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CheckerCodeforces4430Cosmetics4224Cosmetics4426Configure task templates in settingsFeature4359Add rating and users info to course details blockShow link to Stepik video instead of showing unwatchable video with JCEF
Answer PlaceholdersBugCosmeticsEDU-44204408Rustling Course "Testing a Function" is dropping `` content
ExceptionEDU-4389Check action doesn't work when test files contain Windows line separators
Hide "Delete All" action if only one placeholder is in the file
CodeforcesBugEDU-4181Codeforces: Broken Russian charset/codepage in the task description
BugEDU-4421Can't submit solution from CLion to CodeforcesBug4440Use 16x16 icon for Codeforces course in Project files
FeatureEDU-Cannot open already existing contest in GoLand4425Add end date, participants number and info message to contest description panel in Courses dialog
FeatureEDU-Move "Open Contest By URL" to the search bar2923Add ability to create tests from context menu
FeatureEDU-Rename "Start" and "Open" buttons to "Start Practice..." and "Open Contest..."FeatureEDU-29253336Put actual program output together with input/output test files
BugEDU-4451Course selection view: Codeforces tab doesn't hide after contest opening
Course Selection ViewUsabilityEDU-4125Add placeholder for courses search field in Browse Courses dialog
BugEDU-3880Remove course entry from "Project" if it was removed from "My Courses"
CosmeticsEDU-4276Place buttons underneath the course course title
EducatorTaskEDU-4337Update course description template for "Create Course" dialog
TaskEDU-4400Add validation for course title length in "Create Course" dialog
CosmeticsEDU-4397Weird title in the "Create Course" dialog
FeatureEDU-4107Support custom commands for edu task type
ExceptionEDU-1902Wrong line separators on trying to proceed to next task in framework lesson
GradleBugEDU-4464Gradle fails on Java/Scala(Gradle) course creation
HelpTaskEDU-4443Publish an article describing guidelines for the Marketplace courses
IDEFeatureEDU-4387Provide an action to create an issue template in project
JetBrains AcademyExceptionEDU-4330Update of JetBrains Academy course with problems doesn't work
BugEDU-4434Theory part of topic opened in IDE on "Next" button if user is logged out
FeatureEDU-4396"Next" button for the last problem in a topic should fetch the next activity
PerformanceEDU-4418Code challenges check in IDE is significantly slower than in the browser
BugEDU-4401Twitter gifs are not shown in the dialog after the finishing of a JetBrains Academy course
Languages or Technologies SupportBugEDU-4460No JavaScript in WebStorm
MarketplaceUsabilityEDU-4293After login to Marketplace request focus on IDE and show notification about successful login
StepikBugEDU-33714482Open button is called "Start" instead of "Open"
BugEDU-3653Center text in new welcome screen panel
BugEDU-4199Incorrect "Nothing completed yet" text for courses in courses creation mode
EducatorBugEDU-4447Incorrect course description template for Android
InfrastructureTaskEDU-4441Extract all user visible messages in course creator functionality to message bundle
JetBrains AcademyBugEDU-4332"Solve in IDE" Button does not open the Task in the IDE
PerformanceEDU-4486Improve speed of opening JetBrains Academy tasks
BugEDU-4487Checker works incorrectly for "edu" JBA steps if user is logged out
TaskEDU-4029Support "edu" steps as JetBrains Academy code challenges
Languages or Technologies SupportTaskEDU-4448Make Android support public
TaskEDU-4153Update edu Android project templates
UsabilityEDU-4454Create example framework lesson with one task in Android educator projects
BugEDU-1968Show Course view in recently created courses in Android Studio
Learner ExperienceFeatureEDU-4319Support required plugins
MarketplaceBugEDU-4477Do not post theory to Stepik at Marketplace courses theory tasks opening
Task DescriptionCosmeticsEDU-2303Hint bulb icon is too small
BugEDU-4423Move open on codeforces\copy and submit links under check button