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The features that are packed are: 

(Project View)
  • Group Modules - Group some or all of your modules easily by:
    • Type,
    • Parent directory,
    • Prefix or suffix,
    • DevKit (JDK/SDK),
    • VCS type,
    • Language level
  • Array Indexer  - Show 'array element index' hint (Alt+mouse over).
    Browsing any code that uses 'special array indexes' a lot? Then this might come in handy. (See the screenshot below for an impression)
  • Editor Gutter Context Menu - menu for Editor with:
    • Toggle Bookmark or Numbered Bookmark
    • Toggle Breakpoint, Method Breakpoint or Field Watchpoint
    • Toggle Show Line Numbers
  • Insert Into - A new code action to easily insert an expression inside a string literal. (Ctrl+Alt+Insert).
    Code Block
    // Sample: (the | represents the text cursor)
    "You have got | products in your cart."
    // to
    "You have got " + | + " products in your cart"
    // in case you would like to add the number...
  • Javadoc Roots - Easily navigate to any of the Javadoc roots available to your project (Shift+Ctrl+F1).
    • The libraries or JDK that you use probably have some javadoc roots set. Use this popup to open a browser at any of those javadoc locations.
  • Tool Windows - 'Jump to ToolWindow...' popup (Alt+F12).
    • Since there are more toolwindows than Alt+[0-9] shortcuts...
  • Open Editors - 'View Open Editors' popup (Ctrl+Shift+E).
    • Just another style of navigation to an open editor (like the Recent Files popup). Like to have some other Editor Navigation? Checkout the TabSwitch or the EditorTree plugins