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TeamCity Agra EAP

Welcome to the cutting edge (smile)

Current build: 4096 (Agra RC1) released Apr 07 2007 | Download | Changes

This version of TeamCity will contain many additional features comparing with TeamCity 1.2 as well as improvements of existing functionality.
To name a few:

  • (plus) View file changes on the Web (diff)
  • (plus) Enhanced notification policies with more customization
  • (plus) Automatic integration of third-party reporting tools (TW-1665)
  • (plus) Eclipse integration
    • (plus) View status of my changes
    • (plus) Personal builds for subversion
    • (plus) Delayed commit for subversion
  • (plus) Checkout on build agent (for Subversion and CVS)
  • (plus) ClearCase VCS support
  • (plus) MS Team Foundation Server VCS support
  • (plus) Visual Studio integration
    • (plus) View status of my changes
    • (plus) Personal builds for MS TFS
    • (plus) Delayed commit for MS TFS
  • (plus) Agent details information page with possibility to enable/disable agents by administrator
  • (plus) Dependent builds triggering
  • (plus) Ivy integration and dependent builds artifacts exchange
  • (plus) Better and uniform UI to configure Inspections runner and IPR runner on the web
  • (plus) Search for code duplicates on the server-side and
    • (plus) View results in IDEA (Selena)
    • (plus) View results on the Web
  • (plus) Improved IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • (plus) Possibility to clone project
  • (plus) Improved Maven 2 support
  • (plus) Ant 1.7 support
  • (plus) JUnit 4 support

This page is obsolete and no longer supported. Please proceed to the new EAP overview on the JetBrains website.


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The TeamCity EAP is currently *closed*. Please use the latest release available on the [official download page|].

h2. TeamCity 2018.2 (Jaipur) EAP
*Welcome to the cutting edge of continuous integration!*
Jaipur is a codename for TeamCity 2018.x
h3. Current build: TeamCity 2018.2 EAP1 build 60539 released on October 18th, 2018
*[Download|Download Latest] | [Changes|ChangeLog]*
This version of TeamCity contains new features, improvements, and multiple bug fixes comparing to TeamCity 2018.1.
{note}Please make sure you back up your data (in the existing server from the administration UI or manually) before the upgrade!
It is recommended that you install the EAP version as a trial server.
Newer TeamCity versions usually adjust the data structure and you will not be able to roll back to older TeamCity versions once the data is upgraded.