctrl + p and ctrl + n keybindings for up/down don't work after incremental search in tree has been activated
Bug IDEA-301119 Right-click on folder in project view applies context menu actions to wrong folder
User Interface. Project WidgetCosmetics IDEA-291625 Project widget popup: colors and insets
Task IDEA-295853 Project widget: show open projects in separate section
Cosmetics IDEA-295024 [Project widget] First project is filter out with separator and 'Recent projects' title
Bug IDEA-300279 New UI: the '&' symbol is not displayed correctly in the RecentProjects drop-down in the Project Widget
Usability IDEA-294809 Project widget: move to the left side of the main toolbar
User Interface. Recent Files, SwitcherBug IDEA-293206 [Recent Files][Switcher] Icons are hardly noticeable on row selection in Light theme
User Interface. Run WidgetBug IDEA-299023 Run widget popup: Selection with inline actions is shown outside the popup in case of long configuration name
Bug IDEA-299034 Run widget popup is not closed on hitting Run or Debug inline action
User Interface. Search EverywhereUsability IDEA-264269 Search everywhere and other search dialogs: showing intermediate results is a UX flaw
Exception IDEA-298517 Exception when "tool" action search
Bug IDEA-298706 Recent files on All tab are shown with 4 sec delay
Bug IDEA-300520 Search Everywhere: Incorrect file color under selection
Cosmetics IDEA-298416 Search Everywhere: Background of a hint changes on hover
Exception IDEA-299702 java.lang.Throwable on typing in Search Everywhere
Bug IDEA-298023 Clicking more button in Search Everywhere add duplicates
User Interface. Search Everywhere. MLBug IDEA-296059 Context features are computed after element is selected
Task IDEA-296119 Move ML in SE VCS features to a new plugin
Exception IDEA-298328 java.lang.Throwable when searching html terms on All tab
Feature IDEA-298939 Enable ranking by ML by default for Files tab
User Interface. Services ViewUsability IDEA-299836 Services: show advertising message as suggestion in Notification tool window
Cosmetics IDEA-299653 Services: tree toolbar and Docker/k8s/App Servers tabs are not aligned
User Interface. SettingsBug IDEA-298909 Inlay hints - code author not searchable in settings
Usability IDEA-297192 Inspection settings: descriptions cut off, not obvious that the component can be resized
Bug IDEA-299035 Settings dialog: contents trimmed on 1080p display
Bug IDEA-295253 Appearance/Custom font option doesn’t work
User Interface. Status barTask IDEA-289046 Move Navbar when progress bar appears
User Interface. TabsFeature IDEA-295780 Double-click on preview tab should convert into a normal tab
Bug IDEA-302005 Unsplit makes editor green with Assertion failed
Bug IDEA-298738 Editor tabs: Modified icon is not shown if 'Close' button position is none
Cosmetics IDEA-294933 Editor tabs: show modified icon on place of close icon
Cosmetics IDEA-301232 Editor tabs: Pinned tab border is missing in Dark theme
Usability IDEA-294661 Editor tabs: bring back old tab placement options
Usability IDEA-297942 Scroll bar for editor tabs is always shown
Usability IDEA-297780 Scroll in editor tabs bar is always shown if "Show scroll bars" macOS setting is set to "Always"
Cosmetics IDEA-298754 Editor tabs: blue artifact is displayed when selected tab is scrolled and hidden
Cosmetics IDEA-301124 Editor tabs: Not selected tabs are faded out
Usability IDEA-301327 Editor tabs: Empty height area at the bottom is missing for vertical tabs
Task IDEA-296969 Editor tabs: layout for vertical and bottom placements
Cosmetics IDEA-299126 Editor tabs: Left fade-out gradient is missing if 'Show pinned tabs in a separate row' option is on
Cosmetics IDEA-301139 Editor tabs: tab border is missing if tab placement = bottom or vertical (Dark)
Cosmetics IDEA-298735 Editor tabs: Extra space is visible and fade-out gradient is missing near 'More' icon if 'Show pinned tabs in a separate row' option is on
User Interface. Tool WindowsCosmetics IDEA-290460 Tool window stripes: use ToolWindow.background for "More tool windows" button bg
Bug IDEA-292277 Horizontal tool windows in Float and Window modes have small default size
Bug IDEA-292165 Tool windows: "Show tool window bars" shortcut does no show tool window stripes
Bug IDEA-292721 Ability to move tool windows around gets lost with HIDE_TOOL_STRIPES enabled
Bug IDEA-300106 Wrong tool window positions are available via Main menu
Cosmetics IDEA-300127 Tool window position icon is shown in main menu and 'Move to' popup
Feature IDEA-294566 Tool windows: allow opening two tool windows at the bottom
Usability IDEA-300156 Tool window split: Tool window is placed at the top right corner even if it is dropped on the bottom half of the stripe
Bug IDEA-300121 Tool window icon is placed at left bottom position if right bottom option is selected from main menu
Bug IDEA-292272 Tool windows drag-and-drop: Tool window preview is not shown when d'n'd using tool window header
Bug IDEA-297806 After 'Restore Default Layout' current and default tool window icons are displayed until IDE restart
Bug IDEA-299706 Tool windows: There is an unnecessary close button in the header
Bug IDEA-300305 `Hide` and `Show Options menu` buttons in `Build output` tab sometimes don't react to clicks
Bug IDEA-292739 Drag and drop tool window in New UI makes it very small, almost disappear
Bug IDEA-299207 Tool window locations mixed up
Bug IDEA-295101 Vertical tool window name is cropped when window is narrowed and unfocused
Bug IDEA-292613 Tool window buttons: don't show tooltip together with context menu
Cosmetics IDEA-291761 Debugger: Close and Layout icons
Bug IDEA-298215 Tool window from detached tab is in the main project window after reopening project
User Interface. VCS WidgetTask IDEA-295001 VCS widget: show rebasing / cherry-picking warning
Version ControlBug IDEA-296509 i18n:Version Control tool window title is hardcoded
Bug IDEA-300504 Commit Author is not set via Commit options
Bug IDEA-299977 Project doesn't open after clone
Bug IDEA-300375 Commit checks failed notification: rename "Commit anyway" to "Amend anyway" if checks fail on amending commit
Bug IDEA-301142 Creating patches from Local changes should use commit messages
Task IDEA-300069 Remove unnecessary options from Preferences | Version Control | Commit
Cosmetics IDEA-220485 Non-modal commit: visual artefacts in the Commit Message field in case of the set background image
Usability IDEA-254763 Show just relative path of changed files in Commit tool window
Bug IDEA-301125 base revisions are disappearing from the shelf on modifications
Bug IDEA-300213 Commit checks failed notification: Rerun commit checks produce weird notification
Task IDEA-300444 Show only toolwindow header when Shelf tab is hidden
Bug IDEA-300664 Commit toolwindow: Warnings from the commit message inspections are not shown
Usability IDEA-299799 Commit checks failed notification: reword "Commit anyway" link to "Commit anyway and Push" if Commit and Push action was performed
Bug IDEA-295310 EditChangelistSupport#changelistCreated is never called
Task IDEA-297727 Commit tool window: Merge Group by and View Options icons in one icon
Usability IDEA-296021 Move to Another Changelist / Edit Changelist dialogs default size is too small
Bug IDEA-297480 When clone is failed, the notification about background tasks in progress still appears
Bug IDEA-293294 Version Control tool window: tooltip should be displayed as Git in git projects
Bug IDEA-188319 Partial Commit: Pre-commit changes by "Update Copyright" hook will not be committed when committing non-active changelist
Task IDEA-292916 Git and Commit tool windows: tooltip for group.svg icon
Usability IDEA-299504 Resizing Rebase dialog does not make repository name fully visible
Bug IDEA-252549 Double click on change in commit tab no longer shows inline diff window
Task IDEA-287460 Commit tool window: update texts, icons, and layout
Exception IDEA-300425 RuntimeException on cancelling clone on welcome screen
Cosmetics IDEA-294022 Update incoming/outgoing changes icons
Bug IDEA-300647 Commit toolwindow: update toolbar when the Staging area is enabled
Version Control. GitException IDEA-299066 Exception when switching from Modal commit to Staging and back
Bug IDEA-285834 Push all up to here: cannot push commits to a new branch when tracked branch was set for initial source branch
Usability IDEA-282845 Diff with working tree > Get From branch reset collapsing
Usability IDEA-299568 Confusing notification for Undo Commit action
Feature IDEA-100431 VCS / Git / Compare with Tag... or any revision
Bug IDEA-300140 "History" icon hides text in commit message
Feature IDEA-189442 Copy a github link to a specific line of code
Usability IDEA-300879 Commit dialog: IDE displays two modal dialogs one after another when committing changes without commit message
Bug IDEA-269246 Selected rebase option is not shown in Rebase dialog
Bug IDEA-300929 Commit dialog does not appear
Bug IDEA-296522 `Show Diff with Working Tree` ignores most recent changes in source file
Version Control. GitHubPerformance IDEA-298551 Github: GithubYamlIconProvider is asking for JSON schema for irrelevant files
Task IDEA-295019 Mask the token in Log in to GitHub dialog
Bug IDEA-301095 Missing Open In GitHub action
Bug IDEA-280314 Can't load status in GitHub pull request panel
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-299114 Missing cherry-pick button on Git Log toolbar
Usability IDEA-298277 Git log shows the head tag connected to the wrong group of tags
Version Control. PerforceTask IDEA-296868 Perforce. Change "Client"->"Workspace" in settings
WSLBug IDEA-299437 Syncing Gradle project fails if WSL automount.root is changed (Could not find or load main class org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.tooling.proxy.Main)
No subsystemTask WEB-57151 Implement externalIdPrefix for CSS stubs
Feature WEB-56533 Add Vite generators to the New Project window
Task WEB-56846 [Meta] Sync bundled plugins between WebStorm and other IDEs
Performance WEB-57042 Angular: optimize $event variable resolve
Task WEB-56851 Unbundle СoffeeScript for all IDEs except RubyMine
Task WEB-56582 Change default highlighting level for "missing JSX namespace" to fix only.
Feature WEB-56593 Provide option to choose the type of function when using "Create new function" fix
Bug WEB-57142 Keep wrapping for generic parameters / arguments in TypeScript
Task WEB-56940 Remove mentioning "React' from JSX inspection
Usability WEB-56479 Not possible to edit code behind "open in browser" overlay
Task WEB-56835 Add Next.js generator to the New Project window
CSSFeature WEB-56669 Support :deep style selector in Vue 2.6 + projects
Bug WEB-57124 HTML: "Create selector" intention doesn't work in 2022.2
Feature WEB-55824 Provide support for viewport units (lvh, svh, dvh, lvw, svw, and dvw units)
Usability WEB-41481 Completion for font file name in @font-face url function
DebuggerBug WEB-57234 ANSI color codes in JS debug console not working
Bug WEB-56748 Node inspect options are ignored
Bug WEB-57243 Debugger should bind publisher port to localhost only when using local / WSL Node.js interpreter
Bug WEB-56881 Debugging fails with Node 11 if the IDE is installed in a path with spaces
HTMLBug WEB-23469 Can't suppress "wrong attribute value" warning
JavaScriptTask WEB-56601 Enable auto-import for js files for symbols from node_modules
Performance WEB-55958 Webstorm typescript project has very high cpu and stuck analyzing
Bug WEB-56138 Type narrowing for string literal discriminated unions imported into JS
Bug WEB-55991 Type narrowing for Event imported into JS
Bug WEB-55992 Type narrowing for Array.isArray and other TypeScript type predicates imported into JS
Bug WEB-56394 Highlighting is broken when editing attributes in JSX
Bug WEB-56469 JSDoc: go to declaration doesn't work with utility Types
Performance WEB-56503 Performance degradation wordpress/inspections from (3:30 => 8:30)
Feature WEB-40924 Support code vision for TypeScript and JavaScript
Bug WEB-56514 No suggestions to auto-import a module if it's referenced in multiple files
Bug WEB-45082 New line symbol in template string causes a typo warning
Bug WEB-56313 ide suggests declarations from node_modules and from source code for monorepos
Task WEB-57150 Implement externalIdPrefix for JS stubs
Bug WEB-57393 Resolve is broken in typescript files
Bug WEB-57008 False 'Unresolved function or method querySelector()'
Bug WEB-56598 backspacing left parentheses in function call that takes an arrow function incorrectly removes parentheses in the arrow function
Bug WEB-56260 Incorrect type inference in type guards with primitive values
Bug WEB-56348 Support using 'self' to refer to the global scope
Bug WEB-52997 `null` in JSDoc not detected correctly ("Condition is always true since types <type> and 'null' have no overlap") when using type union
Task WEB-56224 Add .vue extension in all files when "Auto" mode is selected
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-57181 "prettierApi.resolveConfig.sync is not a function" error when formatting with Prettier 3.0.0-alpha.0
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-56190 Angular 14: suppress "Inaccessible component member" inspection for protected members
Bug WEB-50731 No resolution for fields in the Redux store with useSelector
Bug WEB-55584 Angular Material | Incorrect warning: *cdkDragPlacegolder requires value
Bug WEB-57066 Web-types: Enums working partially for WebStorm 2020.2.2
Bug WEB-52830 Nuxt 2.15: support for auto imported components in subfolders if they aren't named according to
Bug WEB-57148 Provide way to configure and suppress problems reported by web-types.
Bug WEB-54649 'Unrecognized slot name' warning when slot name is generate dynamically
Usability WEB-53449 Automatically exclude .angular folder
Bug WEB-53461 Vue/Web-Types: Merge information about library symbols coming from different sources.
Bug WEB-54383 False positive "*cdkNoDataRow requires value"
Bug WEB-54073 NPE at WebTypesJsonContributionWrapper$LegacyVueComponent when component "name" property is omitted in Web-Types.json
Bug WEB-56566 Nuxt 3 : global components are unresolved whereas they are exposed in components.d.ts
Feature WEB-41084 Vue.js: support type inference for v-slot scope variable
Bug WEB-56471 Angular: Non-null assertion operator (bang) in template suppresses type checking
Bug WEB-55493 False positive `Unrecognised slot name` warning for global components
Bug WEB-56857 Quasar: slot props type not inferred correctly
Bug WEB-55186 False unused export in nextjs project
Bug WEB-57099 Web-types: add explicit property to exclude symbols from completion
Bug WEB-57156 Implement externalIdPrefix for Vue and Angular stubs
Task WEB-57157 Next.js: do not show unused warning for static props methods
Bug WEB-49393 incorrect type for Angular structural directive variables with as syntax
Bug WEB-56970 Sveltekit: path mappings from tsconfig.json not used when importing modules
Bug WEB-56392 Nuxt 3 : functions exposed in imports.d.ts file are suggested to be imported
Bug WEB-56136 Type narrowing in Vue: string literal discriminated unions
Bug WEB-25807 Do not show closing tag when searching for usages of React component
Bug WEB-52068 Angular ngTemplateContextGuard: *ngrxLet type in template is not correct
Bug WEB-45419 Observable value properties after async pipe not resolved
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-56612 Redundant initializer in TypeScript for a const variable that is being used
Bug WEB-56626 Javascript inspection/fix "Variable declaration can be merged with first ..." breaks block scoping with unbraced if statements
Bug WEB-56936 Unnecessary non-capturing group in an empty regular expression
Bug WEB-56629 Properties assigned with logical nullish assignment operator (??=) should be considered used (Unused definition false positive)
LESSBug WEB-56591 Autocomplete not work in css when path include alias
LintersBug WEB-56997 Node.js Docker Compose: "ESLint: Timeout on starting language service process"
Live EditBug WEB-57192 Built-in preview isn't opened, nothing happens when click on the icon
Node.jsBug WEB-56885 NPM Debug mode terminates in 2022.2
Bug WEB-55213 Can't create new project without installed node.js
Bug WEB-55429 Cannot go to type definitions with PnP
Bug WEB-56484 Prettier: "cannot convert path" when using global installation in WSL
Performance WEB-55086 JavaScript and TypeScript Plugin error report on cold start of IDEA
Bug WEB-56804 Nodejs Remote Interpreter does not respect "Command and Options" nor use the command from "Command preview"
TypeScriptFeature WEB-57193 TypeScript 4.9: 'satisfies' operator
Bug WEB-55002 React+Typescript: Type mismatch errors in strict mode when using optional props
Bug WEB-56930 Typescript: deprecated interface props not marked deprecated in implementation
Bug WEB-57040 Yarn PnP: resolve installed dependencies in TypeScript reference paths
Bug WEB-56234 Correct types should be displayed in quick doc
Bug WEB-48394 Destructed deprecated properties are not shown as deprecated
Bug WEB-57024 constructor autocomplete should not include implementation in ambient contexts
Unit TestsBug WEB-55422 "Highlight failure line in test code" inspection can't be applied when using WSL interpreter
Bug WEB-57205 Cucumber.js: incorrect import is added in create step definition
Feature WEB-45619 process.env: autocomplete for environment vars from Jest run configuration
Bug WEB-54816 Jest 27.x: Wrong results with jest test.each
Bug WEB-57172 Running non-existent Jest test should not be shown as passed in UI
Bug WEB-53994 Can't execute single Jest parameterized tests with the Jest 27 table array syntax
Feature WEB-14665 Add Node.js remote interpreter support for Karma
Bug WEB-53517 Failed assertions aren't highlighted in Karma test files if project is in WSL
Bug WEB-56651 WSL: Jest test that previously failed and now passes still shows where it failed in the previous run
Code CompletionBug DBE-15859 "Qualify object with" from code completion doesn't work when using language pack and throw an exception
Code GenerationBug DBE-16387 Generates incorrect Postgresql DDL for multiple foreign keys
Bug DBE-16297 Action 'New' in te database explorer: respect the context (like in Modify dialog)
Usability DBE-16286 Missing CASCADE rules on foreign keys
Bug DBE-16197 Use DROP CASCADE syntax doesn't work for PostgreSQL extensions
Code HighlightingFeature DBE-12766 Support for PARTITION in TSQL grammar
Bug DBE-6563 Generic SQL statement parser fails on a field which name starts with underscore(s)
Bug DBE-964 Bad code is green: boolean expression usage on order by clause (SQLServer)
Bug DBE-15746 SQL Server: no error highlighting while code cannot be run
Bug DBE-16035 Support Clickhouse "WITH/WITH FILL STEP" SQL
Bug DBE-16077 Unsupported ignore rows in load statement for MySQL
Bug DBE-15922 Incorrect Error highlighting and formatting on SQL rollup in BigQuery
Bug DBE-13954 nvl() is not accepted as valid sql in mariadb and mysql dialects
Bug DBE-15894 ClickHouse: Aggregated functions combinators OrNull, OrDefault unsupported
Bug DBE-15890 Support Snowflake SQL array literals (array constants) syntax
Bug DBE-15892 Support Date32 type for ClickHouse
Bug DBE-16078 Unsupported table statement for MySQL
Bug DBE-16191 Spark built-in function (max_by ) is not recognized
Bug DBE-15665 Clickhouse SQL - CREATE TABLE AS
Bug DBE-15789 IDEA marks SQL INSERT statement as error although it is correct according to h2 database documentation
Bug DBE-15432 MariaDB dialect does not recognize UUID type
Bug DBE-15437 MariaDB console syntax error on CYCLE Clause
Bug DBE-15669 Clickhouse SQL - CREATE FUNCTION
Bug DBE-15368 SELECT EXCEPT REPLACE shows error
Bug DBE-5800 Quoted named parameters are triggering syntax error
Bug DBE-16288 False-positive: Use of table aliases in system-versioned tables
Bug DBE-15713 Unable to create a SQL Macro in Oracle 19C
Bug DBE-15862 Snowflake syntax reports many false-positive errors if it is injected using language=Snowflake comment
Bug DBE-15650 Support FETCH WITH TIES in PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-16303 Unable to resolve symbol in tablespace <...> store as alias
Bug DBE-15569 False-positive: Unable to resolve variable if declaration inside nested BEGIN/END block
Coding AssistanceFeature DBE-15050 Remove column from insert into
ConnectivityBug DBE-15522 H2 v2 is broken when using MODE=MSSQLServer
Bug DBE-15762 Postgres parser fails when the connection string contains XML entities
Feature DBE-6685 "Unique" checker to check the connection path
Feature DBE-3429 SQL Azure: No automatic redirect for security enabled connection strings
Bug DBE-16270 Incorrect PostgreSQL connection parameters after restart IDE
Bug DBE-16380 MongoDB difficulties when connecting with AWS IAM credentials
Data Editor/ViewerBug DBE-15744 Hide 'Show replace field' button for search bar in Table Editor
Bug DBE-16125 Pasting integer to float column in CSV converts integer to float
Bug DBE-16124 Cannot paste text to numeric CSV column
Bug DBE-13987 Bring back navigate to 'All referenced rows' (Cannot find a way to navigate to related tables showing all rows)
Feature DBE-15902 Enable Filter By action for multiple cells
Feature DBE-13669 Use IN operation for multi-key navigation if a key contains one column
Bug DBE-15615 Can't remove row with macaddr8 data type
Feature DBE-15098 Support proper presentation of BigQuery struct values in grid
Feature DBE-15981 Create ability to diable ability to open tables for drivers
Bug DBE-5655 postgres: "Save LOB" not provided for OID type
Bug DBE-15784 Data Viewer tabs steal focus from SQL Editor
Bug DBE-13979 Data Editor: unable to edit column with daterange PostgreSQL data type.
Bug DBE-15786 Incorrect conversion from binary(16) data in MariaDB
Usability DBE-16117 CSV in Table View dropping Rows that has values that start with single quote
Exception DBE-15857 An attempt to open csv file fails with StackOverflowError
Feature DBE-15950 Data editor search field: populate with selection
Data Import/ExportFeature DBE-4104 Copy selected cells as WHERE clause
IntrospectionBug DBE-16119 IDE fails to show table in ClickHouse playground if user has no enough grants on system.users
Bug DBE-16139 SQLite: Cannot use generated columns anymore
Usability DBE-12875 BigQuery: database objects disappear from database tree on incremental introspection
Navigation & SearchUsability DBE-16370 Search everywhere: Make it possible to exclude tables from "Symbols"
Object EditorUsability DBE-15687 On SQL Server, when submitting a stored procedure change it often silently does NOT update the db
Bug DBE-16146 [3D000][1046] No database selected
Query ConsoleFeature DBE-6662 Group data sources in Execution Target according to groups in database tree
RefactoringFeature DBE-1569 Intention 'Expand column list' doesn't respect table aliases
Run ConfigurationsUsability DBE-6282 DND for SQL script works weird, just execution expected
SQL Data SourcePerformance DBE-15887 Populate database objects after DDL mapping is inefficient and takes a lot of time
Bug DBE-16153 False positive for "new files" when dumping DDL
SQL GeneralPerformance DBE-16276 100% CPU while scrolling through the code
SQL ResolveBug DBE-6516 Named transaction rollback unable to resolve savepoint
Bug DBE-16059 DUAL keyword not recognized for MySQL dialect
Feature DBE-15944 MySQL: support VALUES result set construction
Bug DBE-6555 Fails to resolve fields on SELECT INTO field on custom typed variable
Bug DBE-16069 Domain constraints cannot be resolved when creating a comment
Bug DBE-16091 Does not recognize PERFORM syntax
Bug DBE-16177 No support for "INVISIBLE" Columns in mySQL
Bug DBE-15592 False error on OUTPUT INSERTED.*