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Built-in (JPS)TaskRun icons default to run with Gradle although "Choose per test" is configuredBug261462Incorrect suggested to update Java Language Level in pom.xmlCode Analysis. DependenciesMethod name labels in call hierarchy are wrong for nested classesReplacement for GotoTargetRendererProviderjava.lang.IllegalArgumentExceptionEditorCosmetics270200Broken selection color in New File dialogResults preview of "analyze dataflow" is "empty" for all but first result inside one nodeSort tool windows without mnemonics in Recent Files alphabeticallyNew Project wizard doesn't allow to select project typeosr markdown is not painted when switching the view modesTaskVersion ControlAnalyze Code before commit: latest added profiles are not shown as selectedRuntimeExceptionWithAttachments: Can't run Karma with coverage
Code InsightTaskPY-48760Pattern Matching: CFGFeaturePY-44974Support PEP 604 -- Allow writing union types as X | Y
TaskPY-48760Pattern Matching: CFG
ConsoleBugPY-40000Debug prompt does not show output when debugging from debugger attached to python console
DebuggerBugPY-44778PyCharm not suspended on break point when Maya as Python interpreter.
Jupyter NotebookBugPY-41446Load collections by part is broken in Jupyter Variables
BugPY-34427Error `NameError: jupyter` is raised, If `Jupyter Exception Breakpoint` is enabled
Test RunnerFeaturePY-48996Add ability to mark folder as "test root"
BugPY-30788(Django) Tests from mixins are run with the wrong module path when using "Rerun Failed Tests"
FeaturePY-48996Add ability to mark folder as "test root"
UsabilityPY-48468Add "--no-header --no-summary -q" flags to the run configuration instead of hardcoding them
Build. GradleBugIDEA-269422Upgrade error-prone plugin to use error-prone 2.7.1Build. Gradle270502NPW: Module already exists error
BugIDEA-266429260314New Maven/Gradle module wizard: if creating a module for an empty project the module root is set to a parent project directory
Build. MavenFeatureIDEA-270771Provide quick fix when Maven build fails due to "Invalid source release" (maven project)
BugIDEA-169034File paths are not clickable in the Maven tool output
CosmeticsIDEA-263855Typos in preferences
FeatureIDEA-266750IDE does not read settings.xml from maven 3.8.1
195620Importing a multi-module maven project with .flattened-pom.xml files results in duplicate modules.
BugIDEA-269774Untrusted projects: can't import multimodule maven projects without top-level pom.xml
BugIDEA-265641NullPointerException in MavenWslUtil.resolveM2Dir when creating new project from existing source in WSL2
Build. Package SearchBugIDEA-268120Inconsistent and wrong error from PWA271036PackageSearchService is filtering out valid characters
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-154777169897'Analyze data flow from here' on parameter from overriding method shows usages of parameter in the base methodData Flow to Here' shows javadoc instead of enum
BugIDEA-269673Annotation problems are not detected by PWA
BugIDEA-269770Throwable: Read access is allowed from inside read-action ... at com.intellij.analysis.pwa.analyser.PwaServiceImpl.
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-207545Convert `TestFailedLineInspection` to Uast
UsabilityIDEA-141260Analyze Dataflow should have Expand-/Collapse-Buttons
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBugIDEA-198425New SSR: mnemonic for Search target doesn't work
BugIDEA-269555Select sensible scope when opening structural search dialog
CoreBugIDEA-270202Background Process Indicator may remain visible after process finishes
Core. IndexingBugIDEA-253188poor performance on node_modules modifications
BugIDEA-268926PhpFieldNamesAssignedByTheConstructorIndex is unstable
Core. InstallationTaskIDEA-168113Include library sources to sources zip artifact
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-203328"Expand all" on call hierarchy of a recursive method never terminates
BugIDEA-250058Call Hierarchy tab should have a collapse all button
BugIDEA-203657271194PWA doesn't work and throws exception on restarting
Code Analysis. InspectionPerformanceIDEA-270602Optimize precommit code analysis for property files
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBugIDEA-270390Structural Search/Replace: "Match Case" option in UI is imported/exported in XML as "caseInsensitive" (without value negation)
BugIDEA-254332SSR: Make it possible for custom filters to influence SubstitutionShortInfoHandler
CoreBugIDEA-270818Can't start RubyMine when Gherkin plugin is disabled: Startup error: java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Class loader is not configured
BugIDEA-270078Windows: Internal Error (./src/hotspot/share/runtime/safepoint.cpp:917), Illegal threadstate encountered
BugIDEA-270326Stack overflow in BaseComponentAdapter.getImplementationClass when opening 2021.2 EAP
PerformanceIDEA-271083Memory leak in com.intellij.openapi.util.Key.allKeys
Core. DiagramsExceptionIDEA-271802IDE hangs on change schema in diagrams
Core. IDE SettingsFeatureIDEA-228117Configurable scratch directory
BugIDEA-204018Deleted scheme gets restored when a new scheme is created with the same name
Core. InstallationBugIDEA-269591IDE with Projector crashes on restart
BugIDEA-2714082021.2-EAP: phpstorm v219 and intellij-idea-ultimate 301 snap missing 'fsnotifier' bin; reports "External file changes sync may be slow: Native file watcher executable not found"
UsabilityIDEA-271457Behavior of "Delete Leftover IDE Directories" action is dangerously under-documented
CosmeticsIDEA-271094Broken UI in the Idea installer
TaskIDEA-270576Drop x86 support
Core. LicensingBugIDEA-271115NullPointerException in PluginManagerCore when trying to show license dialog
BugIDEA-271817Login dialog: Grey frame around dialog content
PerformanceIDEA-271827Login dialog freezing when internet is off
CosmeticsIDEA-271732Login Dialog: UI review
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-270674Hierarchy on Overridden Method shows calls to overriding methods
Core. Platform APITaskIDEA-269551271430Remove deprecated UAnnotated.annotations
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-270022270855NPE in Plugin migration downloader
ExceptionIDEA-271361ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.openapispring.fileTypes.NativeFileType on starting the IDE with 3d party plugins
Core. ProfilerUsabilityIDEA-268862⌘W doesn't close the tool window tab
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-269594Compare Gradle and Maven projects import at old and new project models
BugIDEA-269842Can't delete the manually added facet in the project with ExternalStorageConfigurationManager=true
UsabilityIDEA-269817Project Structure dialog: on new facet adding via Facets tab re-select some module in the Choose Module dialog
Core. Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-265396Quick Documentation renders only the first one of a repeatable annotation
mvc.jam.SpringRequestBaseUrlElement PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Boot))
ExceptionIDEA-271364Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Integration Patterns)
ExceptionIDEA-271370Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Security)
ExceptionIDEA-271367ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.aop.psi.AopPointcutExpressionLanguage PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Spring)
ExceptionIDEA-271256Enabling AngularJS plugin causes exceptions
ExceptionIDEA-271395Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Data)
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-271303It's not possible to add multiple sub-facets for a single facet
UsabilityIDEA-265303Using independent numbering per scratch file type was a poor decision
TaskIDEA-266774Provide API for specifying Java language level in workspace model
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-270299270551Run Targets: RC with On run Quarkus on target excluded from pre-commit run RC listdocker target get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/docker/remote/run/target/configuration/DockerTargetEnvironmentConfiguration
Core. SSHStatisticsFeatureIDEA-271135Report type of proxy configured in settings
EditorFeatureIDEA-271409Create editor API to provide custom representation for specified blocks of text
BugIDEA-263286SSH client should not try default keys if any IdentityFile is specified270542Renaming inner class does not update part of the editor window
TaskIDEA-268217Open non-project files in LightEdit mode by default, show a dialog suggesting to switch to project mode
ExceptionIDEA-265875java.lang.Throwable: Slow operations are prohibited in the EDT when trying to browse recent projects
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-268819Text preview box under "Font" settings changes size when hovering over the "Current editor font" warning
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-269699Second completion shows duplicated file entries
Editor. Diff and MergeUsabilityIDEA-269735Missing actions "Show Diff in Separate Window" and "Show Diff in Editor Tab" for Image Diff and binary file diff
CosmeticsIDEA-270307Diff Unification: unify tooltip for settings gear button
UsabilityIDEA-270466Go To Changed Files button doesn't appear when another changed file occurs in changelist
Editor. FormatterUsabilityIDEA-260940Can't generate .editorconfig entries after the .editorconfig file has been created
BugIDEA-218936IDEA: Java code rearrangement may produce illegal forward reference
BugIDEA-242506.editorconfig automatic reformat inserts invalid space
GroovyBugIDEA-270114Refactor - Convert to Java for Groovy files which contain method names with spaces results in an invalid Java file
UsabilityIDEA-269874Standard setup for Groovy results in discrepancy between Groovy bytecode and source code
Groovy. CompilerBugIDEA-269732Groovy: incremental compilation fails if you modify a class and its transitive dependency reachable via annotation only
268534A "Diff" dragged into a frame does not remmeber size and position
BugIDEA-270349Show diff in Separate Window action doesn't work when invoked from Find action
UsabilityIDEA-269638Confusing behavior with synchronize scroll setting in diff views
UsabilityIDEA-239744Dangerous behavior with "compare next file" hotkey
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-169769Add "Create new scratch file" to Alt+Enter action on selection
FeatureIDEA-194931Automatically remove empty scratch files
BugIDEA-138474Scratches do not support custom file types
BugIDEA-270291Blue borders are blinking in TODO
UsabilityIDEA-145278Scratches settings: always create empty scratch file / buffer
Lang. MarkdownBugIDEA-271134Disable floating toolbar on pull requests input fields
UsabilityIDEA-270883Change "Markdown -> Create Link" shortcut from Cmd+K
ExceptionIDEA-270501CCE at org.intellij.plugins.markdown.editor.lists.MarkdownListEnterHandlerDelegate.postProcessEnter
Tools. DockerFeatureIDEA-255708Allow language injection info Dockerfile commands
FeatureIDEA-271126Docker. Log console for every compose service node
FeatureIDEA-251843Docker. Support folding regions for RUN in Dockerfiles
BugIDEA-268997Docker. Fails to re-run the pointed Dockerfile: the node hangs in the Service view
BugIDEA-271210from services docker-compose down does not include --env-file
BugIDEA-271143Docker-compose. Disable or don't show "Delete" action for not existing items
BugIDEA-270825Docker: NullPointerException on connect to node in Services view
BugIDEA-230542IDE gives warning for multiple-line "command" service option
BugIDEA-271023Docker. Show image action for a container doesn't work.
BugIDEA-271250Docker: Allow to disable the notification to install/enable the Shell Script plugin
BugIDEA-271413Docker. No list of docker items after connection: Cannot obtain deployments: Illegal char
BugIDEA-271120Docker-compose. Services view: if all the services are yellow then make the root compose item also yellow
BugIDEA-271139Docker-compose. Disable "Down" for the synchronized not-existing compose app
BugIDEA-271035Docker. Smart delete. "Delete selected" dialog: correct the behavior of the root item
BugIDEA-270969Docker Plugin does not work after a restart of CLion EAP 2021.2
UsabilityIDEA-271107Docker-compose. Add the explaining tooltips about "red/yellow" states of the items in the Services view
UsabilityIDEA-271112Docker. Smart delete. Idea is blocked until all is deleted, make the action process in the background.
UsabilityIDEA-262734Docker-compose run configuration. "With exit code" up option: show the validation error just after this option adding
UsabilityIDEA-262348Docker Compose Run Configuration: the focus is not on the chosen option from the Up list
UsabilityIDEA-271130Docker. Smart delete dialog: add some tips over/near compose items
UsabilityIDEA-267225Docker: Inspect output is barely readable
Tools. HTTP ClientBugIDEA-271320Ctrl+z allows to undo all the text in the Http Client tab
Tools. TerminalFeatureIDEA-166948Presets for different shells
FeatureIDEA-142610Allow to switch between different shells in the terminal plugin
FeatureIDEA-268890Provide quick way to open WSL in Terminal tool window
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-269756Better names for multi-module projects on welcome screen in small IDEs
FeatureIDEA-265000Navigating from the Editor splits: allow users to choose where to activate the file already opened in another split
BugIDEA-271191Confirmation dialogs are broken
BugIDEA-267018ComponentPopupBuilder#adText not displayed anymore
BugIDEA-271223Back button in Settings may open unexpected page
BugIDEA-270541Esc doesn't close some dialogs
BugIDEA-270989New Help menu: Ctrl+C shortcut is not working
BugIDEA-189731263607Inconsistent and annoying presentation of "Copy Path..." menu item
BugIDEA-268307270699Toolwindows won't open on mouseclick: TRANSLUCENT translucency is not supported
UsabilityIDEA-270122Only last component of root module group name is shown in Project Structure dialog
BugIDEA-270071Quick Definition popup rendering
BugIDEA-269705270614Windows Jump lists items don't have tooltips
UsabilityIDEA-270670Tool window in Float mode is hard to drag
CosmeticsIDEA-270760Highlighting area of a dragged tool window takes the whole editor height
User Interface. Action SystemBugIDEA-270131Context menu is not shown in unfocused Project view
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-269711260275Screen sharing in jcef also captures microphone
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesLook and FeelBugIDEA-231364Implement Find Usages tool window and dialog design updates269582Broken High contrast theme in 2021.2
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-269629269744Duplicates in Search Everywhere
BugIDEA-265789Open in new window keybinding does not work in recent files view
UsabilityIDEA-269749Add "Run Tests" option in Version Control | Commit | Before Commit
CosmeticsIDEA-269628Analyze Code before commit: first underscore in profile name turns into mnemonic
UsabilityIDEA-171873Commit change dialog should show code cleanup profile
BugIDEA-269314Shift+Tab navigation is not working in Commit toolwindow
BugIDEA-270337Tests before Commit: Selected Tests configuration is not updated in Commit toolwindow if was changed in Settings
BugIDEA-269829Commit is done whereas pre-commit test task isn't successful
Version Control. GitExceptionIDEA-267043Exception and threadDump after merging via Git Merge dialog
BugIDEA-270207WSL: IDE incorrectly autodetects git on windows after export/import wsl distro
Version Control. LogExceptionIDEA-269709Stable 'java.io.IOException: Broken index maps' after reopening some projects in AppCode
DebuggerBugWEB-49821Deno debug completely broken
CosmeticsWEB-51035Unexpected filename in context menu items of run and debug
JavaScriptBugWEB-46919JsDoc 3 Hashmaps are not supported for plain entries
Node.jsUsabilityWEB-51119Hide V8 Profiling from the menu Tools
Unit TestsBugWEB-51076222648Navigate to test data: Do not show a popup for a single option
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-270746Remove "Add BOM" option from project tree context menu
Version ControlBugIDEA-270294Error running Tests': Cannot run 'Test' on '<default>' in AppCode
BugIDEA-269322Lost conflicting renamed/modified changes during Update project process
UsabilityIDEA-265077Pre-commit checks in background: add re-run icon
UsabilityIDEA-237547Ctrl-Tab in preview diff conflicts with tabs switcher
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-268542"New branch" doesn't work in branches popup invoked from VCS operations popup
CosmeticsIDEA-269554Show Diff button is always active even though the selection is empty
TaskIDEA-269158Update Compare actions to show diff in the editor
Version Control. Local HistoryBugIDEA-269828Search in Local History Freeze
Code CompletionFeatureDBE-4541SQL:code completion: grant execute on <procedure> to ... does not suggest users
FeatureDBE-10515Give priority to chosen schema in code completion
BugDBE-7781Automatic alias shouldn't appear when not needed
BugDBE-12018Auto completion in JOIN statement does not qualify objects
UsabilityDBE-12479More priority for sorting direction in completion
Code GenerationBugDBE-13287Completion doesn't work in Modify Table if the casing doesn't match
UsabilityDBE-13292DataGrip SQL Server - Exclude Extended properties from Generate DDL
Code HighlightingBugDBE-12059CREATE\DROP\ALTER INDEX in SQL2016 are not supported
BugDBE-13364Not working inspection
BugDBE-11582select auto_id,`rank` from mm0; rank is parsed as function instead of column
BugDBE-13316False error highlighting in convert() clause
BugDBE-13324Wrong 'unresolved' in CREATE TABLE
BugDBE-13401ERROR: syntax error at end of input when running multiline default privileges statement
BugDBE-9271PL/SQL: "Unable to resolve column 'sqlerrm'" at exception block
BugDBE-3759SQL inspection: "column should be in group by clause" inspection doesn't work at PostgreSQL, db2 and Derby
ConnectivityBugDBE-13313Can't connect to remote MySQL since last version of IntelliJ
DiagramsBugDBE-13264UML Diagram notes are being lost on save
RefactoringFeatureDBE-13365Intention for adding column to column list or GROUP BY clause
No subsystemFeatureWEB-50989Add 'Reload on Save' for the .php files opened on the built-in web server
DebuggerBugWEB-39786Can't debug mocha tests via @vue/cli-service
BugWEB-44912Debugging Vue.js + Typescript doesn't work
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-50092'require' is not reused when importing another element
FeatureWEB-51278provide support for regex flags indices `d`
FeatureWEB-51179[FR] Ctrl+Click on "break" could jump to the enclosing statement
BugWEB-51273Commonjs imports are inserted before other imports
BugWEB-51073properties completion from `.d.ts` files doesn't work when using destructuring `require()`
BugWEB-50854syntax error when using Flow $Diff type
BugWEB-50988Function's property is not recognized when function returns result
BugWEB-14267Optional properties in @typedef declaration are not supported
BugWEB-50951JS+Flow, arrow function parameter inlined type fails to parse with a trailing comma
BugWEB-50729Highlighting broken for jsx file
BugWEB-50816Async function detection fails on changing order of JSX elements
BugWEB-50849A function call is incorrectly marked as recursive in TS
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-48703Rename both state value and function that updates it in React's `useState`
LintersBugWEB-49805ESLint: no error highlighting for GraphQL
Node.jsBugWEB-51242Add 'serve' and 'lint' to the completion in the 'scripts' section in package.json
ExceptionWEB-51314NPE while updating path to npm package
SASSFeatureWEB-51021Support Sass/SCSS math.div
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-60674Can't use deployment when server groups present