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  • Bundled with Tomcat (any platform)

    - 439 Mb

     – 1.36 Gb
    This archive contains a Tomcat distribution with preinstalled TeamCity. Unpack the archive, run


    TeamCity/bin/runAll.(sh|bat) start


    , and visit http://localhost:8111/

    WAR - 411 Mb
    (.tar.gz distribution is recommended instead of .war one) This is war archive which should be placed into J2EE container (see server requirements)


  • Docker image ('EAP' tag)

    Code Block
    docker pull jetbrains/teamcity-server:EAP

Wiki Markup
* *[RNGINT:TeamCity and YouTrack Package (obsolete)]* \- 590Mb 
Single installation package of TeamCity 8.1 EAP and YouTrack 5.1 EAP.
NOTE: Please read the upgrade or first instllationinstallation instructions.


There is no EAP license key bundled with this build, so the server will work in professional mode. To run in Enterprise mode, use this 60 days limited license key: