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No subsystemBugRUBY-28178Cannot turn off "Install Missing Gems" notification
BugRUBY-28380Invisible options in the Generate popup
EditorBugRUBY-27846No icons in navigation bar popup for rspec tests
BugRUBY-27498Rails associations are shown as ''
TaskRUBY-27546No icons in navigation bar popup
Lang. LiquidBugRUBY-28405False positive warning with negative numbers in Liquid
Lang. RBSTaskRUBY-27947Make New RBS File/Class action available in Dumb mode
BugRUBY-27946Incorrect caret position after RBS Interface/Class/Module creation
BugRUBY-27825Invoking rename on an RBS method which has a parameter with the same name looks strange
BugRUBY-28355False Incompatible types warning with interface return
BugRUBY-28354Type info for interface with Type Variables is Unknown
BugRUBY-28353Type info for intersection/union of interface and class shows only class as return value
FeatureRUBY-27821Add symbols for RBS method parameters
TaskRUBY-28216Do not suggest RBS keywords in symbols declaration
BugRUBY-28215RM doesn't rename rbs symbols when attr_reader/writer/acessor being renamed
FeatureRUBY-28213RBS superclass and module self type completion
BugRUBY-28116RBS NilClass doesn't trigger NoMethodError
TaskRUBY-28201Disable code completion in RBS comments
FeatureRUBY-27400Add run anything support for commands provided by RBS
TaskRUBY-28129Re-enable RBS text occurrences search in rename
FeatureRUBY-27564RBS: implement formatter
FeatureRUBY-28324Add recognition of Interface and Type Aliases from RBS in Ruby code
ExceptionRUBY-27826Invoking rename on the setter alias of an RBS `attr_accessor` causes an exception
FeatureRUBY-28281RBS include/extend/prepend arguments completion
TaskRUBY-28280Do not suggest RBS keywords in <class_name>: cases
BugRUBY-28283Missing error in RBS on qualified declarations
BugRUBY-28231Related symbols for singleton methods shows No related symbols in Ruby->RBS case
BugRUBY-28234Related symbols navigate from singleton method in Ruby to instance method in RBS
BugRUBY-28236Restrict RBS method type variables text occurrences search
FeatureRUBY-28238Add recognition of method type variables from RBS in Ruby
CosmeticsRUBY-28445Mark containers type variables bold
BugRUBY-28334False Incompatible types warning for NilClass and Nilable RBS type
BugRUBY-28338No Incompatible types warning for singleton methods return value
FeatureRUBY-27391Add ability to generate RBS files/code from ruby files/code
FeatureRUBY-27395Add completion support inside RBS files
FeatureRUBY-27854Add support for method parameter types in Ruby from RBS
FeatureRUBY-27853Add support for recognising optional types in Ruby from RBS
FeatureRUBY-27914Ensure "enter" inside a line comment in RBS continues the line comment
TaskRUBY-28225Do not suggest RBS keywords in instance/class variables declaration
FeatureRUBY-27917Ensure "Smart indent" on typing works when pressing <enter>/<backspace> in RBS
TaskRUBY-28223Do not suggest RBS keywords after namespace
FeatureRUBY-28222Add navigation actions for Ruby <-> RBS
FeatureRUBY-27913Auto insert "end" in RBS for containers
FeatureRUBY-27918Ensure <backspace> on an empty comment line deletes the comment in RBS, same as per ruby
BugRUBY-28227RM treats spaces after namespace in rbs declarations as part of the name
BugRUBY-28306Navigation via Associated Declaration shows duplicated results for attribute accessors
FeatureRUBY-27759Add support for finding usages of RBS elements in comments
BugRUBY-28302Rename "Go to Type Signature" in Keymaps to "Go to Type Signature or Associated Declaration"
FeatureRUBY-27756Add parsing and recognition of method visibility in RBS
TaskRUBY-28309Make location info for RBS types and constants similar as for other elements
FeatureRUBY-27755Add provision of types for remaining expressions in Ruby from RBS
BugRUBY-28437Incorrect type when positional argument used as default value for keyword argument
BugRUBY-28143RM doesn't process RBS singleton()
BugRUBY-28386Generate Steepfile is slow and could throw exception: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT
BugRUBY-28141RBS yield return type doesn't work when self is used as a return value
FeatureRUBY-27387Add ability to navigate between Ruby and RBS files via related files
UsabilityRUBY-28383Generated Steepfile is text file
BugRUBY-28093RM treats rbs attr_reader/writer/acessor and variables with same name as same entity
BugRUBY-28315Incorrect namespaced ancestor name after completion
FeatureRUBY-27666Add code folding support in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27667Add gutter icons for navigating to partial declarations of classes/modules in RBS
BugRUBY-27662Typing ")" on balanced parenthesis or brackets does not skip over an auto-inserted one
FeatureRUBY-27663Add structure view support in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27668Add error inspections for duplicate definitions
BugRUBY-28390"Non-zero exit code from RBS: 1" when invoke Type Specification on the Ruby code in template view
TaskRUBY-28397Add custom icon for RBS file
BugRUBY-28396Track type variables passed to interface types
BugRUBY-28305Go to Associated Declaration action isn't discoverable in Find Action
UsabilityRUBY-28489Infinite RBS completion between `::String` and `String`
FeatureRUBY-27758Add support for renaming usages in comments, strings and text occurrences in RBS
BugRUBY-28082Balanced square bracket is not skipped in RBS
BugRUBY-28089RM treats rbs methods and singleton methods with same name as same entity
FeatureRUBY-28243Use RBS types in "incorrect type" inference inspections
FeatureRUBY-27920Add highlighting of "class"/"interface"/"module" keywords with their respective "end" keyword in RBS
BugRUBY-28248Dynamic types (`self`, `class`, `instance`) do not work with instance/class variables in RBS
BugRUBY-27770Return value for rbs union and intersection types are shuffled
FeatureRUBY-27773Add warning for incorrect interface declaration
BugRUBY-28415Space before single colon changes the way RBS constant declarations are processed
BugRUBY-28160Do not add space between question mark and RBS return value
BugRUBY-28161Add recognition for RBS Array type variable
UsabilityRUBY-27644Add long descriptions to RBS symbols
FeatureRUBY-27769Make rbs rename of Constants, instance variables, class variables and global variables similar to ruby rename
TaskRUBY-28278Do not suggest RBS keywords in string literals
TaskRUBY-28177Show No suggestions after type when completion invoked
TaskRUBY-28176Show void in completion not only as return type
TaskRUBY-28175Do not suggest self./self.? inside interfaces
FeatureRUBY-28072Add recognition of class/module/interface type variables from RBS in Ruby
ExceptionRUBY-28073java.lang.IllegalStateException: must not be called when trying to rename rbs class with a lot of usages
FeatureRUBY-28071Add recognition of tuple types from RBS in Ruby
BugRUBY-28076Incorrect Rename Preview targets when renaming interface/global variable/etc.
BugRUBY-28385Rbs and steep commands are not run on Windows
FeatureRUBY-28069Rbs class/module/interface live template
BugRUBY-28103Update declaration/reference ranges in RBS to exclude prefixes
BugRUBY-28062Don't show duplicate method declarations warnings when the RBS method is marked as an overload
BugRUBY-28109RM doesn't show NoMethodError for rbs nil in most cases
RailsBugRUBY-27281Find Action doubled some actions
BugRUBY-20672Rename rails association broken
Rails. Code InsightBugRUBY-7971Dynamic "_url" helpers handled as unresolved references
CosmeticsRUBY-28108Never show parameter hints for single letter parameters
Remote InterpretersFeatureRUBY-12337add ability to run coverage with remote interpreter
RubyTaskRUBY-27836Make incorrect name handling in New Ruby File/Class dialogue same way as in RBS
UsabilityRUBY-28373Partial Declarations Gutter Icon Usability Issue When There Are Many Constants in a Namespace
Ruby. Code InsightFeatureRUBY-2094Plugin should include folders from load path settings(Module Settings|Load Path) to execution load in run profiles
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-13869When using one line conditionals on "when ... then" statements, content is getting shifted to the next line
Ruby. Intention ActionsUsabilityRUBY-26496Try limit "Introduce local variable" intention to non-nil/void contexts
Ruby. ParsingBugRUBY-28158Syntax error for a valid regex
BugRUBY-15373Backslash beginning Unicode character is red, and I don't know why
Ruby. Quick DocumentationBugRUBY-27591Incorrect rendering of inline Rails RDoc comment
Ruby. Tests. CucumberBugRUBY-28007Option to run Gherkin tests from Project View gone
Ruby. Tests. RSpecBugRUBY-28389Failing spec causes UI freeze
Tools. BundlerUsabilityRUBY-11114Disable automatic execution of bundle install
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-268133Do not start PWA during editing
BugIDEA-169897'Analyze Data Flow to Here' shows javadoc instead of enum
BugIDEA-269770Throwable: Read access is allowed from inside read-action ... at com.intellij.analysis.pwa.analyser.PwaServiceImpl.
BugIDEA-265832com.intellij.testFramework.LightVirtualFile cannot be cast to class com.intellij.openapi.vfs.VirtualFileWithId
BugIDEA-268120Inconsistent and wrong error from PWA
BugIDEA-268859PWA doesn't properly handle deletion of the folder
BugIDEA-268854Java files in resources are processed by PWA
BugIDEA-269673Annotation problems are not detected by PWA
BugIDEA-166964'Group by nullness' button opens 'grouped by value' tab as well
BugIDEA-268417PWA doens't properly work in power save mode
BugIDEA-268414Different number of errors from highlighting and PWA
BugIDEA-271194PWA doesn't work and throws exception on restarting
BugIDEA-154777'Analyze data flow from here' on parameter from overriding method shows usages of parameter in the base method
BugIDEA-268687Included sources are not processed by PWA
FeatureIDEA-194774Analyze dataflow: track through Collections.unmodifiableList
BugIDEA-268798Unknown constructor error reported only once per file
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-255753Descriptions are missed for tools warning on attempt to run inspections build in TeamCity
FeatureIDEA-260954Add option to highlight ambiguous elements in inspection "Java | Visibility | Access of inherited field looks like access of element in surrounding code"
PerformanceIDEA-270602Optimize precommit code analysis for property files
UsabilityIDEA-141260Analyze Dataflow should have Expand-/Collapse-Buttons
BugIDEA-230802Guava Verify.verifyNotNull receives incorrect inferred @Contract annotation
BugIDEA-267847Scoped inspection configuration is left in inspection profile XML upon scope deletion but not shown in the UI
FeatureIDEA-207545Convert `TestFailedLineInspection` to Uast
BugIDEA-217974Adding/removing files in/out of scope is ignored in Inspection scope settings
BugIDEA-272286org.eclipse.jdt.annotation.NonNullByDefault should not add @NonNull to Local variables
FeatureIDEA-269819Inspections table : Add link to create a SSR inspection when empty
CosmeticsIDEA-267115Fix "hybrid" lists layout in inspections
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBugIDEA-223039Throwable when tab in text block injected as a language.
BugIDEA-265653Ctrl-F1 ('Show error description') doesn't work inside injected fragments
ExceptionIDEA-272957Injecting YAML into YAML causes exceptions
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBugIDEA-269555Select sensible scope when opening structural search dialog
BugIDEA-254332SSR: Make it possible for custom filters to influence SubstitutionShortInfoHandler
BugIDEA-265535Support searching for Java 16 pattern matching
BugIDEA-259948SSR inspection: false positives when the template language is not available
BugIDEA-264212Setting a different search target should not require setting count filter
BugIDEA-198425New SSR: mnemonic for Search target doesn't work
BugIDEA-263967Filters shouldn't immediately disappear when they have a default value
BugIDEA-266074Improve switching between search and replace
BugIDEA-270390Structural Search/Replace: "Match Case" option in UI is imported/exported in XML as "caseInsensitive" (without value negation)
FeatureIDEA-265528Support searching for java 16 records
CoreBugIDEA-263296Call all not-dumbaware EditorTabColorProvider instances just after indexes are built to update editor tabs background colors
BugIDEA-268536Throwable: Attempt to load key 'linux.row.height.disabled' for not yet loaded registry
BugIDEA-270202Background Process Indicator may remain visible after process finishes
BugIDEA-270326Stack overflow in BaseComponentAdapter.getImplementationClass when opening 2021.2 EAP
BugIDEA-268140IDEA fails to start, stuck at splash screen
BugIDEA-262426com.intellij.serviceContainer.AlreadyDisposedException in EditorGutterComponentImpl
BugIDEA-269348ImmediatePainterTest fails
BugIDEA-271664Intellij Idea fails to start with VPN enabled
BugIDEA-270818Can't start RubyMine when Gherkin plugin is disabled: Startup error: java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Class loader is not configured
PerformanceIDEA-271083Memory leak in com.intellij.openapi.util.Key.allKeys
ExceptionIDEA-267034Cannot init component state (componentName=FileTypeManager, componentClass=FileTypeManagerImpl)
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-272734History navigation is broken in evaluate window
BugIDEA-260695Inline values in debugger are shown in comments
BugIDEA-266021Alt+hover blinking on mouse move
BugIDEA-267725There's no 'Layout Settings' action on toolbar in debugger TW
UsabilityIDEA-269145Debugger: Selection in frames view always rendered as focused
UsabilityIDEA-269151Debugger: Make toolwindow more keyboard-friendly
Core. DiagramsExceptionIDEA-271806AE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.impl.GraphBase.wrap
TaskIDEA-265332UML diagram: missing color parameters for box and edge selection
BugIDEA-271586Diagrams: selected node (or no-bends edge) doesn't look selected
ExceptionIDEA-271802IDE hangs on change schema in diagrams
Core. File SystemExceptionIDEA-264492Randomly failing tests due to VFS exceptions
UsabilityIDEA-225699IDE attempts to access samba shares without credentials
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-230267File Association not working for some files
BugIDEA-201853Can't reload encoding inside jar file when use latest idea, 2018.2
CosmeticsIDEA-271786Settings | Tools | Actions On Save | Rearrange Code: duplicated 'XML' entry in the 'configure arrangement rules' drop-down
BugIDEA-256106WindowsLookAndFeel is not migrated to IntelliJLaf / JetBrainsLightTheme, defaults to Darcula
UsabilityIDEA-267336Registry editing actions: Edit and Revert aren't available while IDE is indexing
BugIDEA-204018Deleted scheme gets restored when a new scheme is created with the same name
BugIDEA-272996typo in Advanced settings > Use Windows certificate store option description
CosmeticsIDEA-271651Actions on Save: Show warning under `Upload to default server` when Deployment sever is not configured
FeatureIDEA-228117Configurable scratch directory
BugIDEA-269681UI font changed after update to 2021.2 on Linux
BugIDEA-265112"Override file type" action shows duplicated and irrelevant file types
UsabilityIDEA-263845Notify a user when shell environment loading has failed
TaskIDEA-216133Migrate macOS environment reader from Python
BugIDEA-191665Duplicate copyright in META-INF/services files
ExceptionIDEA-269559Advanced settings exception on opening IntelliJ IDEA
UsabilityIDEA-189694OOME dialog usability; memory limits validation
BugIDEA-264344Pressing "Get more keymaps" link inserts search to a wrong textbox
UsabilityIDEA-216847Add Save option to Low Memory heap configuration dialog
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBugIDEA-269456UnsupportedOperationException when install custom UI theme + theme isn't installed
BugIDEA-272508Got all my toolchains removed
Core. IndexingBugIDEA-268926PhpFieldNamesAssignedByTheConstructorIndex is unstable
FeatureIDEA-269099Print project ID or name in the logs and diagnostics
TaskIDEA-269170Indexing: add navigation link to project indexing diagnostics from Menu/Tools
BugIDEA-253188poor performance on node_modules modifications
BugIDEA-263726"SerializerNotFoundException: No serializer is registered for stub ID: 2992" on indexing
CosmeticsIDEA-268795Show local time in indexing diagnostics
BugIDEA-268788Indexing pausing might produce deadlock
TaskIDEA-268796Cleanup indexing diagnostics on cache invalidation
Core. InstallationUsabilityIDEA-271458IDE should display notification when there are no leftover directories to cleanup
BugIDEA-272075Last Used date shows "51 years" on mac for empty directories
ExceptionIDEA-272114Unhandled AccessDeniedException if try to clean-up the directory without required permissions
TaskIDEA-168113Include library sources to sources zip artifact
UsabilityIDEA-271457Behavior of "Delete Leftover IDE Directories" action is dangerously under-documented
FeatureIDEA-165872Delete old config and system directories after upgrade to a new major version
TaskIDEA-266756Get rid of Log4J usages in updater
FeatureIDEA-261458Make Windows installer tune the system for screen readers
TaskIDEA-270576Drop x86 support
CosmeticsIDEA-271094Broken UI in the Idea installer
BugIDEA-2714082021.2-EAP: phpstorm v219 and intellij-idea-ultimate 301 snap missing 'fsnotifier' bin; reports "External file changes sync may be slow: Native file watcher executable not found"
Core. LicensingBugIDEA-272971Login Dialog: try to open browser in fallback scenario
BugIDEA-272359Login Dialog: support fallback scenario
BugIDEA-273061Login dialog: Fallback mechanism: an attempt to validate wrong token does not show error messages
BugIDEA-271115NullPointerException in PluginManagerCore when trying to show license dialog
PerformanceIDEA-271827Login dialog freezing when internet is off
BugIDEA-271817Login dialog: Grey frame around dialog content
CosmeticsIDEA-271732Login Dialog: UI review
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-270674Hierarchy on Overridden Method shows calls to overriding methods
BugIDEA-203657Method name labels in call hierarchy are wrong for nested classes
BugIDEA-250058Call Hierarchy tab should have a collapse all button
BugIDEA-268322Freeze when Analyze Data Flow from Here
BugIDEA-203328"Expand all" on call hierarchy of a recursive method never terminates
Core. Platform APIBugIDEA-270799AboutPopupDescriptionProvider information no longer displayed on About screen
BugIDEA-264030Backgrounding progress dialogs seems to have broken between Android Studio Versions 4.1 and 4.2
BugIDEA-268191JBPopupFactory.createConfirmation always runs "No" runnable
TaskIDEA-269551Replacement for GotoTargetRendererProvider
TaskIDEA-271430Remove deprecated UAnnotated.annotations
BugIDEA-264418Inlays don't work well with fractional font width
BugIDEA-264792Broken ToolWindowManagerImpl#unregisterToolWindow(String id)
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-256101Can't see installed plugin, can't uninstall plugin
ExceptionIDEA-271370Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Security)
BugIDEA-271502PluginClassloader logs errors which would be ignored otherwise
BugIDEA-2720222021.2 EAP doesn't offer a restart after installing language pack plugin
BugIDEA-272739Exception in IDEA core at startup
BugIDEA-272165`Restart` action in "Plugin list has changed" balloon requires smart mode
ExceptionIDEA-271395Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Data)
BugIDEA-271835Class com.intellij.spring.persistence.integration.hibernate.SpringXmlHibernateSessionFactory must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin
BugIDEA-264429IDEA suggests updating an uninstalled plugin
BugIDEA-271398MissingResourceException after dynamic plugin installation
ExceptionIDEA-273256PluginException: Class com.intellij.spring.integration.injection.el.SpringIntegrationELImplicitVariableFactory must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.integration plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot]
BugIDEA-271488PluginException: Cyclic service initialization: interface='com.intellij.openapi.keymap.KeymapManager'
BugIDEA-270855NPE in Plugin migration downloader
BugIDEA-262343Cannot unload a plugin due to leak: ToolWindowIcon in ActivateToolWindowAction
ExceptionIDEA-271361ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.spring.mvc.jam.SpringRequestBaseUrlElement PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Boot))
ExceptionIDEA-271367ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.aop.psi.AopPointcutExpressionLanguage PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Spring)
ExceptionIDEA-271364Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Integration Patterns)
ExceptionIDEA-271785Throwable: Class com.intellij.spring.el.SpringELLanguage must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin
BugIDEA-272831On plugins unloading some dependent plugins fail to load without any user-visible hints
BugIDEA-233743Restart of IDE is suggested on uninstall/disable of incompatible dynamic plugin
BugIDEA-215678"Enable plugins" link in PluginsAdvertiser does not work as intended
ExceptionIDEA-273001PluginException: Class com.intellij.spring.el.SpringBeansAsElVariableUtil must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring]
BugIDEA-270430Not Possible to enable bundled plugin: the required implementation-details plugin is disabled
ExceptionIDEA-272436PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.boot plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot]
BugIDEA-269039Fail to load descriptor from the downloaded plugin archive
ExceptionIDEA-271256Enabling AngularJS plugin causes exceptions
BugIDEA-270022java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: com.intellij.openapi.fileTypes.NativeFileType on starting the IDE with 3d party plugins
BugIDEA-268227Fail to load language plugin
BugIDEA-272801Plugin recommendations by Maven dependencies are not shown on project opening
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-271843Artifacts aren't serialized into cache after importing Maven project from scratch
BugIDEA-269842Can't delete the manually added facet in the project with ExternalStorageConfigurationManager=true
BugIDEA-174113Excluded by pattern files are still compiled
BugIDEA-272025IDEA fails to open project if it has incorrect value of 'type' attribute in 'orderEntry' tag in one of its iml files
BugIDEA-272863If a module is removed from list of unloaded modules, it may become unloaded again after external changes in project configuration
BugIDEA-273184Freshly Created Project in the Drive Root Throws NPEs on Creation and Opening
TaskIDEA-266774Provide API for specifying Java language level in workspace model
BugIDEA-269594Compare Gradle and Maven projects import at old and new project models
UsabilityIDEA-269817Project Structure dialog: on new facet adding via Facets tab re-select some module in the Choose Module dialog
ExceptionIDEA-272606Throwable at com.intellij.packaging.impl.artifacts.workspacemodel.ArtifactManagerBridge.initBridges
UsabilityIDEA-265597Unnecessary .idea/libraries-with-intellij-classes.xml is created when I add gradle module to a project
UsabilityIDEA-268573Shorten default name for libraries downloaded from Maven repositories
BugIDEA-267199IDEA may automatically unload all modules if some modules were unloaded in the past
BugIDEA-262274Minimize usage of VirtualFilePointerImpl replace to VrtualFileUrlBridge
PerformanceIDEA-265149Slow synchronization of project model for project with many modules after opening
UsabilityIDEA-265303Using independent numbering per scratch file type was a poor decision
Core. Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-265396Quick Documentation renders only the first one of a repeatable annotation
PerformanceIDEA-272548Heavy UI freezes with quick doc panel and font ligatures enabled
Core. RefactoringsUsabilityIDEA-186088Display some "process" when paste/delete a big folder into/from a project
BugIDEA-266884Rename refactoring should renames occurrences only inside provided scope
BugIDEA-264381IDEA freezes when invoking Surround with Live Template
UsabilityIDEA-268558Preview for Move class to other package do not show package name changing
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-252159Run / Debug Configuration $FilePrompt$ as working directory
UsabilityIDEA-249917[new run config UI] Highlight error state near the field containing the error
BugIDEA-261090[new run config UI] do not show Got It tooltip for classpath in jUnit
PerformanceIDEA-261332DefaultJavaProgramRunner.doExecute and GenericDebuggerRunner.doExecute
BugIDEA-262227Move settings that were shown in run configuration dialog with the Templates node selected
BugIDEA-255341[new run config UI] Logs option adding and deleting is not saved
BugIDEA-267309Fork mode is reset to "method" on reopening of run configuration screen.
BugIDEA-266683Environment variables in Java Run dialog behavior doesn't conform to the hint provided in configuration window.
UsabilityIDEA-257348"command line is too long" error message: hard to understand how to fix, especially with new run configuration UI
BugIDEA-266139Kotlin run configuration doesn't support WSL
BugIDEA-266062$FilePrompt$ as working directory in run configurations not working anymore
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-270551Run Targets: On run Quarkus on docker target get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/docker/remote/run/target/configuration/DockerTargetEnvironmentConfiguration
PerformanceIDEA-264654Rsync: Upload files in batch sets where possible
BugIDEA-270299Run Targets: RC with run on target excluded from pre-commit run RC list
CosmeticsIDEA-260898Run Targets. SSH wizard small fix
BugIDEA-267619An exception on Run/Debug is shown to user without means to report it
BugIDEA-269329Docker. Run Targets. SpringBoot and Quarkus: runs on docker targets are absent in the Services view
BugIDEA-268640IJ cannot complete commands when the terminal is set to zsh and it needs to update
Core. SSHBugIDEA-267480High CPU Usage and Decent amount of exceptions in log when importing new remote makefile project
BugIDEA-267569Public keys are asked before the password if auth type is set to password
BugIDEA-272423Broken ProxyJump emulation through ProxyCommand
BugIDEA-263286SSH client should not try default keys if any IdentityFile is specified
Core. StatisticsTaskIDEA-270682Add run icon gutter click to group
FeatureIDEA-271135Report type of proxy configured in settings
ExceptionIDEA-268572ADE at com.intellij.serviceContainer.ComponentManagerImpl.doGetService
TaskIDEA-255671Add information about array data type to generated scheme
TaskIDEA-256920Track Inspections Widget action
Core. Task ManagementBugIDEA-262805First underscore in context name gone
EditorFeatureIDEA-268343Add listeners for `Editor.setOneLine`
CosmeticsIDEA-244880Quick documentation display option: "On hover" vs "on mouse move"
BugIDEA-267339Undo - does not restore selection after using an action via popup or menu, but works properly when using a shortcut
BugIDEA-262153IJ requests indexes on caret shape changing
BugIDEA-243023.editorconfig: max_line_length=off disables visual guides
BugIDEA-269075Documentation link for an inaccessible symbol doesn't work with rendered documentaion turned off
ExceptionIDEA-265875java.lang.Throwable: Slow operations are prohibited in the EDT when trying to browse recent projects
BugIDEA-271823NullPointerException occurs when trying to open markdown file again
TaskIDEA-268217Open non-project files in LightEdit mode by default, show a dialog suggesting to switch to project mode
BugIDEA-256658Editor ignores font settings in 'reader mode'
BugIDEA-270542Renaming inner class does not update part of the editor window
FeatureIDEA-267726Option to disable "advertise actions" on empty editor
BugIDEA-272390VCS name in annotations is longer than the highlighting with JB Mono 14
BugIDEA-268819Text preview box under "Font" settings changes size when hovering over the "Current editor font" warning
FeatureIDEA-271409Create editor API to provide custom representation for specified blocks of text
TaskIDEA-260495Font Settings: add sample of bold font to preview
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-267743Color Scheme: separate background option for quick doc and code completion
BugIDEA-269699Second completion shows duplicated file entries
Editor. CopyrightFeatureIDEA-150579Add the ability to maintain multiple years in a copyright statement using the Copyright Plugin
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-273361Diff stops working after back action
UsabilityIDEA-269638Confusing behavior with synchronize scroll setting in diff views
UsabilityIDEA-270466Go To Changed Files button doesn't appear when another changed file occurs in changelist
BugIDEA-268534A "Diff" dragged into a frame does not remmeber size and position
BugIDEA-273869Compare with Local opens diff window instead of Changes between revision and local changes dialog
BugIDEA-270349Show diff in Separate Window action doesn't work when invoked from Find action
UsabilityIDEA-269735Missing actions "Show Diff in Separate Window" and "Show Diff in Editor Tab" for Image Diff and binary file diff
CosmeticsIDEA-270307Diff Unification: unify tooltip for settings gear button
UsabilityIDEA-271662Too long tab title for compare actions
UsabilityIDEA-268591Add an option to switch Diff into a frame to the Editor settigns
UsabilityIDEA-271914Diff in editor overlaps by dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-239121diff viewer artefacts (reggression)
UsabilityIDEA-239744Dangerous behavior with "compare next file" hotkey
BugIDEA-269981Shortcuts for Compare Previous/Next File don't work after first invocation
BugIDEA-273714Diff in a separate window doesn't get focus on show diff invocation when diff has been already opened
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-271601Suppress scratch file intention in VCS dialogs
UsabilityIDEA-145278Scratches settings: always create empty scratch file / buffer
FeatureIDEA-166360Caret placement after selection
UsabilityIDEA-138523Allow new 14.1 AutoWrap Long Lines to be Disabled
BugIDEA-273731Strange sorting order in Scratch Files popups
BugIDEA-263980Unexpected caret movement behavior in text with RtL fragments and a tab char
BugIDEA-264288Join lines with comment on the second line produces red code
FeatureIDEA-119435Keep caret position when commenting code
BugIDEA-270291Blue borders are blinking in TODO
BugIDEA-262221Font ligatures do not get enabled in editor but are shown in the preview
FeatureIDEA-169769Add "Create new scratch file" to Alt+Enter action on selection
BugIDEA-273729"New Scratch File" invoked from Find Results creates empty file in some cases
BugIDEA-273145"Export to Scratch File" creates files with wrong text
BugIDEA-273740Custom file types is ignored when creating scratch
FeatureIDEA-273126Remove opened empty scratch files on closing project
BugIDEA-273127java.lang.IllegalArgumentException occurs when trying to create scratch file
BugIDEA-273143No selection-related item in "New Scratch File" in Run console
BugIDEA-138474Scratches do not support custom file types
FeatureIDEA-80384Different color and fonts style for public, protected and private methods.
BugIDEA-166692Unexpected result when selecting a line and then using shift + down arrow
FeatureIDEA-149044Actions to show popup scratch list and particular scratch
FeatureIDEA-194931Automatically remove empty scratch files
FeatureIDEA-228556Set field color based on access visibility
FeatureIDEA-136148Copy from Run Log into Scratch Window
Editor. Error HighlightingUsabilityIDEA-130373Highlighting should not be paused during VFS refresh
BugIDEA-272748Incorrect displaying settings in Color Scheme → Language defaults
Editor. FormatterUsabilityIDEA-260940Can't generate .editorconfig entries after the .editorconfig file has been created
BugIDEA-226487EditorConfig indent settings not applying to SQL file
BugIDEA-170699Preview for Code Style goes crazy
BugIDEA-242506.editorconfig automatic reformat inserts invalid space
BugIDEA-186208Disabling "Code Style / Java / Chained method calls / Wrap first call" does not glue the method invocation to identifier
BugIDEA-218936IDEA: Java code rearrangement may produce illegal forward reference
ExceptionIDEA-269375FormattingModelInconsistencyException at com.intellij.formatting.FormatterImpl.validateModel
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-264648Nothing to show pop up is too big
FeatureIDEA-263473'Fix all' action for (at least some) compilation errors
Editor. SpellcheckBugIDEA-272375False-positive spell correction "Wrong article": "a" vs. "an" in front of "hours"
Editor. TextMate BundlesBugIDEA-263847Some log files not editable
Lang. JSONBugIDEA-268856Edit schema mappings shows an extracted version of settings
FeatureIDEA-264003JSONL type for New Scratch
BugIDEA-268772NCDFE: ParseException on Exception on attempt to evaluate JsonPath expression
FeatureIDEA-269430JSONPath: add Evaluate JSONPath action to editor context menu
Lang. MarkdownExceptionIDEA-270501CCE at org.intellij.plugins.markdown.editor.lists.MarkdownListEnterHandlerDelegate.postProcessEnter
TaskIDEA-270479Move Import/Export actions from File to Tools->Markdown Converter sub menu
FeatureIDEA-210695Export markdown to html
BugIDEA-261987Markdown plugin render blank page
TaskIDEA-264671"export to..." group for markdown with providers for converting to html, docx, and pdf
UsabilityIDEA-270883Change "Markdown -> Create Link" shortcut from Cmd+K
BugIDEA-271134Disable floating toolbar on pull requests input fields
BugIDEA-269403Markdown: md file toolbar doesn't have the edit buttons
FeatureIDEA-245576Convert Markdown to Docx (import/export docx)
FeatureIDEA-245577Convert Markdown to Pdf
FeatureIDEA-261922'Expand selection' in markdown should stop inside backtick-quoted code
Lang. Shell ScriptBugIDEA-262819Syntax Highlighting issue with process substitution and process redirection
UsabilityIDEA-252906Support for running scripts without path
BugIDEA-263122Wrong detection of the balanced string quotes in the shell script
BugIDEA-244342Wrong syntax highlighting in shell script
Lang. YAMLBugIDEA-264311Fragment editor of injection YAML unexpectedly closed after ENTER
BugIDEA-267035Syntax language hint no longer works in YAML files.
Tools. DockerFeatureIDEA-159173Docker integration: ability to restart containers
BugIDEA-267110Docker-compose. Ports validation. Add validation errors in case of ports with spaces
BugIDEA-266612java.lang.NullPointerException: Parameter specified as non-null is null at adding build options
BugIDEA-268617Docker Compose: port indentation is off for code completion
BugIDEA-273737close open project leads to the red Docker Compose service state Pipe closed, pipe id: `ComposeExternalRuntime.pipe:writeToT` at a compose app container restart
BugIDEA-273565Docker via SSH. Inspect on any item leads to java.util.concurrent.CompletionException
BugIDEA-271035Docker. Smart delete. "Delete selected" dialog: correct the behavior of the root item
BugIDEA-272946Docker over ssh builds docker-compose only locally
CosmeticsIDEA-271836Docker-compose. The icon of a new compose app looks line it is a simple container
BugIDEA-202831Docker, DockerCompose. Ephemeral ports: Port bindings tab is not updated after the container restart
BugIDEA-271913Docker. Rerun via Service view of a Dockerfile/Image doesn't include run config changes
BugIDEA-273566Docker. Two equal "Labels" tabs for a volume
BugIDEA-222687Support docker-compose compatibility option
FeatureIDEA-185923Docker: provide quick-help for keys in Dockerfiles, docker-compose.yaml files
BugIDEA-272067Docker. Don't leave the container in the stopped state after saving changes
BugIDEA-271873Docker. Make it not possible to edit the output of the inspect action
BugIDEA-271870Docker. Networks. Remove "Delete" item from the context menu for the default networks
FeatureIDEA-193298DockerCompose: provide possibility to navigate from alien nodes to the possible compose files
UsabilityIDEA-262734Docker-compose run configuration. "With exit code" up option: show the validation error just after this option adding
BugIDEA-271139Docker-compose. Disable "Down" for the synchronized not-existing compose app
CosmeticsIDEA-271972Docker-compose. Networks: change icons from "container" to the corresponding to volumes/networks
FeatureIDEA-265631[docker-compose editor] add validation for ip type
BugIDEA-267498Docker-compose. Wrong inspection error for `cpus` key value
ExceptionIDEA-273372NPE: DockerRuntimeCache
BugIDEA-273371docker plugin "inspect" vs docker CLI "inspect"
BugIDEA-259303Docker. Settings on the Tools page are wrong red marked
FeatureIDEA-251420Docker: Implement start/stop for "alien" compose nodes
BugIDEA-267017Docker-compose. Wrong inspection for `cpus` key
BugIDEA-266983Docker-compose. Inspection errors for device_cgroup_rules values from spec
FeatureIDEA-251843Docker. Support folding regions for RUN in Dockerfiles
BugIDEA-267527Docker. Debug doesn't work: Unrecognized argument: null
BugIDEA-267093Dockerfile. Quick help. Correct some descriptions
BugIDEA-230542IDE gives warning for multiple-line "command" service option
BugIDEA-267020Docker-compose. Inspection error for "subnet" value from spec
BugIDEA-272788Docker. Networks. "Containers" tab: + button doesn't work
BugIDEA-273441attach network to compose service by "com.docker.compose.project" label
BugIDEA-267007Docker-compose. Inspection errors by "list" presentation for `environment` key
BugIDEA-271023Docker. Show image action for a container doesn't work.
FeatureIDEA-270075add possibility to disable folding for Docker log console
FeatureIDEA-270074ask user before delete orphans services
FeatureIDEA-255708Allow language injection info Dockerfile commands
UsabilityIDEA-271112Docker. Smart delete. Idea is blocked until all is deleted, make the action process in the background.
FeatureIDEA-268333Dockerfile: add quickfix for not allowed spaces
FeatureIDEA-268003Mark unquoted ports in a docker-compose.yml as a warning
BugIDEA-272228Docker. No easy possibility to remove volumes without dependencies
BugIDEA-267124Docker-compose. Duration type: wrong inspection errors for 2.5s format
UsabilityIDEA-271107Docker-compose. Add the explaining tooltips about "red/yellow" states of the items in the Services view
BugIDEA-272035Docker. Image run configurations: Command Preview is absent
UsabilityIDEA-272979Quick documentation examples in Dockerfiles can be hard to read
BugIDEA-273722all documents should be saved before Docker Compose actions
FeatureIDEA-171328Docker - allow for pausing/unpausing containers
UsabilityIDEA-267225Docker: Inspect output is barely readable
CosmeticsIDEA-271720Docker. Container log tab: Fold log actions layout is inconvenient
BugIDEA-271413Docker. No list of docker items after connection: Cannot obtain deployments: Illegal char
BugIDEA-271120Docker-compose. Services view: if all the services are yellow then make the root compose item also yellow
BugIDEA-272112Docker-compose. Impossible to remove project name option
BugIDEA-267016Docker-compose. Wrong inspection error for 'user' key
BugIDEA-274078smart delete work incorrect in some cases
BugIDEA-272619Docker. Port bindings are not present on the tab after Save action
BugIDEA-270825Docker: NullPointerException on connect to node in Services view
BugIDEA-271920Docker. Delete a volume: Correct the confirm dialog content
FeatureIDEA-227244Docker: Provide Safe Delete UI for the Delete Image action
BugIDEA-271976Docker. Networks/Volumes: display "Containers" tab with the related containers
FeatureIDEA-265632[docker-compose editor] add validation for ports mapping type
UsabilityIDEA-272439Docker. Volumes. Smart delete dialog. Provide possibility to expandAll/collapseAll/selectAll/deselectAll buttons, add info about selected sub-nodes
BugIDEA-272883Impossible to disable Run Built image option in Docker
BugIDEA-262553Docker. Dockerfile/Image run configurations: Command Preview is absent in the new options UI
BugIDEA-271143Docker-compose. Disable or don't show "Delete" action for not existing items
UsabilityIDEA-262348Docker Compose Run Configuration: the focus is not on the chosen option from the Up list
BugIDEA-273226Docker Compose: ports outside the 0-65535 interval pass the validation
BugIDEA-271868Docker compose: "Enable synchronization with Services view" doesn't work
BugIDEA-270969Docker Plugin does not work after a restart of CLion EAP 2021.2
BugIDEA-269753Docker: Image completion leads to FROM instruction replacement and exception java.util.NoSuchElementException: Array is empty.
FeatureIDEA-271126Docker. Log console for every compose service node
BugIDEA-267032Docker-compose. Add validation for shm_size key values
UsabilityIDEA-271130Docker. Smart delete dialog: add some tips over/near compose items
BugIDEA-271250Docker: Allow to disable the notification to install/enable the Shell Script plugin
BugIDEA-268997Docker. Fails to re-run the pointed Dockerfile: the node hangs in the Service view
BugIDEA-272064Docker. Don't create a new run configuration by re-run with -p option
BugIDEA-271210from services docker-compose down does not include --env-file
BugIDEA-267013Docker-compose. Wrong inspection errors for start_period key
FeatureIDEA-173760Docker Compose: Allow operations on multiple services/containers (run, stop, etc)
BugIDEA-268618Docker: [windows] improve error thrown when attempting to connect to Docker when Docker isn't running
FeatureIDEA-265630[docker-compose editor] add validation for duration type
Tools. HTTP ClientBugIDEA-271320Ctrl+z allows to undo all the text in the Http Client tab
UsabilityIDEA-269042HTTP Client: should not mark regexp for URL as a insecure http link
UsabilityIDEA-265960"Http is not safe" hint overlaps with underlined references in URL
BugIDEA-239324REST client JSON output limitation / truncated
FeatureIDEA-267008HTTP Usage Inspection: ignore local URL addresses by default and add an option
BugIDEA-266294HTTP Client doesn't use credentials specified in Proxy Authentication dialog in case of autodetected proxy
FeatureIDEA-271808HTTP Client: provide Generate HTTP Request intention for implicit web references
BugIDEA-264163HTTP Client freezes IDE on big response
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-238288PhpStorm Terminal is not outputting ANSI formatting sequences correctly
BugIDEA-265118Can't open Local Terminal
FeatureIDEA-142610Allow to switch between different shells in the terminal plugin
FeatureIDEA-165184Add "Use Option as Meta key" support to terminal
BugIDEA-269214Several keystrokes not recognized by embedded local terminal ( latest debian )
FeatureIDEA-118845Allow configurable cursor shape in terminal
BugIDEA-260165Alt + F/B shortcuts do NOT work in Terminal
BugIDEA-170763Some special characters cannot be typed in IDE terminal
FeatureIDEA-198475Powershell as a default shell on Win 10
FeatureIDEA-166948Presets for different shells
FeatureIDEA-151206SSH terminal add a new connection
FeatureIDEA-268890Provide quick way to open WSL in Terminal tool window
BugIDEA-258409Terminal pane must be opened manually in order for shell configurations to run in 2020.3
BugIDEA-266310Typography settings not working in terminal
FeatureIDEA-212446Make opening external files from the embedded terminal configurable
FeatureIDEA-268134Allow to increase/decrease/reset font size in the built-in terminal using keyboard shortcuts
Tools. Test ManagementBugIDEA-270365"New Test from Test Cases" create file to "/target/generated-sources/annotations" root directory
BugIDEA-272693PluginException: com.jetbrains.test.ide.actions.OpenDefaultProjectAction: group with id "WelcomeScreen.QuickStart.IDEA" isn't registered
BugIDEA-268204TMS with local markdown files mixes scenarios
BugIDEA-270362When choose "Test from Test Case" option within TMS selection window test cases has not ids
User InterfaceBugIDEA-236115Mac title bar is empty in full screen mode
FeatureIDEA-263488Add a status bar widget for Power Save mode
CosmeticsIDEA-236119Wrong font is used in title bar if transparent title bar is enabled
UsabilityIDEA-249597"Copy" context menu now requires submenu navigation
BugIDEA-268310File icons are rendered differently for multiple-selection in VCS changes trees
BugIDEA-261052JDK Update should use the IDE/Plugin updates
BugIDEA-267670Add an option key to call "Maximize Editor" with double-click on editor tab
BugIDEA-262687Some mnemonics are not visible in popups
BugIDEA-261117Built-in HTML preview reloads when unreated files are changed
BugIDEA-271941Multi-modules detection needs reopen projects
BugIDEA-270989New Help menu: Ctrl+C shortcut is not working
BugIDEA-271944Letter from the last word will be used for abbreviations in icon
UsabilityIDEA-262095Pinned tabs in a separate row: don't stretch unpinned tabs
BugIDEA-272889Line numbers are cut in Recent Locations
BugIDEA-271191Confirmation dialogs are broken
BugIDEA-268307Sort tool windows without mnemonics in Recent Files alphabetically
BugIDEA-271374Resizing tool windows in "Undock" view mode does not work/work wrong
BugIDEA-271880Alerts: remove mnemonics from title and support line breaks in message
BugIDEA-256073Black frame in selected ComboBox item
CosmeticsIDEA-270200Broken selection color in New File dialog
UsabilityIDEA-270614Windows Jump lists items don't have tooltips
BugIDEA-263581Add JDK: "com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.SDKListItem$..." action items are displayed on touch bar
BugIDEA-271833Wrong buttons order on touch bar for dialogs
BugIDEA-272081Items from popups are not shown on touch bar
BugIDEA-263393Open In Browser action from the URL context action menu is invoked just on mouse hovering or navigating by arrays through the actions popup if Intentions Preview is enabled
BugIDEA-270699Toolwindows won't open on mouseclick: TRANSLUCENT translucency is not supported
FeatureIDEA-259660Add a shortcut to allow switching Big Sur tabs
CosmeticsIDEA-270694Some components background color looks wrong in macOS Light theme
BugIDEA-267389Icons appear for popup items without icons
BugIDEA-236120Transparent title bar is not hidden if a detached tab is opened in full screen mode
ExceptionIDEA-269240'IllegalArgumentException: Can't find advanced setting' when call 'Reset Got it tooltip' action
CosmeticsIDEA-270760Highlighting area of a dragged tool window takes the whole editor height
BugIDEA-265122PHPStorm-EAP 2021.1 throw exception on welcome screen (com.intellij.util.ImageLoader.getResourceData)
BugIDEA-270071Quick Definition popup rendering
BugIDEA-268606Arrow buttons are not displayed in the image diff
TaskIDEA-268511ExpandableTextField#setMonospaced(true) should use editor font instead of system one
BugIDEA-267718[BigSur alerts] Do not support HTML tags in options namees
BugIDEA-269107"configure" action for conflicting changelists shows an extracted version of the settings
UsabilityIDEA-269106"Edit scopes" setting opens an extracted part of the settings
BugIDEA-262987Frame icon is small when in presentation mode
TaskIDEA-270841Main menu cleanup (Refactoring, Analyze, Tools, Help)
CosmeticsIDEA-267398"About" dialog is not well-aligned when shown in JetBrains Mono font
TaskIDEA-272290Don't show What's new page in the IDE on fresh install
BugIDEA-261853JBTextField consumes space when invisible
FeatureIDEA-237881Provide a way to group problems by type in Problems View
UsabilityIDEA-265384Make IDE and Project settings widget disablable
BugIDEA-268182Projects are opened as separate windows instead of tabs if transparent title bar is enabled
UsabilityIDEA-272108Splitter sizes are not saved anymore / suitable after new EAP version is released
BugIDEA-269313Toolbar and navigation bar are hidden under project tabs if projects are opened in full screen
UsabilityIDEA-270670Tool window in Float mode is hard to drag
BugIDEA-262284Recent Projects popup doesn't remember it's width
UsabilityIDEA-269111"Customize menus and toolbars" action shows an extracted version of the settings
UsabilityIDEA-184944Use words instead of symbols in shortcuts for OSX
CosmeticsIDEA-271858Detected sdk first element selection looks weird
TaskIDEA-270877Tool windows dnd: add "drag distance" threshold for tool window buttons and headers
UsabilityIDEA-267926Display project name in 'Open project' confirmation dialog
FeatureIDEA-269756Better names for multi-module projects on welcome screen in small IDEs
CosmeticsIDEA-267732"Browse icon for selection action (*.png)" doesn't reflect that .svg is also supported
BugIDEA-261155Built-in HTML tab is opened as Preview tab if the *.html file is opened as Preview tab
BugIDEA-271380Selected item in the completion popup is unreadable with Mac OS Light theme
BugIDEA-264013WebPreview icon isn't shown if all browsers are disabled
TaskIDEA-265429Set minimal width and height of Welcome Screen
CosmeticsIDEA-262886Move the "Open without Importing" button to the center
FeatureIDEA-145837Add left margin regulation for distract free mode
BugIDEA-191366Text in file inspection header is unreadable due to wrong color
UsabilityIDEA-270122Only last component of root module group name is shown in Project Structure dialog
BugIDEA-267051Sort icon is missing in table headers
TaskIDEA-268320Tab drag out of the editor should open tab in a separate window
BugIDEA-261164In Mac Messages the warning icon is always displayed as the general IntelliJ icon
BugIDEA-269705New Project wizard doesn't allow to select project type
BugIDEA-264380Exception on startup
UsabilityIDEA-271622"Quick definition" popup can't be moved
UsabilityIDEA-265158Cannot dnd tab to pin when options 'One row' and 'Show pinned tabs in a separate row' are on
BugIDEA-239838Duplicated file opened in split mode when we are paused on a breakpoint in debug mode (Tabs are disabled)
BugIDEA-269330Add notification for IDEs running under Rosetta2 on apple M1 processors
BugIDEA-271735No plugin counter is visible in High Contrast theme
BugIDEA-272337Reversed arrows in trusted dialog
BugIDEA-253426Implement "Show pinned tabs in a separate row" for single row layout
FeatureIDEA-265000Navigating from the Editor splits: allow users to choose where to activate the file already opened in another split
BugIDEA-267047Frequent crashes at [libnst64.dylib+0x6be2] _setButtonData+0x142 in IDEA Nightly (no reproducer yet)
BugIDEA-232632"Mark modified (*)" works only if "Show file icon" is enabled for Editor tabs.
BugIDEA-263607Inconsistent and annoying presentation of "Copy Path..." menu item
BugIDEA-189731Results preview of "analyze dataflow" is "empty" for all but first result inside one node
BugIDEA-264566"Updates available" icon disappears after IDEA restart
TaskIDEA-265276Improve wording in New Project Settings menu item
CosmeticsIDEA-263411Fix System settings layout
BugIDEA-236133Window does not get to "normalize" state by double-click the transparent title bar
BugIDEA-271330Settings "Drag-and-drop with Alt pressed only" broken
TaskIDEA-234632Make backgroundable tasks start in background by default
BugIDEA-270541Esc doesn't close some dialogs
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-264923On MacOS, the name of the IDE error icon is spoken with HTML tags
BugIDEA-270858Items in result list in Search Everywhere are not pronounced by screen reader
BugIDEA-263910Screen reader pronounces "text/html" for some notifications
User Interface. Action SystemBugIDEA-270131Context menu is not shown in unfocused Project view
BugIDEA-265677CloseNotificationAction is not available during indexing
BugIDEA-267137Keyboard navigation in popup menu causes duplication in submenu
BugIDEA-273186"File" menu sometimes not opening after click
BugIDEA-263127Deadlock in ActionUpdater
BugIDEA-269626"Compact View" button doesn't work
BugIDEA-263282Toolbar jumps and popups resize due to that in async update mode
FeatureIDEA-266279Create dedicated Maximize Editor action
TaskIDEA-264768Right click on a gutter unexpectedly creates a bookmark
BugIDEA-269110"Configure inspections" does nothing in 212
BugIDEA-264299Toolbar with browsers is no more visible in html files
PerformanceIDEA-2646120.5 s delay when showing the branch list
BugIDEA-264398Empty menu item in Favorites tool window menu
BugIDEA-264547Clicking on the "Run Tests" gutter unexpectedly creates a breakpoint
User Interface. Console ViewBugIDEA-250608Output automatically activates soft-wrap when a line is longer than 100000 characters
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-264027Branch actions dialog is being closed immediately
BugIDEA-267261"Select File In Project View" in TouchBar toggles project build O_o
BugIDEA-260511Combox with JBPopup closes on update
BugIDEA-267068Offset clickable area for the Resolve button in the Commit panel
BugIDEA-271423'VCS' menu item is renamed to 'Git'
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-244182JCEF heavyweight popup closes too early or always stays on top [Linux]
BugIDEA-269711osr markdown is not painted when switching the view modes
BugIDEA-273898add registry key to switch Code With Me to OSR mode
FeatureIDEA-265760implement off-screen jcef render handler
BugIDEA-269568switch markdown viewer to lightweight OSR mode
BugIDEA-269332support JBR-3447 org.cef.browser.CefBrowserOsrWithHandler#createDevToolsBrowser is not implemented
TaskIDEA-265333allow per-browser off-screen rendering mode
BugIDEA-260275Screen sharing in jcef also captures microphone
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-270761Find in Files defaults to a "Directory" scope after serching in File
FeatureIDEA-137166Export Find Results to new Scratch file
BugIDEA-270766"Usages of ..." tool window notification is not closed after search is completed
TaskIDEA-231364Implement Find Usages tool window and dialog design updates
TaskIDEA-231362Implement Show Usages popup new design
BugIDEA-272143"Show usages" popup is not closed with Esc key if Scope combobox is focused
BugIDEA-272398"Search for base method usages" option is shown for methods without base methods and constructors
BugIDEA-242476Filter icon becomes a line of checkboxes when the icon does not fit on the toolbar
BugIDEA-268598"Replace" is not invoked with Cmd+R if focus is in Find field
BugIDEA-268087Fix cosmetics in search field in editor and in popup
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-250423Wrong file selected in Project View when clicking it after working in detached Editor
BugIDEA-268607Some git actions (probably all) don't raise Git tool window focus when the tool window is in window mode
BugIDEA-265676Switching to another project using File -> Open Recent does not work if the other project is already opened and its window is minimized
BugIDEA-235818Cmd+` (Command backtick) switches between windows in different workspaces
BugIDEA-266195Navigating to Definition not Focusing on Other Screen
UsabilityIDEA-194818Focus in Open Project dialog should be on "New Window"
BugIDEA-214538UI freeze caused by java focus API, Ubuntu 18.04, two monitors
BugIDEA-264005Non-modal commit tool window isn't focused sometimes on 'Commit' action (when "Refreshing Local Changes" progress is shown)
BugIDEA-271932Click on gutter does nothing if focus is out of editor
User Interface. Keyboard InputBugIDEA-198381Modifiers from macro action invocation shouldn't affect macro execution
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-269582Broken High contrast theme in 2021.2
BugIDEA-256700Different behaviour of JEditorPane for Darcula and IntelliJ Light themes
User Interface. NavigationFeatureIDEA-269550Debugger: Use Preview Tab for files opened for frame navigation and stepping
BugIDEA-272404Option to open file in an inactive split is not considered when opening a file from Recent files with Tab Placement: None
UsabilityIDEA-222648Navigate to test data: Do not show a popup for a single option
UsabilityIDEA-269923Navigating Back/Forward should remember if the file was opened in Preview Tab
BugIDEA-270835Mnemonics in Switcher window not working with Ctrl+Shift pressed
BugIDEA-269744Duplicates in Search Everywhere
User Interface. PluginsUsabilityIDEA-265998Plugin update: modal error messages appear one on another
BugIDEA-257729java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 4: file:\C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 211.3089\lib\icons.jar!\plugins\pluginLogo.svg
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-269161Broken backward compatibility in PsiDirectoryNode
BugIDEA-270746Remove "Add BOM" option from project tree context menu
FeatureIDEA-162454Project View. Count selected items.
BugIDEA-265441Project tool window "copy path" context menu action copies wrong path (focusing issue)
User Interface. Search EverywhereBugIDEA-271963Actions by abbreviations are not shown at the top of results in "Find Action" if ML sorting is enabled
BugIDEA-273308Search everywhere: redundant options found for multi-word search sometimes
BugIDEA-270589navigate to class: show in find toolwindow opens empty results
BugIDEA-261426Empty line in Search Everywhere results when searching for "vcs"
UsabilityIDEA-265751"Open recent" name in find dialog could be unintuitive
BugIDEA-271699Search everywhere: "Quick definition popup" doesn't take current selected item in results list into account
BugIDEA-266701Search Everywhere: Wrong hint on All tab after switching from Actions tab
User Interface. TabsBugIDEA-274043file opens in new window when using ctrl+alt+left and ctrl+alt+right
Version ControlBugIDEA-269314Shift+Tab navigation is not working in Commit toolwindow
UsabilityIDEA-268812'Esc' no longer closes the diff window
BugIDEA-265636Clicking Help button in Remove Remote dialog throws an exception
UsabilityIDEA-265077Pre-commit checks in background: add re-run icon
BugIDEA-267194Settings Repository fails at clone due to incorrect upstream branch resolution
BugIDEA-264786Tests before Commit: first underscore in configuration name turns into mnemonic
UsabilityIDEA-264785Pre-commit checks in background: hard to distinguish failed checks when many are shown
UsabilityIDEA-171873Commit change dialog should show code cleanup profile
FeatureIDEA-57574Ability to enable tests execution in "before commit" actions
UsabilityIDEA-171261Cannot delete last changlist
FeatureIDEA-194094Add option to disable changelists completely
BugIDEA-270294Error running Tests': Cannot run 'Test' on '<default>' in AppCode
BugIDEA-264996Tests before Commit: infinite checks spinner if test configuration is not full
BugIDEA-272134Regression: Local Changes is missing inline diff in 2021.2 EAP 4
TaskIDEA-266238Add "Fetch" icon to VCS main menu
BugIDEA-270337Tests before Commit: Selected Tests configuration is not updated in Commit toolwindow if was changed in Settings
UsabilityIDEA-237547Ctrl-Tab in preview diff conflicts with tabs switcher
BugIDEA-264772Tests before Commit: cannot run tests in gradle project
BugIDEA-269322Lost conflicting renamed/modified changes during Update project process
BugIDEA-264658Branches: Missing Edit / Remove remote context menu items
ExceptionIDEA-266052Tests before commit: IllegalStateException: Already resumed
BugIDEA-264758Tests before Commit: code compilation is not started on tests run before commit
BugIDEA-268108Balloon notification does not escape html from jest output
BugIDEA-272191Double-clicking a file inside "Local Changes" opens strange Diff
BugIDEA-264651Branches: "Expand/Collapse All" shortcuts do not work correctly when search filter is filled
TaskIDEA-272199Add the Show on Double click selector under Gear of GIt toolwindow
UsabilityIDEA-269749Add "Run Tests" option in Version Control | Commit | Before Commit
FeatureIDEA-241921Branches panel should respect the Path filter
CosmeticsIDEA-264640Branches: Add "Group By" tooltip
CosmeticsIDEA-269628Analyze Code before commit: first underscore in profile name turns into mnemonic
BugIDEA-269629Analyze Code before commit: latest added profiles are not shown as selected
BugIDEA-269829Commit is done whereas pre-commit test task isn't successful
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-193572Support git config core.hooksPath
ExceptionIDEA-267043Exception and threadDump after merging via Git Merge dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-269554Show Diff button is always active even though the selection is empty
BugIDEA-259512Automatic exclusion of files listed in .gitignore only recognizes files from 1 repository root.
BugIDEA-268542"New branch" doesn't work in branches popup invoked from VCS operations popup
BugIDEA-270207WSL: IDE incorrectly autodetects git on windows after export/import wsl distro
BugIDEA-253401Git Staging Area: File name completion doesn't work in commit message field when staging is enabled
BugIDEA-272962GPG Key does not display correctly the owner name
BugIDEA-272205Git GPG Signing: cannot turn off commit signing when no private keys were found
FeatureIDEA-232456Branches: Allow grouping by repository
BugIDEA-271726VcsException: Cannot run program "gpg": error=2, No such file or directory
BugIDEA-262265Unshelve with drag and drop doesn't work inside commit tab
BugIDEA-263100Compare with Branch functionality actually compares with tag if branch and tag have identical names
FeatureIDEA-259421Add an action to call Ignored but not excluded check
TaskIDEA-269158Update Compare actions to show diff in the editor
ExceptionIDEA-272443NPE at git4idea.config.GitExecutableDetector.getBashExecutablePath
TaskIDEA-269501Git GPG Signing: provide link to help when gpg-signing fails
Version Control. GitHubUsabilityIDEA-263390GitHub Pull Requests: can't hit pencil button by keyboard
BugIDEA-267608Create PR is just doing a git push without actually creating a PR in PyCharm 2021.1
BugIDEA-263361GitHub Pull Requests: push is incorrectly recognized as successful when create PR without access to repo
UsabilityIDEA-262864GitHub Sync Fork: sync fork action returns "No suitable GitHub account found" notification instead of "Log In to GitHub" dialog when no github account is configured
BugIDEA-251845"Malformed URL" error when "Open on GitHub" for files with `[brackets-in-name].js` (common / required Next.js filename pattern)
BugIDEA-203276Rebase My GitHub Fork and Create PR offers to select between origin and upstream
CosmeticsIDEA-264987Create Pull Request: new text for "no changes" warning
BugIDEA-251331Comments in diffs are not visible when "Hard wrap at" is set to 0
BugIDEA-265152Create pull request: show tooltip with full repo-branch spec on hover
BugIDEA-272485GitHub PullRequest: remote branch isn't detected on new PR creation
UsabilityIDEA-264210GIthub Pull Requests: New Pull Request tab is not focused after login
BugIDEA-265637GitHub Sync Fork: sync fork doesn't work when upstream configured with ssh or http url
BugIDEA-264499"Create Pull Request" button does not appear until after "Pull Requests" pane has been opened
BugIDEA-270034GitHub tab is not refreshed after authorization
BugIDEA-260230Loading Github branch protection rules not consistent
CosmeticsIDEA-264969Create Pull Request: use default font color for the errors, red icon is enough to attract attention
CosmeticsIDEA-263303GitHub Pull Requests: beautify API error messages
BugIDEA-264970Create Pull Request: do not duplicate error about empty pull request on creation
BugIDEA-264973Pull Request: Do not suggest to reset filters when the search query is empty
BugIDEA-264961Create Pull Request: remove plus and target icons for New Pull Request View
BugIDEA-264976Pull requests: reset filter should not set state:open
Version Control. Local HistoryCosmeticsIDEA-271576Search in Local History: Changes tree blinks if no results found
UsabilityIDEA-271431Search in Local History: no keyboard navigation between items
FeatureIDEA-70015Search Local History for file content and labels
BugIDEA-269828Search in Local History Freeze
BugIDEA-271318Search in Local History: Do not show diff if no results found
UsabilityIDEA-271317Search in Local History: Ctrl+F should set cursor into search field
Version Control. LogExceptionIDEA-269709Stable ' Broken index maps' after reopening some projects in AppCode
No subsystemFeatureWEB-45326Chromium-based browsers Edge and Opera are assigned to non-Chrome family in "Settings → Tools → Web Browsers" window
BugWEB-51406Memory leak editing Vue 2.x Typescript SFC
UsabilityWEB-50871Do not show less popular browsers by default in the browser editor widget
FeatureWEB-51419Web-types: show icons in documentation
FeatureWEB-51613Show tooltip advertising pressing save to reload built-in HTML preview
BugWEB-49983exception on opening Module Dependencies Diagram for Javascript/Typescript
FeatureWEB-11949simplify built-in web server document root configuration
BugWEB-47995IDE "Synchronizing files..." Indefinitely after installing dependencies in multi-package project
BugWEB-50967Popup with auto import suggestions shows 'Loading'
BugWEB-51498Don't add a path to folder in imports after webpack aliases
BugWEB-51628Convert to string template doesn't work in assignment context
FeatureWEB-51150Launching Microsoft Edge
BugWEB-51616Prepend relative path prefix to completion items
FeatureWEB-51573Show What's New in WebStorm after update
BugWEB-50998"js.namespace.index" seems to produce keys with quotes sometimes
BugWEB-51576Run/debug with docker-compose doesn't work with new targets api
FeatureWEB-50989Add 'Reload on Save' for the .php files opened on the built-in web server
FeatureWEB-50133Enable "Copy/Paste with imports" feature for "require"-s
Build toolsBugWEB-50500Gulp tool window button on sidebar not available after phpStorm restart
BugWEB-50622Grunt tool window no longer persists between IntelliJ launches
CSSBugWEB-51099Support all steps function keywords for "transition-timing-function"
FeatureWEB-51071text-decoration-thickness is marked as Unknown CSS property
UsabilityWEB-49798Provide better name/description for "CSS | Invalid elements | Unresolved CSS Class" inspection
BugWEB-49599No completion of Tailwind classes if className value is dynamically evaluated
FeatureWEB-48767Support for Tailwind class names completion in styled-components
BugWEB-50961Add support for missing generic font families
BugWEB-50930Unknown pseudo selector 'file-selector-button'
DebuggerPerformanceWEB-50909Webstorm High Memory Usage Over Time (Suspected Memory Leak)
BugWEB-35835The debugger does not stop at any breakpoints in symlinked files when using `--preserve-symlinks` node option.
BugWEB-44912Debugging Vue.js + Typescript doesn't work
UsabilityWEB-50873Broken default layout of JavaScript debug tool window
UsabilityWEB-50777Inline value of an array with an empty string looks unusual in Debugger
UsabilityWEB-48157Node.js 15+: Step Into enters "async_hooks" on debugging async/await functions
TaskWEB-50869Remove Firefox Remote debug configuration in WebStorm 2021.2
BugWEB-51608Reload Built-in Preview if it's already open
CosmeticsWEB-51183Incorrect positioning of tabs in Debug tool window
BugWEB-49821Deno debug completely broken
BugWEB-39786Can't debug mocha tests via @vue/cli-service
CosmeticsWEB-51035Unexpected filename in context menu items of run and debug
HTMLBugWEB-49670Simultaneous tags editing breaks JSX tags editing when using multiple carets
CosmeticsWEB-50457Use Obsolete instead of Deprecated in HTML inspections
JSONBugWEB-50759JsonSchema: "deprecationMessage" not recognized when using "$ref" or "anyOf"
JavaScriptBugWEB-50052No completion for commonJS module if the module is required in other files
ExceptionWEB-51366Adding require import causes an exception: java.lang.Throwable: Threading assertion. psiFile
BugWEB-51508'Redundant await expression' doesn't handle function with non-promise result
BugWEB-51289Autosave of file every second (on typing) and crashing/freezing because of FLOW.exe
BugWEB-50469InvalidPathException while checking if file is included in .flowconfig when opening files with `:` in URL
FeatureWEB-49120creating arrow function could be a bit more simplified
FeatureWEB-35266Support TypeScript types in JSDoc
BugWEB-51073properties completion from `.d.ts` files doesn't work when using destructuring `require()`
BugWEB-51273Commonjs imports are inserted before other imports
FeatureWEB-51179[FR] Ctrl+Click on "break" could jump to the enclosing statement
BugWEB-49102PyCharm is not displaying class functions properly
FeatureWEB-50734Add Surround with Arrow Function
FeatureWEB-50092'require' is not reused when importing another element
BugWEB-46919JsDoc 3 Hashmaps are not supported for plain entries
BugWEB-50897live templates on keywords completion ignore semicolon termination preferences
FeatureWEB-50653Private brand checks
BugWEB-50988Function's property is not recognized when function returns result
BugWEB-50638i18n: Preferences/Settings: Languages & Frameworks: JavaScript: Libraries: hardcoded string in framework type
BugWEB-49306Generic type in suggest instead concrete
FeatureWEB-19907Guess parameter types from function calls
FeatureWEB-48693Auto imports for Common.js require statements
BugWEB-50849A function call is incorrectly marked as recursive in TS
BugWEB-50729Highlighting broken for jsx file
BugWEB-50949for-await-of doesn't unwrap promise type
BugWEB-14267Optional properties in @typedef declaration are not supported
BugWEB-51311Ctrl+Click on break inside switch statement jumps to the wrong place
ExceptionWEB-51350auto-import useState causes exception
FeatureWEB-51357Autocomplete/highlighting/navigation broken when importing TypeScript file via a *.js suffix from a JavaScript file
FeatureWEB-51278provide support for regex flags indices `d`
BugWEB-50461JavaScript one-line if-else doesn't report syntax error on missing semicolon
FeatureWEB-40986Lodash ES6 imports
BugWEB-50996Copying imports from a type declaration should respect types of import in a file
BugWEB-49131No auto-import suggestions provided for lodash
BugWEB-49054No code completion in dynamic classNames in template strings after interpolation
BugWEB-50029Insert template string argument intention should be available after template string
BugWEB-21852Refactoring (renaming) a JSDoc type name does not rename all occurrences
BugWEB-50816Async function detection fails on changing order of JSX elements
CosmeticsWEB-51320Update description for the ECMAScript 6 language level
BugWEB-50951JS+Flow, arrow function parameter inlined type fails to parse with a trailing comma
BugWEB-49323The type is shown incorrectly in the assignment
BugWEB-50015Incorrect javascript import path using aliases when working on WSL2
BugWEB-50854syntax error when using Flow $Diff type
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-32166'Add semicolons on reformat' should add semicolons after TS interface members
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-26714Add support for the classnames library when using React
BugWEB-51353'Unknown HTML tag' error for i18n tag
BugWEB-49229MDN documentation for tags in TSX is broken
BugWEB-51335Named slots shows 'Unrecognised Slot name'
FeatureWEB-49740[2020.3.2] ij_vue_uniform_indent setting ignored in .editorconfig for .vue files
BugWEB-50538Props values completion doesn't work when using component created with forwardRef()
FeatureWEB-43748input missing associated label error when using @angular/material
FeatureWEB-48703Rename both state value and function that updates it in React's `useState`
BugWEB-51329No documentation & resolve for the 'template' tag in .vue
BugWEB-50851Svelte: better imports support
BugWEB-51338Unknown events (@input, @focus)
BugWEB-51339Pattern info is shown in the Quick doc popup
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-44319JavaScript noinspection DuplicatedCode has no effect
BugWEB-50378False positive "The value assigned to 'x' is never used" inside async function
BugWEB-50898"Method expression is not of Function type" when accessing a prototype method using Symbol
BugWEB-50520Unreachable Case in Switch
BugWEB-51312Add details/examples to "Pointless statement or boolean expression" inspection description
BugWEB-51274"Mismatched query and update of collection" inspection not working correctly
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-51370Substring isn't removed from a function name when removing a state name
BugWEB-51401"Extract method" refactoring fails for switch statement ("multiple exit points" error)
BugWEB-50557Inlining destructured variable based off conditional selected object
BugWEB-51511"Make method static" breaks calls to private methods
LintersUsabilityWEB-47440Show quick fixes from the IDE inspections above quick fixes related to linters
FeatureWEB-51288Update bundled JSHint to 2.13
BugWEB-49805ESLint: no error highlighting for GraphQL
Live EditBugWEB-51423Live reload stop working (Throwable: Timeout on waiting for client)
Node.jsBugWEB-51783NPM script run configuration is wrongly marked as invalid if node & npm are taken from WSL2
UsabilityWEB-51119Hide V8 Profiling from the menu Tools
BugWEB-50591Hovering over dependency in package.json does not show latest version until you hover over the package again
BugWEB-51389Use https to fetch npm package versions
BugWEB-51514Can't start TypeScript service with remote node interpreter
BugWEB-51515Prettier hangs on the first run when remote node interpreter is configured
BugWEB-51516Stylelint doesn't work with remote node interpreter
BugWEB-51500NPM install fails with StackOverflowError exception
BugWEB-50526Installed prereleased version does not match the version range '*' in package.json
BugWEB-47462WebStorm does not use selected WSL Node for Git operations
FeatureWEB-36709Autocomplete in package.json should respect configured npm registry
FeatureWEB-46834On completion show only names and hide values of variables stored in .env
ExceptionWEB-51391Exception while creating React template project
ExceptionWEB-51314NPE while updating path to npm package
PerformanceWEB-51565Linked packages under @types are indexed always
BugWEB-51242Add 'serve' and 'lint' to the completion in the 'scripts' section in package.json
SASSFeatureWEB-51021Support Sass/SCSS math.div
TypeScriptTaskWEB-51690Update bundled TypeScript to 4.3
BugWEB-50975Typescript 4.3: Allow override as parameter property
BugWEB-48764React + typescript, React class component with generic type raise expected syntax error
TaskWEB-50611Improve "Infer parameter types from usages" intention
BugWEB-51392Update tsconfig.json schema to include ES2021 target.
FeatureWEB-51449Add tsconfig.test.json to the list of associated file names for TypeScript Configuration Files
FeatureWEB-43845no action for convert `import = require` to `import from`
Unit TestsBugWEB-51076RuntimeExceptionWithAttachments: Can't run Karma with coverage
Code CompletionBugDBE-12018Auto completion in JOIN statement does not qualify objects
BugDBE-2212IDE suggest columns from pg_catalog instead of columns from selected search path
FeatureDBE-10515Give priority to chosen schema in code completion
UsabilityDBE-10512Add option to toggle suggestion of all objects from all schemas in completion drop-down
BugDBE-9025mssql complete not default schema
FeatureDBE-11902On optimistic left join completion, improve priorization
Code FormatterBugDBE-13485Datagrip always wraps "Create or Alter Function" statement regardless of Code Style setting
FeatureDBE-12690Add formatting option for Place ON/USING under JOIN indented
FeatureDBE-8059An option to treat the asterisk in the SELECT clause as a regular element
FeatureDBE-759Add options to wrap alter table statement
Code GenerationBugDBE-12810SERAIL field type is incorrectly generated for not default sequence
BugDBE-13462COMMENT and LANGUAGE positioned wrong
Code HighlightingBugDBE-13557UNMASK not recognized as valid permission (MS SQL Server)
BugDBE-13092CockroachDB SQL dialect doesn't understand partial UNIQUE indexes in CREATE TABLE
BugDBE-13551Inspector expect NEEST instead of NEST
BugDBE-13458Clickhouse asof and semi join support
BugDBE-12682clickhouse dialect don't support EXCEPT and REPLACE in select query
BugDBE-12343ClickHouse toDecimalN could not take such arguments false positive
BugDBE-13280Queries with CTE do not work against ClickHouse when sql is multiline or not wrapped in brackets and join syntax highliting
BugDBE-12304Clickhouse correct SQL query shows an error in editor
BugDBE-3804Oracle SQL: Existing synonym marked as unresolvable
BugDBE-3759SQL inspection: "column should be in group by clause" inspection doesn't work at PostgreSQL, db2 and Derby
BugDBE-13364Not working inspection
BugDBE-12960Oracle SQL*Plus dialect does not support "create blockchain table" command in DB 19c (19.10.0) or 21c
BugDBE-12548Some CTEs are not supported in ClickHouse
BugDBE-12059CREATE\DROP\ALTER INDEX in SQL2016 are not supported
BugDBE-12838The Exasol IGNORE NULLS Option for Analytics Functions is not recognized
BugDBE-10550Aliased table names are highlighted as missing or invalid
BugDBE-13401ERROR: syntax error at end of input when running multiline default privileges statement
BugDBE-13084Add support for [update|drop histogram on] statements for MySQL dialect
BugDBE-1632PostgreSQL: Accessing subfields from function returning composite type
BugDBE-11582select auto_id,`rank` from mm0; rank is parsed as function instead of column
BugDBE-12952GROUP_CONCAT () does not accept LIMIT clause
BugDBE-12955Missing Functions in Snowflake Dialect for Datagrip
BugDBE-9172Inline/in-line PL/SQL Functions in SQL queries fail due to syntax-check
BugDBE-12992Fix dictionary and dictionary field references resolving for ClickHouse dialect
BugDBE-13471Support Full-Text Search capabilities of MS SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 / Azure SQL Database
BugDBE-10782Wrong coalesce inspection detects in ClickHouse Dialect
FeatureDBE-13476ClickHouse: support EXPLAIN/EXPLAIN PIPELINE statement syntax
BugDBE-13477Support Redshift recursive CTE syntax
Coding AssistanceBugDBE-13493'Merge INSERT statements' only takes a few of the selected
ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-13181Data Sources & Drivers > Advanced: Table not visible on MacOS 11.3
UsabilityDBE-10327Database tool window does not appear after creating connection
BugDBE-13468Athena results in java.lang.NullPointerException
Data Editor/ViewerUsabilityDBE-12883Rename 'Related Data' to 'Related Rows' in 'Go To' context menu
BugDBE-13450Invalid query to fetch first referenced row(ERROR: operator does not exist: integer = character varying)
BugDBE-9814Oracle DATE type values should not contain time 00:00:00
BugDBE-13095[YUGABYTE] [0A000] ERROR: System column with id -1 is not supported yet
BugDBE-11744Insert NULL in column of type enumeration results in error
BugDBE-7504Presto JDBC: Timezone displays incurrect even after setting -Duser.timezone=+0800
BugDBE-13078No tooltip when hovering commit/rollback button in Database view
BugDBE-11078No schema name in 'Choose target' popup
FeatureDBE-12547Allow to set additive sorting by default (old title: Multiple column sorting no longer works)
BugDBE-13236Data is truncated when pasting on cell(s) in database view
BugDBE-12679Filter's inability to format date columns.
FeatureDBE-1751Add an "Open in console" button side by side with the "View Query"
UsabilityDBE-13055DataGrip should display the time zone if the data type is one with time zone
BugDBE-7109Azure: Incorrect query for Jump to Editor action
BugDBE-12716Alt+F7 on binary primary key returns empty search result
BugDBE-13130Keymap conflict in database tool "add Row" <-> "set NULL"
FeatureDBE-6383CSV table editor: column names cannot be manipulated
BugDBE-13522columns header glitch in database tool window
UsabilityDBE-12545Remember new ORDER BY field location on UI
BugDBE-13361Image Preview of Blob only showing text in query results
Data Import/ExportBugDBE-13449Default exported file name doesn't use comment above query
FeatureDBE-13448export table data to the excel would lost precision for bigint field : 导出数据格式为bigint的数据到excel表格,数据精度丢失
BugDBE-12683Conversion failed timestamp -> smalldatetime when coping tables
BugDBE-13328Too big SQL query causes error when table is exported to Excel
UsabilityDBE-13259Improve copy numeric data from SQLite due to dynamic types
FeatureDBE-10368Import CSV success message should contain the link to open the new table
Database ExplorerBugDBE-12745Broken breadcrumbs
UsabilityDBE-13276No way to create a data source from SQLite file using the context menu
BugDBE-13532Database view Object filter not working
Database MigrationsFeatureDBE-12357Additional option 'purge' in drop confirmation dialog for Oracle
UsabilityDBE-12800Object migration popup default size is weird
BugDBE-12652MariaDB: invalid syntax for user creation with TLS Options
DiagramsFeatureDBE-3541Table comment in diagrams
BugDBE-13264UML Diagram notes are being lost on save
Explain PlanBugDBE-13473Failed to explain execution plan while using ClickHouse
GeneralUsabilityDBE-13068Add 'Shorten datasource and object names in tab titles' option to context menu of tab
FeatureDBE-13111Treat DataGrip projects like it's done in all other IDEs.
BugDBE-13502Impossible to assign a hotkey for Clone Row
FeatureDBE-12094Local history is absent for the source code editors
IntrospectionBugDBE-13443Presto: "primary keys not supported SQLException" after force refresh
BugDBE-4269Postgres operators: introspect and code-generate the "commutator" clause
BugDBE-9386PG12 generated column DDL not valid
BugDBE-13320Connection Error: Must declare the scalar variable "@@servername". Catalog view 'fulltext_indexes' is not supported in this version.
PerformanceDBE-13427Introspection queries needs to be optimized
BugDBE-13425Azure connection loses databases when refreshing a single database
BugDBE-8546DataGrip 2019.2. Not Recognize USING keyword in CREATE TABLE syntax (PostgreSQL 12)
BugDBE-13355There is no length for varchar index in mysql
FeatureDBE-10580Introspect Redshift external tables with nested elements
BugDBE-13520ClickHouse supports ddl comments while DataGrip not.
Navigation & SearchBugDBE-13272Unable to see full name of objects in Favorites despite plenty of room in the Favorites window/panel
UsabilityDBE-10826Target data source filter needs to chop long data source names
BugDBE-9259Can't map keyboard shortcuts to [Full-text Search...]
UsabilityDBE-13140Can't open table data view from Favorites
FeatureDBE-13363CMD + up to explore database schema objects instead of new console opening
Query ConsoleCosmeticsDBE-12897Execute routine dialog looks ugly in default settings
BugDBE-13634Re-opening MongoDB console triggers NPE in JSItemPresentation.getFileName
RefactoringFeatureDBE-13365Intention for adding column to column list or GROUP BY clause
BugDBE-12711'Qualify identifier' is missed in ORDER BY
SQL GeneralBugDBE-13479Oracle Formatter doesn't recognise OCI Unicode String Literal (U'String) syntax
SQL ResolveBugDBE-12619[SQL Server] Unable to resolve security policy
FeatureDBE-12263Unable to resolve object type 'SimpleAggregateFunction' for Clickhouse DDL
Schema DiffBugDBE-13121Unify primary key and unique index in diff view
UsabilityDBE-13277Create an action point to execute migration script