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Delete "Start contest" from quick actions
CheckerBugEDU-4575Existing checking solution process is not respected when starting a new one
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-4516CodeforcesBugEDU-4481Welcome screen: wrong line spacing
CourseraBugEDU-4595Kotlin for Java Developers Week 2 - Gradle Error
BugEDU-4513Submit to Coursera fails with "Token for different assignment"
EducatorBugEDU-4600Unable to create new custom course
JetBrains AcademyBugEDU-4564Plugin doesn't send submission to JBA web after checking Edu code challenges locally
MarketplaceFeatureEDU-4277Add "Leave a comment" action for marketplace courses
UsabilityEDU-4291Unify Marketplace and non-Marketplace course archive
BugEDU-4507Marketplace authorization page: 404 error
4619Unable to start codeforecs contest in Kotlin