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CheckiO "Log in" link looks like a textShow current & upcoming contests under experimental feature flagDo not show language icon for CodeforcesDo not show icon on Course Description panelCourse, deleted UsabilitySample input XML is not correctly displayed in the task description in PyCharm
CheckerBugEDU-4323Exception checking tasks in Python course with Chinese Language PackCheckiOCosmeticsEDU-43314420Rustling Course "Testing a Function" is dropping `` content
ExceptionEDU-4389Check action doesn't work when test files contain Windows line separators
CodeforcesBugEDU-43574421Can't submit solution from CLion to Codeforces
BugEDU-4365Remove filters for Codeforces tab in the Course Selection ViewBug4430Cannot open already existing contest in GoLand
CosmeticsEDU-4366Fix tags for Codeforces courses: remove programming language, add Russian languageBug4224Move "Open Contest By URL" to the search bar
CosmeticsEDU-4358Do not show settings on Course Description panel for Codeforces contests
BugEDU-4348Do not show the tooltip for "Open contest by link..." on Codeforces panel
BugEDU-43474426Rename "Start" and "Open" buttons to "Start Practice..." and "Open Contest..."
FeatureEDU-2925Configure task templates in settings
Course Selection ViewFeatureEDU-43644359Add rating and users info to course details block
BugEDU-43393880Remove course entry from "My courses" tab, stays visible until "Select Course" dialog reopenProject" if it was removed from "My Courses"
CosmeticsEDU-4126Make search field in Browse Courses dialog taller
CosmeticsEDU-4336Duplicated "Create course" link
CourseraBugEDU-4321Remove the second link from Coursera tab description in the Course Selection View
EducatorUsabilityEDU-3943Replace dialog "Course archive was created successfully" with info balloon
UsabilityEDU-4325Open newly created files creating new task in lesson
IDEBugEDU-4350Role is being reset after IDE restart
TaskEDU-4324Unify and clean up notification groups
InfrastructureTaskEDU-4360Rework "Authorization required" notifications for Marketplace and Stepik
JetBrains AcademyBugEDU-4252Cannot test Android projects in Teacher mode
BugEDU-4342Cannot create Android project - cannot create new task
TaskEDU-4285Add a link to open theory text on JBA site
ExceptionEDU-4335Exception if JetBrains Academy tab in the Course Selection view is updated before its content is loaded
Languages or Technologies SupportBugEDU-4370Can't run theory task in C++ course
BugEDU-4371"Task project name isn't set" inspection creates inconsistent CMake project name
MarketplaceFeatureEDU-4375Ask for a confirmation when posting public course to Marketplace
BugEDU-4290Remove Stepik login status bar widget in "course preview" mode
TaskEDU-3668Support "Open in IDE" button on EduTools side
Task DescriptionBugEDU-43634276Place buttons underneath the course course title
EducatorTaskEDU-4337Update course description template for "Create Course" dialog
TaskEDU-4400Add validation for course title length in "Create Course" dialog
CosmeticsEDU-4397Weird title in the "Create Course" dialog
FeatureEDU-4107Support custom commands for edu task type
ExceptionEDU-1902Wrong line separators on trying to proceed to next task in framework lesson
GradleBugEDU-4464Gradle fails on Java/Scala(Gradle) course creation
HelpTaskEDU-4443Publish an article describing guidelines for the Marketplace courses
IDEFeatureEDU-4387Provide an action to create an issue template in project
JetBrains AcademyExceptionEDU-4330Update of JetBrains Academy course with problems doesn't work
BugEDU-4434Theory part of topic opened in IDE on "Next" button if user is logged out
FeatureEDU-4396"Next" button for the last problem in a topic should fetch the next activity
PerformanceEDU-4418Code challenges check in IDE is significantly slower than in the browser
BugEDU-4401Twitter gifs are not shown in the dialog after the finishing of a JetBrains Academy course
Languages or Technologies SupportBugEDU-4460No JavaScript in WebStorm
MarketplaceUsabilityEDU-4293After login to Marketplace request focus on IDE and show notification about successful login
StepikBugEDU-3371Show link to Stepik video instead of showing unwatchable video with JCEF